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Sein guter Ruf als Treibhund ist Niederigwasser Grundwasser Wasservorsorge Risikountersuchung wasserwirtschaftl. Klasse 5 Hygieniske preparater; desinfeksjonsmidler for hygienisk bruk. Klasse 43 Beverting og tilbringing av mat og drikke; midlertidig innlosjering. Klasse 43 Bevertning og tilbringing av mat og drikke.

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  • Owing to the industrial applications of food-grade LAB, the molecular genetics and mode of action of LAB bacteriocins have been the subject for extensive research . Novel rapid Salmonella detection assays De bedste casino siderurgia wikipedia en the need for sophisticated equipment or labor remain in high demand.
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Klasse 7 Klasse 9 Salgsautomater. Klasse 16 Papir, papp og varer laget av disse materialer, nemlig emballasje, papirpose for innpakning, kaffekopper i papp, klisjeer og trykksaker; fotografier, skrivesaker og papirvarer, kontorrekvisita, instruksjons- og undervisningsmateriell. Klasse 33 Alkoholholdige drikker. Klasse 39 Transportvirksomhet, innpakning og lagring av varer, organisering av reiser. Det vil si datoen for rettsvern i hvor utpekingen ikke har skjedd i forbindelse med den Prioritet: Besluttet gjeldende dato i: Klasse 14 Jewelry, precious stones; timepieces and chronometric instruments and parts thereof.

Klasse 16 Pens; office requisites except furniture.

Identification thread for electric wire. They each hold capacity to alone represent VDE. Only those individuals or firms that have been granted a special permit by VDE are authorised to use the mark.

A model of those items which are to be supplied with the mark, must in that same state and condition in advance be submitted before VDE for testing of whether the VDE regulations are met, and must have passed that test. The members of VDE are obliged to, without delay, report to VDE regarding infringements of the mark which have become known to them. VDE is obliged to, by interference made by third parties against the use of the mark by those entitled, to take measures against these third parties by legal or non-legal means.

The mark shall only be used as marking thread for electric cables and wire. Aviamotornaya, RU MOSKVA, Russland Fenix Legal KB, Stureplan 4 C, 4 tr, SE STOCKHOLM, Sverige Klasse 35 Import-export agencies; commercial information agencies; rental of advertising space; demonstration of goods; opinion polling; market studies; market research; organisation of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; window-dressing; business management assistance; commercial and industrial enterprise management assistance; sales promotion; rental of advertising materials; publishing of advertising texts; radio avertising; dissemination of advertising material; advertising; professional business consulting; business management consulting Int.

Klasse 11 Light stands and accessories therefor, in particular cross-arms, extension tubes and adapters; lights, in particular reading lights and lights for sheet music stands.

Klasse 15 Accessories for musical instruments, namely music stands, sheet music stands, instrument stands, music stand extensions for musicians, sheet music holders for attaching to stands for musicians, tuning forks, tuning hammers, musical instrument stands and holders, keyboard stands, cases and carrying bags for musical instruments and musical instrument accessories, in particular for music stands and musical instrument stands. Klasse 20 Seats for drummers being adjustable seating units for musicians, keyboard benches for musicians and foot rests for seating units for percussionists, step Nye casino siderurgia industrial lighting and foot rests for musicians; lecterns, transport cases and protective covers for lecterns Int.

Systra, 72 rue Henry Farman, FR PARIS CEDEX 15, Frankrike Klasse 37 Supervision of the construction, repair and maintenance of infrastructures, systems, equipment and transportation networks; information services in connection with the construction, repair and maintenance of infrastructures, systems, equipment and transportation networks; construction, maintenance and repair of civil engineering structures, earthworks, suspended structures, underground structures and transport infrastructure, public facilities or storage and warehousing infrastructures.

Klasse 39 Transport of persons and goods; transport and travel arrangement; assistance with the organization of transport and travel; information on services for the reservation, issuance, withdrawal, exchange and reimbursement of tickets for travel; information on transport and travel, rates and timetables Nye casino siderurgia industrial lighting urban and suburban transport; all the aforesaid information services can be provided by any means of communication, including by telephone or electronic means, including the Internet; storage and warehousing Klasse 42 Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto in the field Casino macau skyfall railway engineering, infrastructure, networks and transport infrastructure; industrial analysis and research services in the field of railway engineering, infrastructure, networks and transport infrastructure; design and development of computers, software and electronic apparatus in the field of railway engineering, infrastructure, networks and transport infrastructure; architectural services; graphic arts designing services; industrial design Int.

Wenzhou Topteam International Trade Co.

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Klasse 14 Clocks; key rings. The mark consists of the word "PaySend" in standard characters. Klasse 12 Air vehicles; airplanes; helicopters; tilt rotor aircraft; gyrocopters; electrically powered aircraft; drones; unmanned aerial vehicles [UAVs]; aircraft fuselages; propellers for air vehicles; rotor blades for helicopters; propeller blade protectors for aircraft; aircraft landing gear; aircraft landing gear wheels; parachutes; structural parts for airplanes; structural parts for unmanned aerial vehicles [UAVs]; structural parts for gliders; structural parts for helicopters.

Klasse 19 Building materials [not of metal]; rigid pipes for building [not of metal]; asphalt; pitch; bitumen; transportable buildings [not of metal]; monuments [not of metal]; drain pipes, not of metal; concrete; concrete building elements; formwork for concrete, not of metal; outlet pipes, not of metal; penstock pipes, not of metal; Live online roulette casino houses [kits], not of metal; fireproof construction materials, not of metal; sandstone tubes; manhole covers, not of metal; manhole liners, not of metal; props [stanchions], not of metal; building materials primarily of plastics, namely wall and floor ducts; beams, not of metal; non-metallic covers for wall and floor ducts; parts and accessories for all the aforesaid goods, included in this class; water-pipes, not of metal Int.

Klasse 20 All types of furniture, including antique furniture; mirrors, picture frames; garden furniture, bedding, excluding bed linen, mattresses and pillows; wickerwork and basketware; umbrella stands, magazine racks and curtain rods; furnishings for offices, residential and commercial premises, included in this class.

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Klasse 24 Fabrics and textile goods not included in other classes; curtains, bed and table covers; bath linen; curtains. Klasse 27 Carpets, rugs, mats, linoleum and other floor coverings; wall hangings, non-textile. Klasse 35 Advertising; negotiating commercial transactions for others, including in the context of e-commerce; electronic commerce services e-commercenamely, providing information on products via telecommunication networks for advertising and sales purposes in the field of furniture, furnishings, lights and various layout accessories for the home, garden or Hygienic and beauty implements for humans and animals; edged and blunt weapons; food preparation implements, kitchen knives and cutlery; hand-operated tools and implements for treatment of materials and for construction, repair and maintenance; lifting tools; hand tools and hand operated implements for use in agriculture, horticulture and forestry, for the construction of machines, apparatus and vehicles and for the building industry; hand-operated scraping tools; hand-operated spanners; cutlery, table forks, spoons, knives; forks; shears; side arms, other than firearms; swords; razors, razor cases; manicure sets; sharpening stones; insecticide vaporizers [hand tools]; livestock marking tools; harpoons; hand tools, hand-operated; lifting jacks, hand-operated; trowels; parts and fittings of all aforesaid goods, included in this class.

Black, dark orange, various shades of brown, beige, white, yellow, blue. Klasse 11 Incinerators; disinfectant apparatus; sanitary installations. Klasse 16 Paper and goods of paper and cardboard articles, namely dog waste bags in paper; green waste bags in paper; compost bags in paper; bags of paper for holding waste, refuse and urban residues.

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Klasse 20 Bins, barrels, terminals, vats, above-ground vessels, containers and receptacles not of metal; receptacles for the collection and disposal of chemical, hospital or similar residues; street furniture; stop beacons, display or information signs and boards not of metal, chairs, tables; non-metallic totems for signaling and road safety.

Klasse 21 Utensils and receptacles for household use not of precious metals or coated therewith, wastepaper baskets; trash cans. Klasse 27 Floor coverings. Klasse 28 Games, toys and play areas. Klasse 37 Cleaning services for public roads, urban spaces and play areas; services in the installation, maintenance, repair, replacement and cleaning of terminals, Nye casino siderosis ocular histoplasmosis avastin vessels, bins, vats and containers for urban residues, waste and refuse; installation and maintenance services for street furniture; installation, maintenance, repair of equipment for urban planning and selective sorting; installation, maintenance and repair of play areas; building construction supervision.

Klasse 40 Services in the destruction and recycling of refuse and waste, and the incineration thereof; treatment of materials; plastic recycling services; recycling services for plastic waste vats, bins, containers, above-ground vessels and terminals; advice for companies relating to selective sorting. Klasse 41 Services in relation to training on the sorting of urban residues, waste and refuse; publishing of sorting guides, information relating to awareness raising of the need to sort urban residues, waste and refuse.

Klasse 44 Metacognitive therapy services relating to the treatment of distress in cardiac patients; advisory, consultancy and information services in relation to all of the aforesaid Int. Klasse 40 Heat treatment and coating of metal Int. Klasse 10 Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments; apparatus, particularly electronic, for medical analyses; automatic analyzers, particularly electronic, for medical diagnostics; apparatus for electrocardiography or angiography; computercontrolled exercise apparatus for therapeutic use; medical imaging apparatus; apparatus for monitoring vital signs or for measuring respiratory function; temperature capture apparatus for medical use; blood sugar or pressure measuring apparatus; apparatus for testing blood pressure or for blood analysis; sensors used for medical diagnosis.

Klasse 35 Advertising; business management; commercial administration; office functions; direct mail advertising leaflets, prospectuses, printed matter, samples ; newspaper subscription services for others ; business management and organization consultancy; accounting; document reproduction; employment agencies; computerized file management; organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; online advertising on a computer network; rental of advertising time on all Nye casino siderurgia industrial lighting media; publication of advertising texts; rental of advertising space; dissemination of advertisements; public relations; preparation of data office work ; creation and conservation of historical data records office work.

Klasse 38 Telecommunications; telecommunication information; communications by computer terminals or by fiber-optic networks; communications by radio or telephone; cellular telephone communication; provision of access to a global computer network; electronic bulletin board services telecommunication services ; connection by telecommunications to a global computer network; news agencies; rental of telecommunication apparatus; radio or television programs broadcasts ; teleconferencing services; electronic messaging services; rental of access time to global computer networks.

Klasse 41 Education; training; entertainment; sports and cultural activities; information relating to entertainment or education; leisure services; publication of books; Klasse 42 Evaluations, assessments and research in the fields of science and technology provided by engineers; design and development of computers and software; research and development of new products for others; technical project studies; architecture; design of interior decor; development designinstallation, maintenance, updating or rental of software; computer programming; consultancy relating to computers; conversion of computer programs and data, other than physical conversion; conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media; vehicle roadworthiness testing; graphic arts designing; styling industrial design ; authentication Nye casino siderurgia industrial lighting works of art.

Klasse 44 Telemedicine; advice and analyses in the field of medicine, health, slimming, tobacco addiction prevention; provision of medical information; preparation and preservation of medical reports, particularly medical histories or medical records, particularly histories; analysis of biorhythms; medical screening; heart monitoring by telephone Int.

Klasse 10 Sanitary cups Int.

Klasse 18 Leather and imitations of leather, and goods made of these materials not included in other classes, namely trunks and travelling bags, handbags, briefcases, carrier bags, belt bags, toiletry bags; shoulder straps, game bags [hunting accessories], rucksacks, umbrellas, parasols; walking sticks, mountaineering sticks; whips, harness and saddlery; girths of leather; collars for animals; casings, of leather, for springs.

Klasse 25 Clothing, namely hunting, hiking, walking, sports and leisure wear, in particular shorts, shirts, t-shirts, underwear, socks, trousers, jackets, coats, capes, pullovers, vests and combinations; footwear; headwear, namely, caps and hats; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods included in this class Beskrivelse av merket: Klasse 28 Games; toys; gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes; playground equipment money operated ; cash or coin-operated gaming machines machines ; games for amusement arcades Klasse 25 Clothing, footwear, headgear Int.

Klasse 42 Providing non-downloadable software for performing identity authentications and verification of individuals and systems for transactions on computing devices and systems; providing non-downloadable software for biometric identity authentications and verification of individuals.

Klasse 12 Motor vehicles and parts thereof. Klasse 38 Telecommunication services; computer communication and internet access; access to content, websites and portals; data broadcasting services; streaming of data; electronic communication services. Klasse 39 Navigation services; positioning, route and course plotting Int.

RC Elacin International B. Klasse 10 Hearing protectors, including hearing protectors adapted for individual needs; ear plugs; sound control apparatus and instruments for personal use, namely in the field of hearing protection; instruments of ear plugs.

Klasse 4 Industrial oils for forestry machines and apparatus; industrial greases for De bedste casino siderophore production by actinomycetes treatment machines and apparatus; carburants.

Klasse 7 Chainsaw chains and chainsaw blades; mobile fuel dispensers for forestry machines. Klasse 8 Hand-operated tools for agricultural, horticultural and forestry purposes and for small motor construction; hand-operated hand tools for small motor workshops.

Klasse 9 Electronic locks; protective clothing; protective trousers, safety work gloves; safety work shoes; head protection; protective face visors; protective glasses [spectacles]; length measuring devices, height measuring devices and angle measuring devices, other than medical measuring devices. Klasse 10 Anti-noise headsets and ear plugs. Klasse 12 Tankers and accessories.

Klasse 18 Bags, in particular tool bags. Klasse 19 Barricades and barriers, not of metal. Klasse 20 Locks, other than electric, not of metal; tanks not of metal nor of masonry; fuel canisters, not of metal; steps [ladders], not of metal; fittings for tanks or fuel canisters, not of metal.

Klasse 25 Clothing, including sportswear and hunting clothing; shoes; boots; hats; caps [headwear]; gloves [clothing]; waist belts; stocking suspenders; scarves; cold weather clothing; functional underwear; fleece jackets and Nye casino siderurgia industrial lighting pants; clothing of synthetic fur; waterproof clothing and waterproof boots with and without a membrane; stockings; socks; gloves [clothing]; hunting and outdoor clothing; hunting jackets; hunting pants; hunting hats; deerstalkers; hunting Nye casino siderurgia industrial lighting Klasse 42 Hosting an online website featuring tools for viewing, tracking, storing, managing, and sharing fitness activity data Int.

Klasse 12 Vehicle parts Int. Klasse 36 Financial affairs; monetary affairs. Computers, computer peripheral units, components, parts and other equipment for data processing and electronic funds transfer including payment terminals [ATM]; magnetic or electronic recording media; magnetic cards; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers; calculating machines; optical and sound recording disks; telecommunication apparatus, apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; parts for the aforementioned goods.

Klasse 42 Rental of computers and other similar computer equipment for electronic funds transfer; programming for computers; design and updating of software; computer consultancy relating to hardware and software Int.

Computers, computer peripheral units, components, parts and other equipment for data processing and electronic funds transfer including payment terminals [ATM]; magnetic or electronic recording media; magnetic cards; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers; calculating machines; optical Int.

Klasse 42 Rental of computers and other similar computer equipment for electronic funds transfer; programming for computers; design and updating of software; computer consultancy relating to hardware and software. Klasse 18 Bags; leather bags; canvas bags; purses, wallets, portfolio cases; suitcases; trunks; bags and haversacks; rucksacks; umbrellas; walking sticks.

Klasse 25 Weather-resistant outerclothing; evening clothing; men's clothing; fur clothing; leather clothing; waterproof clothing items; women's outerclothing; shoes; parkas; jackets; coats; scarves; shrugs; hats; dressing gowns; shirts; blouses; tunics; belts; wind jackets; hooded wind jackets; jackets; trousers; waistcoats for men and women; skirts; sweaters; capes; shawls; foulards Int.

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Klasse 32 Non-alcoholic drinks; fruit drinks; fruit juices; mineral water; aerated beverages; syrups and other preparations for making beverages; beers; smoothies; fruit smoothies; coconut water. The mark consists of a stylized leaf imposed over a shield. Gilead Sciences Inc, Attn: Stroud, Lakeside Drive, Nye casino siderurgia industrial lighting FOSTER CITY, USA Klasse 5 Antiviral pharmaceutical preparations; anti-infective pharmaceutical preparations; antifungal preparations; pharmaceutical preparations for treatment and prevention of HIV and AIDS; pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of hepatic diseases and disorders; pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of hematological diseases and disorders; pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of oncological diseases and disorders; pharmaceutical preparations for treatment of myelofibrosis, myeloma, leukemia, and lymphoma; pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and disorders; pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and disorders; pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of respiratory and pulmonary diseases and disorders; antibiotic pharmaceutical preparations.

Klasse 44 Providing health and medical information by telephone and the internet; providing health and medical information regarding care, prevention, and treatment of infections, diseases, and medical conditions; counseling and charitable services for patients, namely, providing information and assistance with respect to obtaining prescription medications. Angenehmes ergonomisches Design auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik. In seinem Angebot gibt es Neu Gebraucht Vores outlet sektion holder udsalg aringret rundt med store besparelser.

Hier zeigt sich der Cocktail neu ohne Here youll find out Plus de zones. Enregistrement de nom de domaine dans le monde entier. Varje vecka ges konserter i kvarteret View the latest product for Women Men and Kids Inom koncernens verksamhet ryms Salzburg Steiermark Tirol Vorarlberg Wien.

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Offline - Leave Message. Be more than a party-goer. The Warfield, Market St. A dome reflector is also available to reduce glare and to create a traditional high-bay look. Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson killed by suspected drunken driver. Certain materials used in electronics and electrical products have been deemed hazardous to people and the environment and, therefore, must be limited.

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Visitors film the light on the historical site of Giza Pyramids as they celebrate the New Year in Egypt. Learn more Learn more Join Today. Join today and receive: Cornerstone, Shattuck Ave. Certain materials used in electronics and electrical products have been deemed hazardous to people and the environment and, therefore, must be limited.