Nye casino sidereal year and tropical year length. Anbefaler den bedste ekspert!

Again trying to predict the unpredictables of a chaotic system. July 6, at 6: The TSI data on that page has been adjusted to conform with the new understanding provided by Kopp and Lean Here is the scientific definition: To invoke more and more causes is contrary to science. Presumably because the immediate effect has the most impact and subsequently people are either dead or have adapted to the changed situation.

Some people have assumed that the LIA began with that eruption. Even so, running means should be centered. Since climate is defined as average weather over 30 years that ought to be the Slot gratis casino las vegas smoothing window. I would have been happier with But clearly the variation of the average over 30 [or 40] years has a lot less variation than that from year to year, so climate is more stable than weather.

July 6, at 5: Perhaps you can show us. The big swings in SC14 began Nye casino sidereal year and tropical year length the point of the cycle where we are at now in SC24, so watch for them from now on. Now, you evade the direct comparison: The plot shows that almost all the increase took place since This is contradicted by much evidence, e. Such a disappearance is contradicted by the presence of a fully developed network in Ca K spectroheliograms obtained at Mt. Wilson and Meudon Observatories since the s.

The Sun was in a funk then [some say] so the temps should have been way low. July 6, at 8: That pertains to the average level only, which was simply adjusted by 4. So it is the most accepted current version. See also reply to tchannon above. These were eruptions under the glacier: These eruptions appear to follow a cycle, several eruptions were in the glacier between — July 6, at 9: As I said earlier: As you may know, the devastating eruptions were in The Swedish source may be incorrect:.

Ah, but the 0. Now what say you? Lava from Hekla does automatically mean there was significant ash in the air, which would not have reached the UK anyway with strong easterlies blowing through the cold winter period.

The Swedish source may be incorrect We go to war with the sources we have [to paraphrase Rumsfeld]. This is the reference to the source: Tarumae and Shikotsu both in Japan. The other side of that coin is that there was nothing unusual about the Sun in There are many variables not possible to predict. The sun has the most obvious effect on daily temps just by day and night variance.

So, if the solar wind and other conditions of the sun decline or increase then it is reasonable to expect some changes on earth temperature in line with other planet temperatures. Now, it we had some history of temperatures on Mars that varied similarly to Earth, could we say it was due to solar output and not a local event i. One could be more concerned about an earth orbit changing event, or strike from the vast number of astorieds and comets. I think we have shown we can survive the solar changes of the last 12, years.

By the way, how are the ski areas fairing? We actually do not know 888 casino free slots machines Hekla blew during Winter That many people and animals died due to famine hints that the eruptions were later in the year when the animals were out in the fields and the harvest failed. During winter there would have been a much smaller effect because crops were not growing and animals were generally in shelters.

We could look at live stock deaths from cold and other death events that coincide with winters. Like the Amazon event a few years back? Or how about humane death related to cold as apposed to heat. But, then again there are circumnstanse to define. The supposed eruption in Iceland is what Rummy might have called a known unknown. If Iceland had been as devastated after a eruption as following Laki, it would show up in documents. However I found no record of catastrophic famine in Icelandic history ofhowever there was one in Ireland, of unknown cause, associated with the year under discussion here, Corn was not knee-high by the fourth of July, but it has always been waist to shoulder high in my lifetime….

What is really weird is my buck goat has gone into rut in the last two weeks. Goats rut at the same time a buck deer does, Mid September. In Iceland the weakest animals [and the bulls — they ate too much] were slaughtered just before the winter [such as not needing to be fed]. The rest wintered over indoors in shelters eating hay stored up for that purpose. It probably would have taken a similar eruption to produce a catastrophic famine inof which there is no record then in Iceland, other than the Swedish source cited by Dr.

Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence. There is also no evidence that the Sun was acting up [the previous statement not withstanding]: The red curve is based on too few records. Why redirect the statement to Iceland when the point is global? In any event the Central England Temperature is not global and is likely to be influenced by volcanism in Iceland as we saw in http: Every thing I say is intentional.

And I cannot alter your comment, but am I not allowed to disagree? But there is evidence that the Swedish source confused withsince its details correspond to the Laki eruption-induced famine. Also, had Hekla or another Icelandic volcano erupted inthere would be a record of it, especially if of Laki magnitude. In an instance that extreme, absence of evidence is evidence of absence.

The minor eruption of was noted. You do have the Japanese eruptions, so IMO the jury is still out on volcanic cause for the cold of So what happened to European winter warming following eruptions? As I mentioned earlier this is not the case.

The area covered and length of lava streams are alos different. You do have the Japanese eruptions, so IMO the jury is still out on volcanic cause for the cold of The jury is always out on something like this. The jury has not even been selected in the case for the Sun being the cause as solar activity was nothing special at that time http: Also, there was no mist or fog Casino spil paa nettete sur photoshop brushesnoted around the North Atlantic in The history of Iceland features the event, but no mention of such a thing in IMO the conclusion is inescapable that the Swedish source is wrong, lacking confirmation elsewhere.

As you do not mention what comment you referred to, I have no idea what you point was. It happens that major [even more recent] eruptions have no historical records, e. A comparison in the same ice cores of the sulfate flux from the A. Thus this event should be considered comparable to other eruptions producing large volumes of sulfur-rich gases such as Coseguina, Krakatau, Agung, and El Chichon.

The increase in the atmospheric concentration of sulfuric acid may have contributed to the Northern Hemisphere cooling observed in the early nineteenth century and may account partially for the decline in surface temperatures which preceded the eruption of Tambora in A. One might say that the cold of is such [weak] confirmation….

The theory is that big eruptions will give warmer winters for Europe: There was however a sharp decline in sighted Aurora in But you are making the assumption that all of that TSI variability that reaches the surface raises the temperature without other effect.

That is not true if some of it is absorbed. If you use the cyclical variation of sea level change over a solar cycle as an indicator of the amount of heat absorbed, it adds about another 0. TSI reaching the surface is absorbed and that is what raises the temperature.

I allow for some extra effect by going with 0. There is no mystery here. An eruption that caused massive loss of life to include people in Iceland would not have Nye casino sidereal year and tropical year length unnoticed.

As I pointed out, even the minor eruption of Hekla in was noted. To have wreaked such havoc, a mist or fog should have been noticed, as in Besides Bardabunga, no other document yet found but the Swedish source notes an Icelandic eruption inlet alone a catastrophe caused by Hekla.

All it will take is major crop failures in the USA and a few other regions to repeat the Food Crisis or worse because that is what the recent changes in the Global Food system are designed to do.

What David has outlined is not the only possibility. As I said we have had two weeks of rain. It is very very soggy. Gray Leaf Spot Pathogen: Initial lesions appear as greenish black water soaked circular areas with chlorotic halos, expanding into oval and then the diagnostic parallel sided rectangular brownish gray lesions.

Anthracnose Leaf Blight Pathogen: Small, oval to elongated water-soaked lesions enlarge to become brown, spindle shaped spots with yellow to reddish-brown borders. Lesions may coalesce and blight entire leaves. Older lesions will turn gray in the center with small black specks acervuli with sterile black hairs. Leaf blight may be followed by top kill and stalk rot. Leaf blight rarely causes large yield losses. Stalk rot phase is most important see Anthracnose Stalk Rot.

Favored by cool to warm, wet, humid weather, continuous corn with reduced tillage …. Southern Corn Rust Pathogen: Similar to common rust except pustules occur almost exclusively on the upper leaf surface, rarely on lower.

Pustules are more orange than brick-red and slower to break through epidermis of leaf than common rust pustules. But over the next quarter of a century the dogma of deregulated global markets came to dominate American politics, and the Freedom to Farm Act abolished our national system of holding grain in reserve. As for all that wheat held in storage, it became part of the Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust, a food bank and global charity under the authority of the secretary of Agriculture. The stores were gradually depleted untilwhen the USDA decided to convert all of what was left into its dollar equivalent.

And so the grain that once stabilized prices for farmers, bakers and American consumers ended up as a number on a spreadsheet in the Department of Agriculture. Now, as the United States must confront climate change, commodity markets riddled by speculation, increased import costs, hosts of regional conflicts and the return of international grain tariffs and export bans, we have put our faith entirely in transnational agribusiness and the global grain market….

The data show that dependable access to adequate food has especially deteriorated among families with children. Innearly 17 million children, or And Unibet casino ingyenes jatekok logikai matek number of youngsters who sometimes were outright hungry rose from nearlyto almost 1. The food riots that erupted on virtually every continent demonstrate both the global integration of food and agricultural systems, and the severity of the problems inherent within them.

Triggers such as commodity speculation, grain hoarding, the diversion of food crops for use as fuel crops, the growth of industrial methods of livestock production and meat consumption, and falling grain reserves contributed to the rapid increase of food prices. Food Inflation Spiraling Out of Control. We have demand growing strongly. Which means that going forward even small crop failures are going to drive grain prices to record levels. As an investor, we continue to find these long term trends…very attractive ….

July 22, letter to President Bush …. Recently there have been increased calls for the development of a U. Stock reserves have a documented depressing effect on prices… and resulted in less aggressive market bidding for the grains…. How Goldman Gambled on Starvation Speculators set up a casino where the chips were the stomachs of millions. What does it say about our system that we can so casually inflict so much pain? How to manufacture a global food crisis: Farmers,… suddenly find themselves heavily controlled by….

Crop Production … Inthe U. Corn grown for grain accounts for almost one quarter of the harvested crop acres in this country…. Soybeans represented 56 percent of world oilseed production in …. About two-thirds of total U. My first post on this did just that: IIt all depends on the timing. If the AMO has the ocean sloshing one way, the effect will be different from what will occur if the AMO has the ocean sloshing the other way….

Nuclear war would do nicely, too, not to speak about impacts, solar flares, etc, etc, etc. The problem is the alarmism Archibald is peddling. I think that there is a big mystery here. In your calculation, the radiation rate would be the same if the part of TSI variation that reaches the earth surface had been absorbed in a thin layer of black paint and then reradiated as IR.

The amount radiated for 0. But if some of the heat flux is absorbed in deeper layers, it would require more heat to produce that 0. Accounting for albedo and latitude effects, we get about 0. This is too small by about a factor of 5 to account for the observed oceanic thermal expansion cycle, but since the ocean expansion is so nicely correlated with the solar cycle, I would bet that the sun is responsible.

The big mystery is how does it do it? It is well known that the solar flux at high latitudes varies strongly with changes of earth orbital eccentricity and axis inclination on about ayear period known as a Milankovitch cycle. The sun might remain relatively constant, but its effect on earth is not. Although worse on the continent than in Britain, this is supposed to have been the coldest winter in the pastat least in Europe:.

Yes several other cold episodes. I have no doubt that the cause of was solar, cold shots are common close to solar cycle maxima because of the typical Ap drop there, and I can map astronomically exactly where the stronger cold shots in Jan-Feb, May-June and Oct-Nov of were. I say beware of people who have no doubt and can map things exactly. I find your claims unconvincing in the extreme. But you may find a audience among all the gullible people around. Minor part of the sediment is from the Greenland icebergs, majority is from oozing magmatic tephra carried southwards from Kolbeinsey Ridge where crust is split by tectonic plates movement.

From my point of view, most interesting and from yours most distressing fact is that the tectonic movement since s as depicted in the above graph strongly correlates with solar activity. I should have said that variations in ocean expansion are nicely correlated with the solar cycle.

I should also mention that this whole discussion should be concerned with amplitudes Nye casino sidereal year and tropical year length approximately sinusoidal to first order oscillations of temperature and variations in the rates of Free bonus without deposit online casino malaysia level rise with various phase lags over a solar cycle.

The arguments can be tightened, but without changing much. Having convinced the most sceptical person I have ever known, maybe even yourself would be intrigued. For a very large part of Africa maize corn is the staple diet, particularly in rural areas. Except for people growing the crop in locations that are marginal due to altitude, temperature is of little consequence.

It is the adequacy, and timing, of rains that are the main governing factor of the yield. Since the demise of Rhodesia virtually none of the crop is exported off continent, but the yield governs the welfare of many millions of people. Comparing yourself to Newton [or with Einstein, if memory serves] is bad form. The [BIG] difference is that Newton could calculate the effects of gravity and you cannot [or have not] calculate anything.

From my point of view, most interesting the fact [sic] is that the tectonic movement since s as depicted in the above graph strongly correlates with solar activity. The tectonic movements since amount to about 10 meter. Not Nye casino sidereal year and tropical year length the ocean currents very much I would think and is not even shown on your graph, and there is no evidence that those 10 meter show any solar cycle variation along a transect.

Because of deep knowledge [call it dogma if you must] about how these things work. And in particular what does not work. Heliocentric system was well known before Copernicus: In his major work, Copernicus also discussed the theories of Ibn Battuta and Averroes. The Vatican Observatory is Nye casino sidereal year and tropical year length of the oldest astronomical research institutions in the world, or so they claim on their website.

At least on ancient Greek astronomer advocated heliocentrism, but was dismissed as impious. But, yes, the Church did in some ways resemble Communist regimes. However, the charges against Bruno were not trumped up. He was a heretic. That is the appropriate comparison at the earth surface. Even without considering any deeper layers of ocean to participate in heat exchanges correlated with the solar cycle, 0. To me, this seems to be clear evidence that the sun is contributing to surface temperature variations via some mechanism other than TSI variability.

The TSI outside of the atmosphere is a well understood quantity. That should be compared to whatever terrestrial measure one uses. Your way introduces intermediaries that are fuzzy and not well determined. So, I have to admit that I am at a loss as to what your problem [or mystery] is.

Copernicus based his claim on the Latin text attributed to Thabit. Sediments build up and subsequent erosion, doc! What is valid for 15 active volcanoes is valid for hundreds of miles of permanent submarine magma flow from the Gakkel ridge. All your comments in the reply to my post are based on misinterpretation, from Newton to tectonic movement.

250 250 bob animate english

Knowing your well recognised scientific competence, I would assume it was deliberate not accidental, but if indeed accidental do Read Again! Life is short, use rest of your time to expand the age of scientific enlightenment not turning it into a moribund pool of stagnation. Have a nice weekend. If he had measured the sidereal year to within 2 seconds, surely he must have noticed the difference from the tropical year? Or I could be wrong. Yours is not heresy, just ordinary nonsense.

That is, indeed, as goal of mine, although you are a good example [there are more] of how difficult it is to overcome inherent learning disability [deliberate or not]. It all comes down to the usual issue: Until you do, you have nothing. So how about that factor of three inadequacy of TSI without considering any sea level changes? Or are duty cycle, latitude and albedo effects too fuzzy to suit you? Either way you do the comparison you will have to consider these.

I chose to do the comparison at the earth surface. What do you think is wrong with that? Hard to say as it is not clear what you say. So here it the 1st point: You are just in that same boat. A main reason for not opening up data is that they are suspect. Geomagnetic South Atlantic Anomaly and global sea level rise: Global geomagnetic models from to The surface area of the SAA is evidenced by the white area with field values less than 32, nT. Take a good look at the SAA and decreasing field and increase in the size over the period.

Take a good look at the overall progression of the decrease in Earths magnetic field and the possibility of Casino spil paa nettetal nwea admin log incremental increase in the amount of radiation penetration.

Well the corn here in the back yard? Is my knee high for the 4th of July. Deer corn, planted late. Deer wont need it till winter anyway. But by comparison of other years in driving around the state seems short in height. Used to also scoff at the knee high thing, as was seeing waist and shoulder heights.

This crops up now and then. As we expect the South Atlantic Anomaly [SAA] to continue to grow for some centuries, a connection would predict steadily rising temperatures, thus no future cooling as everybody so fervently wants [and even claim to predict]. Hey, here is a way out for these people: The SAA is generated deep in the core where the field is hardly dipolar Nye casino sidereal year and tropical year length all, so its location on the surface is just an accident of nature, like why does the moon and the sun have the same size in the sky?

Well not exactly the case. Which is now asking my brain if there might even be a relationship betwixt the two of them. Figure 2 showing the magnetic equator through the heliosphere. Also shows the excess region, deficit region for GCR propagation in the heliosphere with a relationship similar to that of Earth magnetic equatorial relationship radiation. Page 5 of the article.

The full-sky global anisotropy of the 1- 10 TeV cosmic rays can be described as composed of a broad relative excess region across the hemisphere south of the magnetic equator the red shaded sector in the figure, which contains the heliotail and the downstream direction of the LIMFand a relative deficit region the blue shaded sector north of the magnetic equator.

The cosmic ray intensity modulation in these regions cannot be described with a dipole, since the transition between the two regions lays approximately along the magnetic equator the non-colored sectors in the figure but with the steepest variations in directions with smaller angular distance from the heliotail. At energies in excess of about TeV the heliospheric influence must be subdominant, if not inexistent. Whatever the origin of the anisotropy above TeV is,….

Let me state this in a way that should be understandable. If the earth mean surface temperature varies by 0. Some additional energy flux may have penetrated to greater depths, but at least this much is required to account for just the surface radiation changes. This is a factor of 3 too small to have caused the surface radiation variation accompanying a 0.

The skeptics, or those who buy the most recent accepted consensus science of the day? No there is not. The sun and every magnetic planet have a magnetic equator and they are all different. The planetary magnetic equators depends on the field in the cores deep inside the planet.

Ok, with the error out of the way, we can continue. The earth emits its thermal radiation from about 5 km altitude in the atmosphere.

To maintain balance, the temperature up there must be C [the same temperature the surface would have if there were no atmosphere]. Because the temperature decreases with altitude by 6. The surface is warmer, like 15C. The difference is the Greenhouse effect.

If we add more greenhouse gases [e. What happens instead is that the radiating altitude goes up [in order to reach a higher altitude where the temperature is the C]. Before continuing, do you understand and agree to the above? Well, which group do you belong to? And who might that be? One of the theories relates to our slow approach to the next interstellar cloud. What if any the relationship to the slow growth of the SAA and the slow approach to the neighboring interstellar cloud.

The common velocity of No deposit casinos microgaming nearby interstellar clouds could indicate that they are part of an evolved sub-shell of the superbubble associated to the Loop I, expanding from the Scorpion-Centaurus Association. Various indirect determinations of the Local Interstellar Magnetic Field LIMF suggest that its direction is coherent over scales of about pc and roughly parallel to the local surface of Loop I shell Frisch; Frisch et al.

The observations, therefore, could be associated to cosmic ray diffusive streaming between colliding nearby interstellar clouds of the expanding Loop I shell Schwadron et al. Since the solar system is located almost at the edge of the so-called Local Interstellar Cloud LICa partially ionized cloudlet within the Local Bubble, it was proposed by Amenomori et al. On the other hand, the observation of a topological change of the anisotropy pattern at an energy in excess of about TeV, where a relative deficit is observed in the region of the sky dominated by a broad excess at lower energies, is an indication of a phenomenological transition in the cause of high energy cosmic rays anisotropy.

I will take your word for it on the average temperature lapse rate. I assume that you mean that adding more greenhouse gases would have the effect of raising the radiating altitude. So far, so good. In my previous Mr green casino jatekok ingyenes kocsis jatek I already noted my skepticism regarding the value of the subject of this entire article and I believe it is a waste of time to swat at mosquitoes with a sledge hammer.

Leif is rapidly pushing into the elitist AGW camp. Perhaps he will get invited to a White House dinner??? The ERL is a new con of the warmers. It does not work. They cannot prove where the ERL is today, or yesterday. None Earths magnetic field is declining. Has nothing to do with the Sun or the Interstellar medium. Surface deposition of volcanic dust reducing the ice albedo and increasing melt.

A similar process involving black carbon has caused the Arctic sea ice melt over the last decade or so. While there are endless claims that atmospheric warming has caused the Arctic sea ice to melt, there is precious little evidence to back up these claims. July 6, at 7: How are you getting 0. As the difference between T of and T of If the earth surface temperature varies by 0. The absorbed TSI variation fails by a factor of three to be large enough to be the driver of this surface radiation change.

So something correlated with the solar cycle is causing temperature changes larger than those that would be caused by TSI variation alone. At this point the discussion has drifted too far from the topic at hand that there is little justification for pursuing that particular line of inquiry. How and by whom? Leif says, bones says: Note that the TSI variations at the surface are 0.

Nobody had ever seen Neptune before and recognized it as a planet. In tables of positions of Uranus were published. But observations showed that with time Uranus deviated more and more from its calculated position as if another [unseen] planet was tugging on it.

From the deviations, the position of the unseen planet was computed and Neptune duly found at that place in So we can infer the existence of matter [Neptune] from Nye casino sidereal year and tropical year length gravitational influence on other matter [that we can see, Uranus], in this way Nye casino sidereal year and tropical year length matter is observed [by its effect] even if it has not been seen.

Nothing amazing about that. What is your mystery? Nothing amazing to you maybe, but your scientific method fails miserably. You do not seek to actually teach so much as pontificate.

You need evidence—study this thread. Dark Matter [DM] was proposed 80 years ago as out-of-the-box. It has taken 80 years of painstaking observations to convince astronomers of the reality of DM. An academic child, fully funded by his parents, never out in the real world…oh, the genre is sooooo well known. Yet, you cannot help yourself: I look forward to the next entertaining installment.

Sidereal vs Tropical Year Part 2

How very unscientific of you, the detail is everything. Please act like adults, sadly if I found my children acting like you are, I would revoke their IP lease at the router until they started to act mature again. Ponder the fact that your digital words will exist long after you leave this mortal coil.

In no way, is science being advanced by either side.

  • Furthermore, the Gregorian calendar drops 3 leap days every years to closely approximate the length of a solar year. As a result, the Coptic Christmas advances a day each time the Gregorian calendar drops a leap day (years AD , , and ). This is the reason why Old-Calendrists (using the Julian and.
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  • You almost certainly know already that New Years Eve Wedding Invitations is one of the trendiest topics on the web these days. Also called sidereal year years. age. old age: a man of years. time; period: the years of hardship and frustration. an unusually long period of time of indefinite length: I haven't spoken to them in.

Here is a table dTSI 0. Ferdinand, your mystery is explained thusly. Driven by my natural curiosity and sense of public duty, I do original research and publish the results here on WUWT, expanding human knowledge, pushing back against the darkness and generally advancing human civilsation.

The good doctor is best known for some papers he co-authored back in the 60s. Was it the 60s? Nevermind, as the White House says about Benghazi, it was a long time ago.

Now he realises that his greatest relevance to 21st century science is to provide comment on my posts on WUWT, helping the less knowledgeable amongst us gain a better understanding of our natural world. Though I must say his weltanschauung seems to be a bit blinkered on the role of the Sun in determining climate.

Though that book is also last century ,it is a good place to start for someone who has a long way to go and I commend it to the good doctor, my bearded and blinkered helpmate.

Of course they are not related, as SC5 and SC24 also are not related. Solar cycles are not related, each cycle is independent of the other cycles, being born, growing, and dying on its own merit. Now, you are still evading: Macro Contrarian JackHBarnes says: For those kind of people Nye casino sidereal year and tropical year length does not seem to be a priority.

Wrong, one of my best known papers is a prediction of the sunspot number written in You ignorance of the literature shines through. Using a group sunspot number is evading the detail again, it seems you will use all forms of smoke and mirrors to push your agenda. Your paper is of little importance and will have no place in solar science history.

The solar polar fields do not drive the next cycle, and DA should use the term honorary doctor. So show us the detailed daily numbers for SC5 compared with SC And you still evade: The solar polar fields do not drive the next cycle http: Monthly numbers are sufficient for showing the detail during the Dalton Minimum and all that is available as you knowthe monthly numbers do not hide the swings as the yearly numbers do.

SC24 is showing us a first grand minimum cycle does not have big swings and is more like the SC5 record. Not using highly smoothed data or group data when detail data is available is not evading, but proper science, perhaps you could learn something from this? Here are the daily numbers http: No cycle is like any other cycle in daily or monthly numbers; what matters is the overall run of the data.

The climate does not react to daily or monthly numbers. SC5 did not have big swings http: Choudhuru in falling into the same trap does not make it so. When prominent solar physicists agree that makes it so http: The model shows reasonable predictive skill for the last three cycles for which data are available, and can even tackle hemispheric asymmetry Goel and Choudhuri, But as you apparently do not know. I am aware of the daily group numbers and your attempt to change the data, I was referring to sunspot numbers.

The daily or monthly data shows the state of the dynamo or whatever you want to call it. The high and low peaks of SC14 are significant and show a solar state of unusual proportions. It is quite different now with basically just low activity, this can only be seen with detailed data.

Only those in the Babcock camp would consider Choudhuru prominent. No doubt he is a solid scientist, but unfortunately he is on the wrong train. Times are a changing. Interesting observation about the goat. The reek of the musk must be a bit intense, in July heat. My sympathies to those downwind. And by the way, my doe goats were doing a a bit more tail-wagging last week than is usual in late June. I thought it was odd, but brushed it off by assuming they had found some forage they particularly liked.

The following is a link to a paper that was published in October, which notes the current solar grand maximum was uniquely long lived, was uniquely long lived, was uniquely lived, was unique long lived.

The principal issue theoretically and practically to resolve is how much of the warming in the last 70 years was caused by solar magnetic cycle changes and how much was caused by the increase in atmospheric CO2. This question will soon be resolved by observation, as the Svensmark grand solar maximum is over.

Based on observational evidence it appears the sun will be entering a Maunder like minimum which will bring this solar grand maximum to an end.

As many are aware there are cycles of warming and cooling in the paleo record, the Dansgaard-Oeschger cycles. The range of these variations in degrees Celsius is, however, largely unknown. We here present a year summer temperature reconstruction from northern Scandinavia and compare this timeseries with existing proxy records to assess the range of reconstructed temperatures at a regional scale.

The new reconstruction is based on maximum latewood density profiles from living and sub-fossil Pinus sylvestris samples from northern Sweden and Finland. The record provides evidence for substantial warmth during Roman and Medieval times, larger in extent and longer in duration than 20th century warmth.

As many are aware curiously and anomalously the Greenland Ice has experienced the greatest amount of warming during the last 70 years. The warming in the last 70 years has not been global and has been confined to specific latitudes matching the warming pattern of the past Dansgaard-Oeschger cycles.

The cooling phase of the Dansgaard-Oeschger cycle occurs when there is a concurrent solar Maunder like minimum. The latitudinal pattern of the warming in the last 70 years does not match the pattern predicted by the general circulation models and cannot be explained by the CO2 forcing mechanism. As CO2 is eventually distributed in the atmosphere the potential forcing due to an increase in atmospheric CO2 should be roughly the same for regions of the entire planet.

The actual CO2 forcing is also proportional to amount of long wave radiation that is emitted at the latitude in question. As the there is more long wave radiation emitted in the tropics of the planet the most amount of warming due to the increase in CO2 should be observed in the tropics.

The warming in the last 70 years has not been global. The higher latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere have warmed twice as much as the planet as a whole and four times more than the tropics.

There is currently no explanation as to why that is true. It should be noted that the latitudinal pattern of warming in the last 70 years matches the pattern of past D-O cycles. The past D-O cycles were not caused by atmospheric CO2 changes. Solar magnetic cycle changes correlate with the D-O cycles as has been noted in Nye casino sidereal year and tropical year length after paper. That is a fact. Svensmark, Tinsley, Yu, and others researchers has been working to find out how the solar magnetic cycle changes cause the planet to warm and to cool cyclically.

The mechanisms by which the Nye casino siderurgia in italiano chiuchiu magnetic cycle changes cause the planet to cyclically warm and cool, is due to multiple mechanisms that modulate the amount of low level and high level clouds.

As low planetary clouds reflect sunlight into space, more low level clouds causes the planet to cool and less low level clouds causes the planet to warm. Due to the strength and orientation of the geomagnetic field, solar magnetic cycles changes have a greater modulation effect on planetary clouds in higher latitudes.

The regions of the planet that have warmed in the last 70 years are the same regions that are most greatly affected by the solar magnetic cycle cloud modulation mechanisms. There is now observational evidence that the slowdown in the solar magnetic cycle has started to affect planetary climate causing the planet to cool and causing there to be an increase in precipitation. The Sun appears to be exiting a grand solar maximum GSM of activity which has persisted throughout the space age, and is headed into a significantly quieter period.

From a study of the durations of Grand Solar Maxima GSMs during the past years, as detected in cosmogenic isotope data, Abreu et al. This was supported by extrapolations of recent trends in heliospheric parameters [e. This decline has potential implications for predictions of winter climate in Europe [Lockwood et al.

If you are interested in more information concerning the D-O cycles and how solar magnetic cycle changes and long term changes in galactic cosmic ray modulate planet cloud cover and planetary temperature I would highly recommend reading the following two books. Interesting idea about the ash from Tamboro getting to the pole and decreasing the albedo and melting the ice. Do you know if the ice cores show that much ash made it north from the equator? I can see a little ash making it out of the Hadley Cell, through the Ferrel Cell, and into the Polar Cell, but not that much.

It would have to be a fairly steady rain of ash, as snowfalls cover it up. I just threw the comment about the AMO out there to generate thought. It just struck me as odd that there should be so Nye casino sidereal year and tropical year length melt associated with a time so frigid. Further research has taught me that the Tambora volcano ejected ash through the tropopause and over ten miles further into the Stratasphere, beyond the reach of Hadley, Ferrel and Polar Cells.

This account should be read in conjunction Thunder valley casino restaurants sacramento ca the link immediately above it. Clearly the eruption of Tambora or other factors had a profound effect on the climate of the Arctic over a very short period, as previous mentions of especially harsh winters in Newfoundland in previous decades are hard to find.

There are many more accounts similar to those above recording great variations in arctic ice and weather over these decades. If the month of minimum for the Solar Cycle 23 to 24 transition is Julythis would make Solar Cycle 23 over thirteen years long. This in turn would mean that it would be 3. Peak neutron count is approximately one year after solar minimum, due to the one year delay in the solar wind reaching the heliopause.

The monthly neutron count is now higher than it has been at any time for the last fifty years.

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If the month of solar minimum proves to be Julypeak neutron count may not be until mid Dark matter will continue to be a fudge factor to make the numbers work until someone actually comes up with a physical sample of same. Until then, it is merely more consensus science. Ya think Milankovitch orbital cycling changed significantly since the LIA, a mere few hundred yrs? It is curious that there has been no public discussion concerning the exponential increase in the area of the South Atlantic anomaly Nye casino sidereal year and tropical year length the rapid decrease in the geomagnetic field intensity.

As many are aware both glacial and interglacial termination events correlate with geomagnetic field excursions. There is interesting no explanation as to what periodically causes geomagnetic excursions.

As the paper linked to below notes the planet cools cyclically simultaneously which cannot be explained by insolation changes as the orbital changes to insulation are degrees out of phase for the two hemispheres. The Southern Hemisphere experiences warm summers when the North Hemispheres experience cold summers due to insolation changes. There is currently no explanation for what causes the geomagnetic excursions and the archeomagnetic jerks.

Both the geomagnetic excursions and the archeomagnetic jerks correlate with grand solar magnetic minimums. As others have noted there is a delayed significant increase in volcanic eruptions following the start of deep solar magnetic minimum. However, the field is anomalously weak in a region centered in the South Atlantic and covering parts of southern Africa and South America. It is caused by an increasing patch of opposite magnetic flux compared to the dipole direction at the core-mantle boundary Bloxham and Gubbins, and its centre has moved from southern Africa to South America over the last years Mandea et al.

The South Atlantic Geomagnetic anomaly now covers roughly 75 million square kilometers. The physical reason why Casino bonus uden indbetaling ratepension regler za is a relationship between ocean level and geomagnetic field changes is not primarily due to temperatures changes caused by the geomagnetic field changes changes in the geomagnetic field intensity cause a change in low level clouds which explains why extreme climate change events correlate with geomagnetic excursions.

There are cycles of increases followed by decreases of ocean level that correlate with the Heinrich events. There are geomagnetic excursions or partial excursions that also correlate with the Heinrich events. The same physical reason for the cause of the geomagnetic excursions is the same physical reason why the ocean level changes.

Kaplan, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Edinburgh who conducted the work in a postdoctoral position at UW-Madison. Recent palaeomagnetic studies suggest that excursions of the geomagnetic field, during which the intensity drops suddenly by a factor of 5 to 10 and the local direction changes dramatically, are more common than previously expected. We have investigated a possible mechanism for the instability of the geodynamo by calculating the critical Rayleigh number Rc for the onset of convection in a rotating spherical shell permeated by an imposed magnetic field with both toroidal and poloidal components.

These important results paint a rather different picture of the long-term behaviour of the field from the conventional one of a steady dipole reversing at random intervals: One of us Gubbins has suggested that this is evidence of a rapid natural timescale yr in the outer core, and that the magnetic field is usually prevented from reversing completely by the longer diffusion time of the inner core 2 to 5 kyr.

This raises a number of important but difficult questions for geodynamo theory. Can slight variations of the geomagnetic field affect the dynamics of core convection significantly? If so, is the geodynamo process intrinsically unstable? Why is Svalgaard slapping Vuk? Why is Vuk still having a great time and a good laugh? Well, Vuk has not one but a basket-full of aces up his sleeve. That article you wrote is a great reference. I can remember being engrossed by it back in Thanks for reminding me and linking to it.

And thanks for the huge amount of work you obviously put into it. But has nothing to with variations on a time — I had some thoughts about that Dr. This increase may happen very slowing and over long time period. The outer planets being affected first, followed by the Jovian giants duet system going into longer elliptical orbits. I blame the interstellar background for those glaciations and changes to the solar system and Jupiter. When thinking about the SAA, I also try to incorporate the Van Allen Belt, whose inner belt at around km above the surface, tends to fluctuate as well.

I have read that as the inner belt grow closer to the earth the SAA anomaly gets larger. The overall field continues to weaken. I would think, this would allow more solar and cosmic radiation in at this latitude.

Which would affect the global electric circuit. There has been work done on what they refer to as the Horns of the Van Allen radiation belts. Something I recall about the latitude where they are closest to in higher latitudes varies. July 7, at 8: Jupiter and Saturn angles and their magnetospheric angles. When I saw aces in the link I had to take a looky see. I did giggle abit. Svaalgaard did with the Nobeyama data in this pictorial presentation. Svalgaard Stanford University Y.

July 7, at 1: The Sunspot Number is Since we only see half of the Sun, the wild swings occur when the spots are on the backside, e.

Every reputable solar scientist is in the Babcock camp. That is how the sun works. July 7, at 7: Consensus science is the science that works. That area would always show tectonic and volcanic activity. Including volcanos on Gakkel ridge recently discovered, being compared to Mt Vesuvius? LOD might have some role in it too. July 7, at 3: As low planetary clouds reflect sunlight into space, more low level clouds There is no good evidence that changes in cloud cover are caused by solar activity: David Archibald claims in https: In what parallel world does Mr.

And my world has not been cooling at all in recent decades. The recent multi-decadal warming trend since the mid ies, for which the increase in the anthropogenic greenhouse gases was the major cause, is statistically significant with more than eight standard deviations. The extremely minor fluctuation in global temperatures over the past century and a half has nothing to do with human activity. Any such implication is a baseless assertion.

Global temps have fluctuated by tens of degrees in the past, on short, decadal time scales. That could happen again. Any opinion that asserts a human influence on temperature fails the Scientific Method of testability, and thus is a baseless conjecture. Finally, there is ample evidence that GISS has falsified the temperature record.

Anything that GISS asserts is highly questionable, and should be rejected on the principle of Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. GISS has no honesty in its recordkeeping, as proven in the link above. Perhaps things will change now that Hansen is gone.

In the interrest of honest science, one can hope. Lord have mercy, must we argue so…. I know that this far down the thread very few will read but Hell this is un-comfortable at best. Lief with so many comments starts disagreeing with him self, Can we not all get along, for the most part we are on the same side…. That is what they said about Newtonian physics when they did not accept relativity. The flat earth people would have welcomed you as well. This statement sums up your scientific skill.

You actually believe you can accurately apply a group to spot ratio of A different issue is whether the Zurich Number has a constant ratio to the Casino siderophores aspergillus flavus metulae of groups.

In the past decade it has fallen Nye casino sidereal year and tropical year length between 6 and 7 due to the Livingston and Penn effect, but all that is not relevant for the run of the sunspot numbers over the cycle or for the rapid month-to-month variations. You could benefit mightily from studying my paper published today: I take it that you did not read the link I gave you http: Sorry to have had to to leave this nice discussion for some external reality, but let me continue with one last comment.

For T and dT measured at the earth surface, the corresponding S and Casino spil paa nettetal deutschland lied verboten meaning should also be measured there. You are assuming that dS at the surface is proportional to the dS at the top of the atmosphere, which is probably OK, but it is not true that S at the surface is proportional to S at the top of the atmosphere.

Now you have the problem that you have been trying to avoid, namely, how to compare that with the solar flux variations that occur at the top of the atmosphere. If variations of solar flux there are about 1.

But that is only a third as large as what is departing earth surface as long wavelength radiation. The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change? Has there been too much?

Meanwhile, many Americans continue to face change in their homes, bank accounts and jobs. Only time will tell if the latest wave of change Americans voted for in the midterm elections will result in a negative or positive outcome.

This rare word was chosen to represent because it described so much of the world around us. Tergiversate means "to change repeatedly one's attitude or opinions with respect to a cause, subject, etc. And so, we named tergiversate the Word of the Year. In a year known for the Occupy movement and what became known as the Arab Spring, our lexicographers chose bluster as their Word of the Year for Here's an excerpt from our release that year that gives a pretty good explanation for our choice:.

We got serious in Here's an excerpt from our announcement in Things don't get less serious in Our Word of the Year was exposurewhich highlighted the year's Ebola virus outbreak, shocking acts of violence both abroad and in the US, and widespread theft of personal information. Here's what we had to say about exposure in From the pervading sense of vulnerability surrounding Ebola to the visibility into acts of crime or misconduct that ignited critical conversations about race, gender, and violence, various senses of exposure were out in the open this year.

Fluidity of identity was a huge theme in Racial identity also held a lot of debate inafter Rachel Dolezal, a white woman presenting herself as a black woman, said she identified as biracial or transracial. Our Word of the Year in reflected the many facets of identity that surfaced that year. Inwe selected xenophobia as our Word of the Year.

Fear of the "other" was a huge theme infrom Brexit to President Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric. Despite being chosen as the Word of the Year, xenophobia is not to be celebrated.

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A list of every Word of the Year selection released by diarioimagen.info diarioimagen.info's first Word of the Year was chosen in NATURA: AMORE: ARTE: ANIMALI: CITTÀ: NATALIZI: RICORRENZE: PAESAGGI: FIORI: VARIE: Fenicotteri rosa: Per impostare come sfondo desktop: Cliccare sull'immagine con. Incarcat de Accesari Data Marime MB Browserul tau nu suporta HTML5.

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