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If you choose to observe these incredible storms above one of our many local beaches, be sure to bring rain gear and be aware of your surroundings. Always stay a safe distance away from the beach, and check with NOAA the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for local weather conditions, potential advisories and alerts, and establish a safe route inland away from your location.

There are many outdoor vantage points that are safely above the beach and offer all of the excitement that being surrounded by the elements provides. The rock wall of the Nye Beach parking lot is one of those places; it is insulated from the incoming tide, but also exposed to the wind, rain and thunder that accompanies a storm.

Or choose from a variety of other inland positions and overlooks around Newport that also provide excellent storm-watching opportunities. You may want to watch the action unfold from one of Casino sideroblastic cellar dweller many beachfront restaurants that offer panoramic outlooks onto the raging coastline.

Enjoy the spectacular show during an amazing seafood meal, or over drinks and snacks. You can also enjoy storms from the warmth and comfort of your own hotel room, preferably snuggled up in a fluffy chair in front of the window.

Plan your winter storm watching trip to Newport today! No matter where you choose to watch rough winter coastal weather build and rage inland, the unforgettable experience is guaranteed to thrill and amaze! Newport looks forward to welcoming you! The driver was attempting to kill herself when she fatally struck a year-old motorist whose wife was close to delivering their third child.

Woman 'intentionally' drove car into traffic, charged with murder. Glad she lived to face her punishment.

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She thought she'd die and didn't care who she took with her. I hope in the future when we have finally eradicated silly traditions like groundhog day and religion, they look back on this and call it what it is. And what they're doing to that poor groundhog is pretty awful too. Groundhogs in the wild live years. These "mistreated" weather prognosticating rodents typically live up to 10 or With all needs looked after and no predators.

Groundhogs do not typically have a large "range" anyway, as far as physical territory goes. Amazing camera work Brett Ruskin! If he wins, this will be his third MVP award.

Some people wait a lifetime for a hilarious moment like this. The Queens teacher remains on the Education Department payroll after being transferred to an administrative position. Teacher busted for contacting student after sending her nude pics.

Justin Trudeau says his government didn't break a promise when it said it would not restore door-to-door mail delivery to households converted to community mailboxes. Canada Post promise not broken, Trudeau maintains.

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We are now living in a society where we have to fight for the basic right to have an opinion. Search by keyword Search by location Search by category Add your business. Full Profile Login to follow.

Nor did he break any ethics laws according to him. Nor does he feel there's enough money to support veterans. Nothing to see here just blindly support your esteemed leader Converting it back will cost how much?

All of you who whine about having to keep using your community mailbox would just whine more about the waste spent on the boxes and the locations and the cost to have them removed and door-to-door delivery restored! Elderly and disabled can have door-to-door delivery returned so that argument is now completely moot. Be happy if you only have to walk to the end of your street; our whole town has to walk or drive to our huge bank of boxes in town and I don't hear anyone complaining!

Justin, sometimes you just make it so easy to legitimately criticize you.

People need to realise Rome wasn't built in one day. People expecting Trudeau to get stuff done overnight. I don't see what the big friggin deal is that people would have to walk to the end of the street to get their mail He never said he would reverse what was already done.

It would be wasting money to reverse that which I'd already installed and in place and that already cost a lot of money I'm sure. Why should only some people be forced to walk for mail, and other Canadians be free to get their mail just opening their front door? It's taking away the freedom of choice. Trudeau will not reverse any greed based decision, made under the former Government, even if it violates the constitution or human rights.

Is this an actual issue? I go get mine once a week what's Nye casino siderosis mri network jobs big deal? Talking point for lazy conservatives? Joey Trudope should just step up and apologize!! He is good at that!! Maybe then all his troubles will go away. Absolutely hate the outdoor boxes. Not easy for anyone, specially in winter, never mind seniors. Some get the sidewalk cleared, but big snow bank to climb over from road if mid block a friend of mine in Winnipegothers like mine in Prince Albert is in a dangerous stopping place for car at the foot of hill on a busy street.

Seniors with no cars are really in trouble in the cold or Mom's with young children etc. Walking carrying a box, heavy or not, is bad.

How could the entitled, spoiled brat, selfie king ever do anything wrong? It is simply not possible. The useless little twerp can't do anything right and he doesn't have what it takes to run a bath never mind a country. The sooner he admits to that and steps down, the better off Canada will be. Maybe he could get a job at Vogue as a model or something.

I know it was supposed to be restored. I remember my community celebrating as we were one of the pilot project towns. You failed again, JT. Even on the low-hanging fruit, you won't move a muscle. Check his words from Edmonton. Or was it the town meeting before? The sock puppet doesn't know what comes out of his mouth. Expecially when its set to automatic regurgitation. Personally I love having the community mailboxes.

Many places do not ship to Casino spil paa nettete photoshop brushes addresses. It has more positives than negatives imo. Justin Trudeau is ramming crap down our throats Ya, but he broke a promise when he didn't follow through with proportional representation.

In the BC Cariboo we have always had our mail in boxes and now a days we hardly get any mail, flyers and crap mostly, for we do everything online. Our box is at the post office which is handy for packages and online shopping. Which after seeing video of people stealing mail and packages from home mail boxes I prefer the locked box system. Yes they to can get broken into but not as easily as a none locked box.

I guess some Politicians are excellent skaters. BS said by someone could be interpreted in a twisty way. Everybody can just walk to the corner to collect their mail. Use the savings to shore up pensions and healthcare. Either way i will get my mail so I am ambivalent to this issue as it barely affects me.

Seniors should all have home delivery though. The irony of people getting upset at Trudeau and threatening to vote Conservative for the choices the Conservatives made I do not condone any acts of sexual harassment, violation, or misconduct. The eldest son of the former Cuban dictator killed himself after months of battling depression. Fidel Castro's eldest son reportedly commits suicide. NFL players are used to hearing trash talk on the field, but now they've gotten a taste of Twitter trash talk.

The Fraser Institutes says its minimum wage essay contest shouldn't be pulled from schools. Rome Memorial Hospital receives Cuddle Cot donated for grieving families To help grieving families spend as much time with their babies in the unfortunate event of a death, the Caitlyn R.

She joins Corrine E. Bushnell had served as interim CMO since April. Rome Memorial Hospital restricts visitors due to increased flu activity In an effort to prevent the spread of the influenza virus, Rome Memorial Hospital has issued temporary age restrictions on visitors. Effective immediately, only healthy adults, 18 years and older, will be allowed to visit patients in the hospital and the Residential Health Care Facility.

Hospital administrators also ask that anyone exhibiting flu-like symptoms or gastrointestinal illness to please not visit patients or residents.

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