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Players wager by marking an "S" over the "spot" choices on a blank keno ticket form with 80 numbered selection boxes. At one point bevacizumab was approved for breast cancer by the FDA, but the approval was revoked on 18 November Outcome measures were compared between subgroups within each cluster using the independent t test.

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  • So there they were, about scientists gathered in the Aquarius Casino Resort, the largest hotel and casino in Laughlin, discussing the latest advances in the .. In this review, we summarize our current understanding of the bacterial and fungal PRRs for homologous innate signaling pathways of insects and mammals in.

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The lower front casting looks very similar to the lower front casting of a Mills Poinsettia slot machine. Takeover is when one company buys a controlling stake in or entirely purchases another.

Hey, what's got you so upset. Neil Reynolds picks six storylines from Week 14 in the NFL, including Philadelphia Eagles' loss of star QB Carson Wentz to injury.

Online weight reduction workouts can also take the form of actual time video workouts together with your coach. Need an iphone app.

The actual "working" part of the vertical fingers is the spot just below those notches.

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Writer: Mary Eule Scarborough With the growing consciousness of "inexperienced" issues all over the world, the thought of natural gardening is de facto gaining traction.

If a child has shown some interest in ceramics, his or her parents can buy a specific kit for kids.

The shoes end up on Dorothys feet. While it's entirely possible to just point a camera at a tv screen and call it a day, channels that do so often fail to retain audience members. Travelers book Mumbai flights 12 months-spherical for the numerous religious and community festivals held there, together with tasting the mouth-savoring Indian foods.

Tom Brady is certainly an NFL legend.

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    Carbohydrate histochemistry and histology of the mucous neck cells in the abomasal glands of Indian buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis). Indian Veterinary . Carbohydrolase production by the ericoid mycorrhizal fungus Hymenoscyphus ericae under solid-state fermentation conditions. .. Fil. Rastitel' nye Resursy 33( 1): 'This excellent observer ': the correspondence between Charles Darwin and James Crichton-Browne, diarioimagen.info (United States). Pearn, Alison M. Between May and December , Charles Darwin exchanged more than 40 letters with James Crichton-Browne, superintendent of the West. The redbay ambrosia beetle, Xyleborus glabratus Eichoff, and its associated fungus Raffaelea lauricola T.C. Harrl, Fraedrich & Aghgayeva are exotic species, in mice led to significantly decreased PENH, a marker of airway hyper- responsiveness, metaplasia of airway epithelial cells and mucus hyper-secretion following.
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The first roughly scaled experiments were performed by Sir James Hall about two centuries ago, in the intellectual atmosphere generated by the appearance of Hutton's Theory of the Earth Hutton, J. Theory of the Earth, with Proofs and Illustrations, Vols. Their aim was to test the hypothesis that the folding of originally horizontal strata is the result of lateral compression.

The idea to test hypotheses by laboratory experiments had already been applied by Hall to petrological problems crystallization and melting not involving scaling. Interestingly, however, he constructed a scale model of a Gothic cathedral, using a line of reasoning parallel to that used in his tectonic experiments. From these beginnings, the theory and practice of scale models have grown to become an important part of an integrated approach to the study of geodynamics.

One topic which is at present the focus of much attention is the choice of model materials correctly scaling the temperature dependence of lithospheric materials. As an example, a brief discussion is offered of two geodynamic problems where the application of scale models is proving very fruitful: An appraisal of the last ten days of Queen Victoria's life, viewed primarily from the perspective of her personal physician, Sir James Reid, is presented. Sir James ' clinical encounters with his patient and the Royal Family are examined to reveal his strategic and medical thinking and gauge his level of success in basic palliative aims.

It was found that the lack of effective medical interventions, tensions within the Royal Family, the importance of his post to Sir James ' professional career, and the political ramifications unavoidably connected with the illness of a head of state, all presented challenges to Reid's efforts to ease the physical and emotional pain of Queen Victoria's dying.

Key features of Sir James ' approach included reliance on physician-patient and physician-family relationships, emphasis on emotional support for the patient, and the careful selection of interventions for the family.

In the first years of the 20th century, an era when the contemporary concepts of palliative care, hospice, and family dynamics did not exist, Sir James ' management of the Queen's final illness suggested an early model for end-of-life care. By the end of Queen Victoria's life, Sir James was seen to have preserved his patient's comfort and dignity, at the same time advancing family and societal acceptance of the death of this matriarchal figure.

For permissions, please e-mail: Merchant Taylor's and Cambridge; 2. The Adams Prize essay, ; 4. Secretary of the Royal Society, ; 5. Popular exposition, ; 6. Later years, ; 7. Science in Jeans's boyhood; 8. The partition of energy; 9. Rotating fluid masses; The equilibrium of the stars; Jeans and philosophy; Bibliography; Index.

It has been suggested that SIRS are triggered by superfluous pro-inflammatory cytokine production, and that organ injury is caused by uncontrolled inflammatory responses. However, the results of clinical studies, on the usefulness of specific cytokine antagonists and anti-TNF antibodies for the treatment of septic shock, have been unsatisfactory.

The reason for this might have been that when uncontrolled inflammatory reactions progressed locally, anti-inflammatory reactions were elevated in the circulated blood by way of CARS, thus the timing of administration and pharmacokinetics did not match clinical course. We introduce the recent knowledge which indicates that SIRS is a preliminary alert for not only organ dysfunction but also immunosuppression after severe injury or major surgery.

This article is a personal view of the career of Sir Alec Clegg. It outlines some of Clegg's achievements in the West Riding, and why he was so influential on those that he worked with. Finally, it retells one of Alec Clegg's favourite stories "The fable of Fred".

Although systemic inflammatory response syndrome SIRS is a known complication of severe influenza pneumonia, it has been reported very rarely in patients with minimal parenchymal lung disease. We here report a case of severe SIRS , anasarca, and marked vascular phenomena with minimal or no pneumonitis. This case highlights that viruses, including influenza, may cause vascular dysregulation causing SIRS , even without substantial visceral organ involvement.

Influenza SIRS with minimal pneumonitis. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available While systemic inflammatory response syndrome SIRS , is a known complication of severe influenza pneumonia, it has been reported very rarely in patients with minimal parenchymal lung disease.

We here report a case of severe SIRS , anasarca and marked vascular phenomena with minimal or no pneumonitis. James Dunlop's historical catalogue of southern nebulae and clusters. In James Dunlop compiled the second ever catalogue of southern star clusters, nebulae and galaxies from Parramatta NSW, Australia using a cm reflecting telescope.

Initially acclaimed, the catalogue and author were later criticised and condemned by others - including Sir John Herschel and both the catalogue and author are now largely unknown.

We believe that James Dunlop was an important early Australian astronomer, and his catalogue should be esteemed as the southern equivalent of Messier's famous northern catalogue. Dwarsdeur die eeue het Christene ook wetenskap beoefen saam met ongelowiges, maar dit was eers in ons leeftyd dat die principia van die Christelike religie ook vrugbaar gemaak is vir die wetenskapsbeoefening.

In hierdie verband sal die name van Dooyeweerd, Vollenhoven, Stoker e. Natuurlik het belydende Christene ook voorheen wel deeglik saamgewerk aan die gebou van die wetenskap. This article examines Surrealism, its definition, and history through example. Special emphasis is on James Welch, a Blackfeet poet from Montana with a comic way of viewing the world in a surrealistic fashion. Harrison Award for Outstanding Achievement was established by the IUGS Executive Committee in to honor individuals who have served the Union in an extraordinary fashion for a long period of time, and who have no recognized position as an officer of the Union.

The award is named for the late James M. Harrison, an internationally known and universally respected Canadian geologist Geological Survey of Canada who was one of the founding fathers of the IUGS and its first President The demographic work of Sir William Wilde.

This paper argues that Sir William Wilde was indeed a pioneering demographer. It also describes the unveiling of the plaque commemorating Sir William Wilde at his home, 1, Merrion Square, Dublin on the 28 October Sir Karl Popper and Education. Sir Karl Popper is one of England's most distinguished contemporary philosophers and it is surprising that his thought has not permeated and informed educational discussion.

This paper suggests that educationists have much to learn from Karl Popper's writings and explores ways in which his ideas can illuminate and advance discussion about…. In the early s James Welch enters American literature as an Indian postmodernist, a fractured classicist of the West, drawing fragments from both sides of the Buckskin Curtain. Learning from James Coleman. Examines three works by James Coleman: Advocates using James Baldwin's essays to motivate high school and college students to write and think critically.

Cites Baldwin's love of language and his carefully crafted prose. Describes assignments in which students write about their mother or father or about growing up. Parkinson's disease is a condition that anyone with a modicum of medical knowledge can recognise in the street--as indeed how it was studied by James Parkinson himself. Its three characteristic features are: Increase in the tone of the voluntary muscles rigidity.

Slowness of movement bradykinesis. Tremor the characteristic 'pill rolling' movements of the fingers. He was credited with playing a significant role in returning the Space Shuttle to flight following the Challenger disaster.

El James de Putnam. Algunos de ellos son: Full Text Available [First paragraph] C. University of Massachusetts Press, James on the "Negro Question. University Press of Mississippi, State University of New York, Immigrants, it is true, had brought socialist notions with them in the middle of the past century, and had caused some anarchistic wavelets in the s; there had been radical protest movements such as the Grangers, and a fledgling third party like the Populists; there were famous social critics and Utopians like Henry George and Edward Bellamy, but - in striking contrast to other parts of the Hemisphere - a socialist movement of any political weight never came off the ground.

The epidemic is an outbreak of an infectious disease situation in the population at a place that exceeds the normal approximation in a short period. When the disease is always contained in any place as well as with the causes, it is called endemic. SIRS models used in this study with the assumption When fresh-faced college graduate James Thompson,an employee of a removals firm for US military personnel stationed in Japan,lost his job in ,he emptied his savings account,cashed in his plane ticket back to the US,and started his own company.

Thirty-four years on,Thompson's firm,Crown Worldwide,has become one of the world's largest relocation and specialist logistics firms,with offices in more than 50 countries offering a diverse portfolio of services ranging from traditional moving services to fine art transportation and wine cellaring.

The Public James Baldwin. Full Text Available As this essay notes, James Baldwin, his words and metaphors, pervade public space at countless numbers of intersections. Lines from his plays, novels, and essays have always been an easy and handy reference for writers and artists seeking ways to ground their intentions with deeper meaning and magic.

Systemic inflammatory response syndrome SIRS. The concept of a systemic inflammatory response syndrome SIRS to describe the complex pathophysiologic response to an insult such as infection, trauma, burns, pancreatitis, or a variety of other injuries came from a consensus conference charged with the task of developing an easy-to-apply set of clinical parameters to aid in the early identification of potential candidates to enter into clinical trials to evaluate new treatments for sepsis.

Effective application of these new anti-inflammatory strategies necessitated identification of early clinical markers that could be assessed in real-time and were likely to define a population of patients that would have a beneficial response to the targeted intervention. It was felt that early clinical manifestations might be more readily available to clinicians than more sophisticated and specific assays for inflammatory substances that were systemically released by the network of injurious inflammatory events.

Therefore, the early definition of a systemic inflammatory response syndrome SIRS was built upon a foundation of basic clinical and laboratory abnormalities that were readily available in almost all clinical settings. With further refinement, it was hoped, that this definition would have a high degree of sensitivity, coupled with a reasonable degree of specificity. This manuscript reviews the derivation, application, utilization, potential benefits, and speculation regarding the future of the SIRS definition.

Stability of stochastic switched SIRS models. Stochastic stability problems of a stochastic switched SIRS model with or without distributed time delay are considered. By utilizing the Lyapunov methods, sufficient stability conditions of the disease-free equilibrium are established.

Stability conditions about the subsystem of the stochastic switched SIRS systems are also obtained. Sir David Brewster, Scottish physicist of the Nineteenth Century, was one of the pioneers in the investigation of the polarization of light.

Every physics student is familiar with the Brewster angle of reflection, and the Brewster neutral point of skylight polarization is a well- known feature in atmospheric optics.

He was at one time the most honored natural philosopher in Britain, having received numerous medals plus a knighthood for his work in the polarization of light. This paper, having arisen from my new biography of Brewster, traces his polarization work throughout his most productive period in the first half of the last century. It is of interest to science historians, as well as to those working in the field of polarization phenomena.

The James Baldwin Interview. Here, as Bobia and Baldwin enter into a brief discussion of his perception of how he was received in France in the s, Baldwin seems to embrace the fact that he was at that time in France largely unknown, an outsider: James Blunt matuselaulude edetabeli tipus.

Bereavement Registeri andmetel Suurbritannias matustel tellitavate laulude edetabelis: Sir Donald Ross, pioneer aortic valve surgeon. This paper examines Sir William Wilde's peculiar genius as editor, his contribution to the Irish Journal of Medical Science in ensuring its endurance and making it a treasure-house of the history of medicine in Ireland. Stability of SIRS system with random perturbations. In this paper, we consider an epidemiological model, which is an SIRS model with or without distributed time delay influenced by random perturbations.

We present the stability conditions of the disease-free equilibrium of the associated stochastic SIRS system. Amsterdamis tehtud intervjuus koos Jon Bainsi ja Kim Bulliga Londonis avatud Interneti-agentuurist Obsolete, tegutsenud Interneti-kohvikust Backspace, mittekommertsiaalse juhtmeteta nerworki Consume.

In the first half of the s, John James Audubon roamed the wilds of America attempting to draw all the birds in their natural habitat. He published his life-sized paintings in a huge book entitled "Birds of America. After shooting the bird, he would wire…. Analysis of James Joyce's Araby. Araby by James Joyce is much more than a story of first love; it is a portrait of a world that defies the ideal and the dream. The writer concentrates on character rather than on plot to reveal the ironies by using the Setting and atmosphere, and furthermore reinforces the theme and characters in Araby.

Sigurd Wagner of Princeton University. He is recognized for his g. Numerical solution of stochastic SIR model by Bernstein polynomials. By use of Bernstein operational matrix and its stochastic operational matrix we convert stochastic SIR model to a nonlinear system that can be solved by Newton method. Finally, a test problem of SIR model is presented to illustrate our mathematical findings.

James Peacock, Understanding Paul Auster. Indeed, his compelling storytelling style taken together with his mixing of crime fiction and absurdism has made his readers and critics vacillate between praise and condemnation.

L'association du personnel a le plaisir d'accueillir Mons. Rates of computational errors for scoring the SIRS primary scales. We note that mistallied scores on psychological tests are common, and we review some strategies for reducing scale score errors on the SIRS.

The material and the calculation are cut up into a series of atomic slices, and the electronic structure solved without approximation in each slice. Being two-dimensional, this was much more manageable than a full three-dimensional calculation. Then the slices could be put together by a sort of perturbation theory to calculate the scattering current as a function of energy along each of the reciprocal lattice 'rods' allowed by the surface periodicity.

John didn't just stop at having solved the problem in principle, he also developed a suite of computer codes to do the job in a routine way. He even published the code for all to use, and I believe that to the present day the calculations are still done effectively in the same way. Without the calculations, one cannot interpret the data in terms of a surface atomic structure.

Effectively one is doing a computer experiment in parallel to the laboratory experiment, and one fiddles more or less systematically with the surface structure until one gets agreement between the simulations and the laboratory data. One of the things that John noticed was that the process of photoemission UPS from a surface is rather similar, and can be calculated in an analogous way. This suddenly became very important because the new synchrotron at Daresbury was about to become operational, pumping out billions of photons for solid state research.

With that foresight, unusual at the time, John Pendry was appointed to head the theory group at Daresbury.

Previously the theoreticians had revolved around the nuclear physics accelerator, and John had to turn it completely around and refocus it, which he did. Oscillations in SIRS model with distributed delays. The ubiquity of oscillations in epidemics presents a long standing challenge for the formulation of epidemic models.

Whether they are external and seasonally driven, or arise from the intrinsic dynamics is an open problem. It is known that fixed time delays destabilize the steady state solution of the standard SIRS model, giving rise to stable oscillations for certain parameters values.

In this contribution, starting from the classical SIRS model, we make a general treatment of the recovery and loss of immunity terms.

We present oscillation diagrams amplitude and period in terms of the parameters of the model, showing how oscillations can be destabilized by the shape of the distributions of the two characteristic infectious and immune times. The formulation is made in terms of delay equations which are both numerically integrated and linearized. Results from simulations are included showing where they support the linear analysis and explaining why not where they do not.

Considerations and comparison with real diseases are presented along. In , the development of a medical brief, effectively detailing the specifications for a purpose-built oncology hospital and including the medical equipment and human resources required, was commenced.

Robust engagement by the relevant stakeholders, many of which hailed from the extant Sir Paul Boffa Hospital, ensured a very relevant proposal. SIR -B experiments in Japan. Among the test sites for the SIR -B calibration experiment, the Sarobetsu test site was successfully imaged twice on ascending and descending orbits. The SIR -B image data taken over the test site are analyzed to calibrate the image and to estimate the 3-dB resolution.

Square trihedral corner reflectors with different radar cross sections RCS are used to relate the image data number to RCS.

The RCS of the background surface is estimated and its effect is also included in these relations. The 3-dB resolutions are estimated by two independent techniques. The results of these two techniques agree with each other; however, the estimated resolutions are larger than those predicted by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The estimates should be regarded as the image resolutions rather than representing the sensor characteristics. Corner reflectors m apart can be recognized on the image, while those m apart seem a single target. The SIR -B image of targets 25 m or more apart is confirmed to be the sum of the individual target responses.

The backscattering signal from a target does not correlate with another target over 25 m away. Full Text Available Un hospital debe estar proyectado, especialmente, para la comodidad y el cuidado de los enfermos. Atendiendo a este postulado, en el hospital St. To assess the clinical and demographic profile of Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome SIRS and sepsis, among newly admitted children in different age groups in a hospital in North India.

This prospective study was conducted at a referral care centre in Northern India. All children, age group 0 to SIRS and sepsis and to gain clinical and demographic data. During the study period, a total of patients were screened for SIRS. Out of the latter 30, 19 had septic shock. Mean duration of antibiotic therapy and hospital stay in the SIRS group were 6. In the group without SIRS , mean duration were 2.

In conclusion, the proportion of sepsis contributing to SIRS is high in a tertiary care hospital. Therefore rapid recognition of SIRS is essential. Goal directed treatment of sepsis is also important so that high mortality associated with severe sepsis and septic shock are prevented. Presents an obituary for James Hillman. James Hillman, the third child of Madeline and Julian Hillman, died of metastatic bone cancer at his home in Thompson, Connecticut, on October 27, The parent of "archetypal psychology," he was born on April 12, , at the Breakers, a then-opulent hotel founded by his family that overlooked the boardwalk and beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

With an extensive footing in the classics and classical humanism, Jim established the foundations for his emerging archetypal psychology. With archetypal psychology, he was to move away from a dependence on the concept of a personal ego in favor of larger sources that relied on his notion of variegated identity. He proposed a profusion of mythical images that emerge under the rubric of "soul. For Hillman, psychology could not be taken as a separate discipline isolated from mythology, literature, art, philosophy, politics, religion, natural science, and the ordinary affairs of individuals.

Hillman envisioned archetypes as processes that bear evidence to personal suffering and, in so doing, prompt the expansion of compassion.

In addition to many other citations, Jim had the high honor in of receiving the Medal of the Presidency of the Italian Republic. The sir A gene of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium encodes a two-component response regulator of the FixJ family that has a positive regulatory influence on the expression of type III secretion genes involved with epithelial cell invasion and the elicitation of bovine gastroenteritis.

Sir A orthologs in Pseudomonas, Vibrio, and Erwinia control the expression of distinct virulence genes in these genera, but an evolutionarily conserved target of Sir A regulation has never been identified. Application of SIR epidemiological model: The simplest epidemiologic model composed by mutually exclusive compartments SIR susceptible-infected-susceptible is presented to describe a reality. From health concerns to situations related with marketing, informatics or even sociology, several are the fields that are using this epidemiological model as a first approach to better understand a situation.

In this paper, the basic transmission model is analyzed, as well as simple tools that allows us to extract a great deal of information about possible solutions. A set of applications - traditional and new ones - is described to show the importance of this model. An epidemiological model of the dynamics of Japanese Encephalitis J.

The basic reproductive rate R 0 in the coupled system has been worked out. Using Aron's results cf. Mutu dari karet remah sangat dipengaruhi oleh adanya konsentrasi zat menguap sebagai salah satu parameter penentuan kualitas karet remah yang dihasilkan.

Analisa perbandingan sangat efektif dilakukan dalam menentukan kualitas karet remah bermutu paling baik berdasarkan klasifikasi antara mutu SIR 20 dengan mutu SIR 3WF. Parameter yang digunakan adalah mengetahui konsentrasi zat menguap yang lebih besar atau lebih kecil berdasarkan Standard Indonesian Rubber SIR yang telah ditentukan. The James Webb Space Telescope. The James Webb Space Telescope is the scientific successor to the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes, and is currently the largest scientific project under construction in the United States.

It will be a large 6. Science with the James Webb Space Telescope falls into four themes. The End of the Dark Ages: First Light and Reionization theme seeks to identify the first luminous sources to form and to determine the ionization history of the universe.

The Assembly of Galaxies theme seeks to determine how galaxies and the dark matter, gas, stars, metals, morphological structures, and black holes within them evolved from the epoch of reionization to the present. The Birth of Stars and Protoplanetary Systems theme seeks to unravel the birth and early evolution of stars, from infall onto dust-enshrouded protostars, to the genesis of planetary systems.

The Planetary Systems and the Origins of Life theme seeks to determine the physical and chemical properties of planetary systems around nearby stars and of our own, and investigate the potential for life in those systems. Webb will have four instruments: I will conclude the talk with a description of recent technical progress in the construction of the observatory.

Sir Kenelm Digby Kenelm Digby was a man with widely differing interests. He studied at Oxford but left without a degree. At the age of 20, he was involved in a dramatic street brawl in Madrid; the following year saw him as a successful privateer in the Mediterranean and adjacent Atlantic waters, and he was then appointed a naval administrator with lucrative trade monopolies.

He practised medicine without formal qualifications and gained notoriety by promoting the use of 'sympathetic' powder for healing wounds. At one time, he even spent a brief time in prison, but he later became a founding member of the Royal Society and published two major philosophical treatises as well as a popular cookbook.

He designed and manufactured wine bottles with tapered necks for simpler pouring and square sides for easy stacking. He dabbled in mathematics and corresponded with Fermat of 'Last Theorem' fame. In , he challenged a French nobleman who publicly cast a slur on the British King to a 'digladiation' a sword duel and quickly dispatched him. The Cowlishaw Library holds a 5th edition copy of this remarkable book, with Digby's name on the spine.

Truly, Digby must qualify as a Renaissance man. A criterion groups comparison. The new test has since been criticized for several potential problems, particularly in terms of its sensitivity to feigned psychopathology. For this reason, the purpose of this study was to examine the concordance between SIRS and SIRS -2 classifications and sensitivity estimates in an archival sample of criminal defendants males, 48 females who were admitted to a high-security state psychiatric hospital for restoration of competency to stand trial.

In a subgroup of 39 presumed feigning patients who elevated 1 or more collateral measures of feigning primarily the M-FAST at conservative cutoffs, we found marked discrepancies between the sensitivity of the SIRS. Follow-up analyses of intercorrelations and percentile distributions indicated that the new SIRS -2 scales may lack utility in the assessment of feigning because of problems relating to the construct validity of the scales and their interpretive cutoffs.

Future directions in research and clinical practice are discussed, with added emphasis on the significant limitations of archival pretrial forensic samples for identifying presumed genuine groups necessary to calculate specificity estimates which were meaningfully higher for the SIRS -2 in this sample.

Overall, the primary clinical implication is that feigning should remain a strong consideration in SIRS -2 cases yielding an indeterminate classification. Sir 2 and calorie restriction in yeast: Activation of Sir 2-family proteins in response to calorie restriction CR has been proposed as an evolutionarily conserved mechanism for life span extension.

This idea has been called into question with the discovery that Sir 2-family proteins are not required for life span extension from CR in yeast. We present here a historical perspective and critical evaluation of the model that CR acts through Sir 2 in yeast, and interpret prior reports in light of more recent discoveries.

Several specific cases where the Sir 2 model of CR is inconsistent with experimental data are noted. These shortcomings must be considered along with evidence supporting a role for Sir 2 in CR in order to fully evaluate the validity of this model. Bass- SIR model for diffusion of new products.

We consider the diffusion of new products in social networks, where consumers who adopt the product can later "recover" and stop influencing others to adopt the product.

We show that the diffusion is not described by the SIR model, but rather by a novel model, the Bass- SIR model, which combines the Bass model for diffusion of new products with the SIR model for epidemics.

The phase transition of consumers from non-adopters to adopters is described by a non-standard Kolmogorov-Johnson-Mehl-Avrami model, in which clusters growth is limited by adopters' recovery. Therefore, diffusion in the Bass- SIR model only depends on the local structure of the social network, but not on the average distance between consumers. Consequently, unlike the SIR model, a small-worlds structure has a negligible effect on the diffusion.

Surprisingly, diffusion on scale-free networks is nearly identical to that on Cartesian ones. James Stirling Regionalismo y modernidad. AbstractThirties, modern architecture had percolated into remote corners of the world, encountering the infinite idiosyncrasies of locality, and, at the same time, Architects, feelings the limitations of their style and becoming intent upon extending their vocabulary, embarked upon a process of diffusion, assimilation and personalitation.

The idea of a renewed period after British postwar, was shared for a new young architects generationto find a new way of modernity. While in his mid fifties housing projects, James Stirling approached to 'regionalism' and 'the functional tradition' to renew the modern language, he wouldn't reject the programmatic idea to understand architecture from a logic and formal consistency that combine 'a common synthesis of the recent past and a certain attitude toward the future'. Not only was Sir Francis Galton a famous geographer and statistician, he also invented "eugenics" in Eugenics, defined as the science of improving racial stock, was developed from a new heredity theory, conceived by Galton himself, and from the evolution theory of Charles Darwin, transposed to human society by Herbert Spencer.

Galton's eugenics was a program to artificially produce a better human race through regulating marriage and thus procreation. Galton put particular emphasis on "positive eugenics", aimed at encouraging the physically and mentally superior members of the population to choose partners with similar traits.

In , he presented his ideas in front of a vast audience of physicians and scientists in London. His widely-publicized lecture served as the starting point for the development of eugenics groups in Europe and the United States during the first half of the 20th century. Sir William Ramsay and the noble gases. Sir William Ramsay was one of the world's leading scientists at the end of the 19th century, and in a spectacular period of research between and , he discovered five new elements.

These were the noble gases, helium, neon, argon, krypton, and xenon; they added a whole new group to the Periodic Table of the elements, and provided the keystone to our understanding of the electronic structure of atoms, and the way those electrons bind the atoms together into molecules.

For this work he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in , the first such prize to come to a British subject. He was also a man of great charm, a good linguist, and a composer and performer of music, poetry and song. This review will trace his career, describe his character and give and account of the chemistry which led to the award of the Nobel Prize. A chat with James Watson. The observatory will have four instruments: The JWST science goals are divided into four themes. First Light and Reionization theme seeks to identify the first luminous sources to form and to determine the ionization history of the early universe.

The Assembly of Galaxies theme seeks to determine how galaxies and the dark matter, gas, stars, metals, morphological structures, and active nuclei within them evolved from the epoch of reionization to the present day.

The Birth of Stars and Protoplanetary Systems theme seeks to unravel the birth and early evolution of stars, from infall on to dust-e The relationship between SIRS symptoms and morbidity and mortality in medical emergency ward patients is unknown. We conducted a prospective cohort study of the frequency of SIRS and its relationship to sepsis and death among acutely hospitalised medical patients. In consecutive patients, SIRS status SIRS patients were Serum levels of osteopontin are increased in SIRS and sepsis.

In sepsis, dysregulation of the immune response leads to rapid multiorgan failure and death. Accurate and timely diagnosis is lifesaving and should discriminate sepsis from the systemic inflammatory response syndrome SIRS caused by non-infectious agents. Osteopontin acts as an extracellular matrix component or a soluble cytokine in inflamed tissues. Its exact role in immune response and sepsis remains to be elucidated.

Therefore, we investigated the role of osteopontin in SIRS and sepsis. Intensive care unit of a university hospital. Fifty-six patients with SIRS or sepsis and 56 healthy subjects were enrolled. We analyzed the serum levels of osteopontin and TH1-TH2 cytokines and investigated the role of osteopontin on interleukin 6 secretion by monocytes.

Serum osteopontin levels were strikingly higher in patients than in controls and in sepsis than in SIRS , and decreased during the resolution of both the disorders. Receiver operating characteristic curves showed that osteopontin levels have discriminative power between SIRS and sepsis with an area under the curve of 0.

Osteopontin levels directly correlated with those of interleukin 6 and in vitro, recombinant osteopontin increased interleukin 6 secretion by monocytes in both the absence and presence of high doses of lipopolysaccharide.

These data suggest that osteopontin might be a mediator involved in the pathogenesis of SIRS and sepsis, possibly by supporting interleukin 6 secretion. Sir A orthologs affect both motility and virulence. In this study we tested the hypothesis that sir A may be an ancient member of the flagellar regulon. We examined the effect of a sir A mutation on transcriptional fusions to flagellar promoters flhD, fliE, fliF, flgA, flgB, fliC, fliD, motA, and fliA while using fusions to the virulence gene sopB as a positive control.

Sir A had only small regulatory effects on all fusions in liquid medium less than fivefold. However, in various types of motility agar plates, sir A was able to activate a sopB fusion by up to fold while repressing flagellar fusions by values exceeding fold. Mutations in the sir A orthologs of Escherichia coli, Vibrio cholerae, Pseudomonas fluorescens, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa result in defects in either motility or motility gene regulation, suggesting that control of flagellar regulons may be an evolutionarily conserved function of sir A orthologs.

The implications for our understanding of virulence gene regulation in the gamma Proteobacteria are discussed. An Interview with Sir Michael Marmot.

Health equity through action on the social determinants of health. This interview was conducted by email in May of this year. This was an important affirmation of democratic values.

When thinking about health inequalities people often use the analogue of the ladder to show how the gradient of worsening health outcomes affects all people in society except presumably those at the very top. Thinking about the ladder leads us to pose the following question: Is making the ladder shorter i. All societies have hier-archies. It is not conceivable, therefore, to have a society with no ladder. The conceptual framework of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health leads us to think of at least two linked ways to address the relation between position on the ladder and health: The first argues for reducing the slope of the social gradient.

To see this, suppose, just for a moment, that the ladder were defined on the basis of years of education. People who had three years or fewer had life expectancy of 50 years. Sir Victor Horsley is considered to be the pioneer of pituitary surgery.

He is known to have performed the first surgical operation on the pituitary gland in , and in he stated that he had operated on 10 patients with pituitary tumors. He did not publish the details of these procedures nor did he provide evidence of the pathology of the pituitary lesions operated on. Four of the patients underwent surgery at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery Queen Square, London , and the records of those cases were recently retrieved and analyzed by members of the hospital staff.

The remaining cases corresponded to private operations whose records were presumably kept in Horsley's personal notebooks, most of which have been lost. In this paper, the authors have investigated the only scientific monograph providing a complete account of the pituitary surgeries that Horsley performed in his private practice, La Patologia Chirurgica dell'Ipofisi Surgical Pathology of the Hypophysis , written in by Giovanni Verga, Italian assistant professor of anatomy at the University of Pavia.

They have traced the life and work of this little-known physician who contributed to the preservation of Horsley's legacy in pituitary surgery. Within Verga's pituitary treatise, a full transcription of Horsley's notes is provided for 10 pituitary cases, including the patients' clinical symptoms, surgical techniques employed, intraoperative findings, and the outcome of surgery.

The descriptions of the topographical and macroscopic features of two of the lesions correspond unmistakably to the features of craniopharyngiomas, one of the squamous-papillary type and one of the adamantinomatous type.

The former lesion was found on necropsy after the patient's sudden death following a temporal osteoplastic craniectomy. Surgical removal of the lesion in the latter case, with the assumed nature of an adamantinomatous craniopharyngioma, was successful.

James marine terminal facility description. James facility was constructed by the Department to provide marine services associated with the fill and drawdown of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve SPR crude oil storage facilities located at Bayou Choctaw and Weeks Island, Louisiana. Although strategic to the mission of the SPR in the event of a national emergency, the St. James terminal is located approximately 45 miles west of New Orleans and 30 miles southeast of Baton Rouge, and approximately miles upstream from the mouth of the Mississippi River.

Construction of the St. James terminal was initiated in and was completed in Since then, the terminal has received and transferred over million barrels of crude oil to the SPR sites for storage.

For crude oil distribution, the St. The terminal also has a inch pipeline connection to the Koch oil terminal which was used for initial fill purposes; however, this pipeline has been disconnected and is currently inactive. A complete description of the St. James terminal facilities, operational capabilities, operational certifications, and future Government requirements are presented in Sections 2, 3, 4, and 5 respectively.

James Houck - Houck, the leading figure in developing infrared spectroscopy for astrophysics, died in Ithaca, NY, on September 18, , at age 74 from complications of Alzheimer's Disease.

He was born on October 5, , in Mobile, Alabama, but lived much of his early life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he received his undergraduate degree from Carnegie Institute of Technology. Jim spent his scientific career at Cornell University. He came to Cornell as a physics graduate student in and remained until his retirement as the Kenneth A. Wallace Professor of Astronomy in His only year away from Ithaca was as a Guggenheim Fellow at Caltech, and he declined job offers from other universities because of his opinion that Ithaca provided the best environment for raising his family.

His passion for learning, doing, and teaching science by building instruments and understanding physics led to great benefits for his students and astronomy colleagues.

After receiving his PhD in condensed matter physics, he changed fields to work in astronomy at Cornell. He first collaborated with colleague Martin Harwit to develop a rocket program at Cornell for infrared observations and made numerous treks to the White Sands Missile Range flying payloads on Aerobee sounding rockets.

Jim emphasized building spectrographs and making pioneering observations with ground based, airborne, and rocket-borne infrared instrumentation.

Jim flew on every airplane NASA provided for astronomy. Those were pioneering times. One of his survival stories was of the Learjet in which both engines flamed out over the Pacific when the pilot did a celebratory barrel role after successful completion of their observations. His observations with rockets and airplanes were primarily of a variety of Galactic objects, including planetary nebulae, HII regions, and stars.

But the most notable was an observation on the Convair that produced a prescient discovery paper in led by Jim which discovered bound. Portrayals by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The developments in neuro syphilis in the 19th century are integral parts of the history of psychiatry. The delineation of various aspects of neuro syphilis by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in three of his stories is discussed in brief.

The developments in neuro syphilis in the 19 th century are integral parts of the history of psychiatry. Psychologists are faced with formidable challenges in making their assessment methods relevant to growing numbers of Hispanic clients for whom English is not the primary or preferred language.

Among other clinical issues, the determination of malingering has profound consequences for clients. Using a between-subjects simulation design, the Spanish SIRS was found to produce reliable results with small standard errors of measurement. We consider the potential role of the Spanish SIRS with reference to Spanish translations for other assessment instruments. Was Sir William Crookes epistemically virtuous? The aim of this paper is to use Sir William Crookes' researches into psychical phenomena as a sustained case study of the role of epistemic virtues within scientific enquiry.

Despite growing interest in virtues in science, there are few integrated historical and philosophical studies, and even fewer studies focussing on controversial or 'fringe' sciences where, one might suppose, certain epistemic virtues like open-mindedness and tolerance may be subjected to sterner tests.

Using the virtue of epistemic courage as my focus, it emerges that Crookes' psychical researches were indeed epistemically courageous, but that this judgment must be grounded in sensitivity to the motivational complexity and context-sensitivity of the exercise of epistemic virtues. The paper then considers Crookes' remarks on the relationship between epistemic virtuousness and the intellectual integrity and public duties of scientists, thereby placing epistemic virtues in the context of wider debates about the authority of science in late modern societies.

I conclude that Crookes' researches into psychical phenomena offer instructive lessons for historians of science and virtue epistemologists concerning the complexity and contextuality of epistemic virtues, and the profitable forms that future studies of virtues in science could take. One day, Sir , you may tax it. So what does a 19th century English scientist have to do with the science agenda today?

A great deal, I would contend. Faraday was doing basic science, but he had the foresight to realise that through applied research his findings could one day be developed into something taxable — as it turned out, electric light. Faraday had a sense of the potential of his blue-sky research, but he also appreciated that basic science alone is not enough. This was my key message in Davos. Governments often speak of Sir William Mitchell This was a difficult period for CERN.

Financial problems were being faced in many member states, notably in Germany as a result of unification. This led to calls for reductions in the CERN budget and, more significantly, to requests for delays in consderation of future programmes. On the other hand for the future of CERN and the progress of elementary particle physics, it was necessary The Pragmatics of Sir Thomas Bodley. Full Text Available The publication of the diplomatic correspondence of Sir Thomas Bodley online Diplomatic Correspondence of Thomas Bodley, — offers a fine opportunity to study a text-type that is partly different from either business letters or personal correspondence.

These texts lend themselves to be analysed from a sociopragmatic and discourse-analytic point of view, and this will be attempted in the paper by taking a closer look at the management of conflict, the degree of strength and directness of speech acts, and the ways in which social hierarchy is expressed.

Several linguistic markers will be considered, in order to ascertain which elements can be seen as typically sensitive indicators in this particular text type, and how they relate to those found in other types of correspondence from the same period, which has been widely studied. The history of the 'philosophies of psychiatry' can be defined as the contextualized study of past theoretical views on the nature, understanding and management of madness and related notions.

The application of an hermeneutic apparatus to past psychiatric narratives gives rise to the history of psychiatry; its application to current narrative gives origin to the philosophy of psychiatry. If the latter employs off-the-shelf, ready-made, external philosophies, it follows a centripetal approach; if it starts from the inside of psychiatry and generates its own tools and meta-language, it follows a centrifugal approach.

Psychiatry is burdened by intrinsic and extrinsic philosophical problems. The former result from its hybrid nature, i. The latter are borrowed from the conceptual frames into which psychiatry has been inscribed since the 19th century. The philosophy of psychiatry may anticipate or follow empirical research. The ante rem mode is based on the idea that empirical research requires conceptual supervision, audit and guidance, for it is always ideology- and theory-laden.

The post rem mode is based on the view that science is the only way to 'truth' and hence all that the philosophy of psychiatry can or should do is facilitate, interpret, justify, defend or glorify empirical findings. The Classic Text that follows was written by Sir Alexander Crichton at the end of the 18th century, and is a good example of the centripetal mode of philosophy-making.

Space perception and William James 's metaphysical presuppositions. William James 's overtly philosophical work may be more continuous with his psychological work than is sometimes thought. His Essays in Radical Empiricism can be understood as an explicit statement of the absolute presupposition that formed the basis of Jamesian psychology: An examination of James 's theory of space perception suggests that, even in his early work, he presupposed the primacy of direct experience, and that later changes in his account of space perception can be understood as making his view more consistent with this presupposition.

In his earlier view of space perception, James argued that sensations were directly experienced as spatial, though he accepted that spatial relations between sensations may be constructed by higher order thought. In his later view, however, James argued that spatial relations were just as directly experienced as sensations. The work of T. Green may have prompted James to recognize the full consequence of his ideas and to realize that taking experience at face value required that spatial relations be thought of as intrinsic to experience rather than the result of intellectual construction.

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The exact meaning of the p in pH is disputed, but according to the Carlsberg Foundation and it has also been suggested that the p stands for the German Potenz, others refer to French puissance. On April 2, , Pfizer announced that it has discontinued a Phase III clinical trial for patients with advanced melanoma after the review of interim data showed that the trial would not demonstrate superiority to standard chemotherapy. They are also the source of many antibiotics, most Actinobacteria of medical or economic significance are in subclass Actinobacteridae, and belong to the order Actinomycetales. Autoantibodies to citrullinated fibrinogen compared with anti-MCV and anti-CCP2 antibodies in diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis at an early stage: ResultsFifty seven patients 32 males with a mean age of 72 from January to July were studied. You may have to drink the contrast before the exam.

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The secondary identifier field is to store numbers to various databases of molecular sequence data, gene expression or chemical compounds. Typically fatty acids do not decarboxylate readily, reactivity of an acid towards decarboxylation depends upon stability of carbanion intermediate formed in above mechanism. A disorder affecting the anterior horn cells and corticospinal tracts at many levels. They report that overdoses involving opioid analgesics killed almost people in the United States in nearly as many car accidents and the number of people with opioid analgesic use disorders has increased to nearly million. Patterns of relapse in glioblastoma multiforme following concomitant chemoradiotherapy with temozolomide. Blood sugar below mgdL is considered low..

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When cells are grown in culture, the medium in which they grow is held close to this physiological pH. In addition exposure of breast cancer cells to valproate led to a downregulation of genes that regulate the structure of chromatin with subsequent chromatin decondensation and enhanced DNA sensitivity to nucleasesand Rimm E. Moderating factors in the path from physical abuse to attempted suicide in adolescents: Keeping the body upright is a highly complex task of the nervous system. The factors driving the increase need to be determined.

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Decidual regulatory T cells in placental pathology and pregnancy complications. A stent is often placed after angioplasty. Explanations of more difcult or unfamiliar terms are given in brackets. An additional analysis, the number needed to diagnose NND was calculated in the same way as number needed to treat. In most applications, one race is stationary and the other is attached to the rotating assembly.

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