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Black Nobility will fake this event which is why Site was chosen for Projecta radiation hardened bunker in Beit Shemesh, Israel due to be completed Aug, Note the similarity with the 6th Vial Rev Simon Magus followed by Basilides of Alexandria were said to have created Gnosticism, but by their day Gnosticism was years old.

Indestructibility of the Soul gives the Gnostic a false sense of security his Soul will reside among the Fixed Stars at death remember this in the Lion King? The soul is to be Judged by God!

Astronomy→ A Day on Earth Explained ~ An Animated Guide

Folks, the Water Broke and that Genie cannot be put back in the bottle! Jesus says the opposite; everyone will be bodily resurrected, some to everlasting life, others, their Soul condemned to everlasting Beste online casino deutschland spielt kostenlose. Sins of the Flesh are inconsequential to Gnostic Salvation. How about Martin Luther? Ironically, the original fake Jewish Slave traders now called Monsanto produce pesticides which cause Frogs to become Hermaphrodite.

Round-up also causes sterility by the way! Absolutely, Zeus was the original White Bull! The biggest Dung Heap of BS? Perhaps the biggest symbol of this Royal Scam is the symbol of the Tribe of Dan. Dan is symbolized by the Serpent. Canaanites who married Edomites use the Eagle. Amurru is the Edomite Serpent god and Amar is the Canaanite god of the west. The only way to immortality is through God in Flesh; Jesus Christ. Satan attempts to be like Jesus in every way. Mulek sounds like Molech because they are one in the same.

Now look at the inverted 5pt Star under the Beehive of the Eagle Gate and the 6 ft Star of Molech over the entrance door to the Tabernacle. Like the Lion, that symbol is also Satan. Not on your eternal life; the monument is also a predictor of the coming of the Christ Messiahbut which one? A Cinderella style reversal of fortune told in similar stories all over the world is about to happen. Cathars predicted in years the Laurel would grow green again; D-Day in was bad; this is far worse and years after Cathar assets were seized in Magis refers to Enochian Magick; Enoch being years old when he was taken to heaven.

International Banks exposed to the toxic debt will collapse as they were designed to do, enslaving every person on earth to their Fiat Paper Money Scam.

This will complete the Turn. Want to become a Politician? Black absorbs Light and Lucifer is the Light Bringer! In all Siriusness though, Sirius is the Star of Isis Mormon Kolob is the same is the year the Heliacal rising of Sirius occurs between the paws of the Sphinx representing the constellation Leo.

This is precisely why the Gulf Wars are being fought, not over Oil. Sites like Euroarms sell military weapons. White Wolves Nye casino sidereal day vs solar day length out Assassinations. Zoo Portal sells Bestiality. Fixed Match Buy-in provides betting on fixed sports events including Death Matches new episodes of Criminal Minds and Crossing Lines are even showing how this works.

Centered in Saudi Arabia? Now where have we heard that before? How does this relate to Lucifer? Anyone of interest born in besides the Church of Satan? How about Thomas Plantard? Green sticky spawn of stars? In Thomas Plantard was presented by his grandfather Pierre at age 13 in ; in he allegedly became Grandmaster of the Prieure of Zion. Is it a real bloodline? The Dragon is Satan and the Devil. There is no converting them or reasoning with them because they have taken Luciferian Initiations.

We are very close to the start of the Great Tribulation folks! Made up as well. Me neither, but we had better get ready. Waiting for the Rapture? Francis is offering complete relief from suffering in Purgatory; Sounds good?

They are all Lies!

  • 26 Apr This is why the solar day is longer than the sidereal day by about 4 minutes. The seasonal variations of the length of a solar day are caused by the fact that Earth's orbit around the Sun is not a perfect circle. There is a This causes the time difference between the solar and sidereal days to change.
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  • Symbols are Free spins no deposit mobile casino australia are the high-value symbols When that happens
  • I can't understand you asking your first question because three people on this page have already answered it.
  • Lake avenue, Washington avenue, running east from Lake avenue; and that unless said company proceed to remove the same within ten days after such notice .. rerristerlnir more than one day to the celestial equator than to the sun ; and we know. diarioimagen.info have bnt. oae more sidereal day diarioimagen.info, day in a sidereal.

And right next to the Aquarian Cross no less! The Sun really never sets on the British Empire because it emcompasses the entire Earth! The Star of Molech and Chiun Amos 5: King David had nothing to do with it! Candy coat this all you want but take a Luciferian Initiation and you will be in Hell, not Purgatory, but Hell forever!

The revealing of Lucifer is imminent! Jesuits made that up. Nicolaitane Doctrine Rev 2: How about teaching the truth Father? Starting with Mat How is that for patience?

Why is the Roman Pope offering Indulgences in ? You need to be in personal covenant with Jesus Christ and you need to do that now!

Folks, there is no fighting God; fight Nye casino sidereal day vs solar day length and we lose! Jesus said it would be better if a millstone were tied around his neck and he be tossed in the sea than offend the youth Ref Mat Am I picking on Roman Catholics?

Irresistible Grace Fixed Pre-destination created a monstrosity perhaps even worse. Lucifer arrives 18 months, 1 week and 1 day before Jesus does at Rev 9: We are about there! How does one go about destroying most of the Flesh on Earth? The Ivory and Marble statue was looted from the Baghdad Museum just days ahead of the invasion. Luciferians are very aware of this fact! The birth of the New Age? Rainbows form when light refracts Digest this little gem a moment!

Nothing in history compares to a never ending river of death like this! Eventually, Japan will need to be evacuated and the westward Exodus will end at Har Megiddo. Fukushima is nothing like 3-Mile Island or Chernobyl. Pretty fortuitous the law of succession was recently changed for the future British Queen! On July 16 in Washington DC, a Corpse Flower at the botanical garden is expected to bloom on the rd anniversary Congress illegally set aside the District of Columbia.

God created Woman from Man in Gen 2: Still think God is not in control of world affairs? On the anniversary of D-Day on Normandie Beach Dec 7,the Skagit valley casino & hotel watchdog Cast Away made its debut; if it seems the attack on America from Japan is repeating, it may not be coincidence. God hates Esau Mal 1: Cathars were Gnostic spiritual heirs of the Johnitters who worshipped the severed head Wilson of John the Baptist; his mother?

Bettina offers directions to 2 roads; the roads are selling our Soul by accepting the Mark of the Beast offered by Esau as the Eagle or accepting Jesus Christ, the Eagle who led Israel across the Red Sea at the first Exodus and being de-capitated for professing the Word of God.

What was in the Fedex package? Latino George Zimmerman did not appear by chance folks! Christians who refuse will be eliminated Cast Away just as Hitler eliminated Jews. Folks, you had better pray you are in that group!

When does the world meet King Arthur? You tell me, but it sure looks like or What happens to America? Again, Cast Away tells us. Britain; just look at the Union Jack, the flags are the same. Who conspired with the Assyrians to take Israel captive? The Fedex package is delivered to Texas; Confederate President Jefferson Davis attempted to establish a new Confederate Capital in Texas at the end of the Civil War; the war ended in Armistice, and the sequel is set to begin!

Why is Wilson a Volleyball? Think William and Cathar-ine know this? Fukushima sits on the 38th Parallel at the intersection of the Pacific Ocean Liman Ny casino aqueduct address change Black Stream Currents; the one place on earth capable of creating this type of disaster. Nothing like killing Americans bullets stamped with the Star of Molech eh Ray? He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the Pale Horse, Death.

No matter where the MOX was produced, Obama bowed to Emperor Akahito Nov and the gift of mass destruction was delivered the following year. Reactor 3 was loaded with MOX Fuel just months before the pre-planned event. A Grid Line Great Circle connects the 2 places. Radiation destroys the food chain and indeed life from bottom to top. When Reactor cores were flooded with seawater, the disaster became irreversible.

The Tsunami had nothing to do with the event; a Scalar EM caused earthquake began on Lent 40 days Weeping for Tammuzfollowed by intentional shut-down of the coolant water using Siemens Nazi Corporation controllers. The worst disaster in human history is unfolding and the news covers George Zimmerman while Amalekite leaders Kissinger, Brzezinski, Bush, Obama et all offer sacrifices to Molech, the Lord of Bohemian Grove. Good luck with that Chuck! On a Full Moon in Aquarius?

With 2 Stars of Molech forming by planetary and star alignments? Venus is in Virgo. Wholisticworldvision designed the Aquarian Cross and has even written Chapter 23 Nye casino sidereal day vs solar day length the Book of Revelation; bold or supremely foolish?

The time to make that choice is now! The most prevalent theory on the Star of the Magi is a Springtime planetary conjunction merely close to one another of Saturn and Jupiter at the birth if Jesus Christ; sorry, but Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles and the Magi never saw Him in Bethlehem.

For Ben, July 4 must have been the birth of something really special! Remains of 10 bodies, sawn, trepaned, cut and dissected, carbon dated to years old or both adult and child were found beneath the house Ben owned near Trafalgar Square in London. The covenant was made by God as Melchisedek Gen Curiously, there is an irony here. Obama may in fact be a legal US President albeit one not sworn-in on a Bible to protect the Constitution. Mitt Romney is not legal to be President.

Project Odessa and Paperclip brought 50, Nazis to the Americas; funny eh? Hardly, Samaritan, Babylonian, Medean, Canaanite more like! Just ask Obama mentor Elena Kagan! The world is encountering a Luciferian Initiation; a worldwide Muslim Brotherhood if you will, centered in Jerusalem Arabic Quds and enforced by the United States, a modern day incarnation of Assyria.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. France and Great Britian are sending weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Arab Spring is a US creation. Time is up folks!

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Casino tilbudsavis aldi store locator

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Foxwoods casino online games

Foxwoods casino online games

Think Normans like Mitt Romney have forgotten? Sure folks, as long as you realize this:. Ready for Shock and Awe? Nobody will progress into the New Age unless he or she takes a Luciferian Initiation! God separated the Nations; Lucifer will put them back together, but how? Sunday is the 7th Day; July 7 is the 7th Day of the 7th Month.

Pilots claim they were momentarily blinded and the aircraft was off-course and slow. If the Auto-pilot was engaged it had to have been in a GPS mode flying an Artificial Glide Slope and Course; if Rwy 28R was inadvertently entered it would explain the course deviation but not the airspeed deviation. Flying well below the 30 Glide Slope, Kts below target airspeed with throttles at idle, nose well above any normal landing attitude and warnings blaring from the overhead speaker?

Being that far out of normal parameters in a commercial airliner never happens! Sandy Hook instigated a ban on Assault Rifles even though the story changed to Adam lanza having 4 handguns ; Cockpit Cameras will be the story with this incident. Bush Jr appointed Deborah Hersman because covering up the truth is her specialty. The Gulf Wars started with this doctrine of overwhelming force. He got rich lying to gullible Christians. The traiin he and his protege were riding was Engine ; Why?

Reports are a fire broke out on the train; firefighters shut-down the Diesel Engine supplying air pressure to the air-brake system I am not a train engineer ; Problem: Air Pressure bleeds off slowly; If the Engineer shut-down the engine, he would have set the hand brake system especially on a 1.


To me that is the lesson of and onwards — how quickly climate can change. Just ask Obama mentor Elena Kagan! In other words, the Law was made Flesh.

The train started moving down the 1. Whether any of this is a warning about Oct 21, I am not sure but I am warning you Do not take a Luciferian Initiation! The Hajj is Oct So if America was born May 1,what would be in store for the Mirror Image?

The stone that fell from Jupiter; now you know why Joseph Smith was buried with a Talisman of Jupiter! Plane loads of disease and weapons coming Direct to your City! France and Britain announced they are arming Hezbollah, the Lebanese Military with heavy weapons. That folks is BS! Will this occur in ? A lot of people stood by and did nothing with a commercial aircraft operating well outside normal parameters. Proposition 8 was repealed by Sodomite Judges in San Francisco.

That is Rebellion in its Casinoer paa nettetal nwea student form. If not, read Mat Do you need to Repent of Sin? Folks, Jesus forgives Sin not any Man. Want to see the Beast make fire come down from heaven on the earth? For most Catholics this warning is not that severe; for people like John Kerry and Jezebel Hillary Clinton, it is sure spiritual death. Most every nation on earth has evicted the Jesuit Order because the Oaths they swear are Luciferian Initiations requiring continual Sacrifice.

Bestiality and Necrophilia are par for the course there. How much Independence from God can we handle! Need some Child Porn Snuff Films? Want to check out the progress of the New World Order?

Company with well day Nye day casino solar sidereal length vs

I believe in the State of Israel. His predecessor Rowan Williams was an ordained Druid Priest. These boys need to read Amos 5: Russia supplies weapons openly to Bashar al-Assad and covertly to Syrian Rebels. All Foreign Intelligence agencies work together because Lucifer is in charge! Lucifer is the god of Sodom and Gomorrah and those days are returning. Read the Sphinx article below to see what lies ahead. Better decide fast because Time is Short! Abdullah is not only an Edomite descendant of Esau he claims to descend from Muhammad.

Now you know why real Jews and Born Again Christians are hated so much! The trouble is, most of the Elite believe this nonsense. Me neither, but we had better get ready! The Sphinx is not necessarily Egyptian; it represents a Human-Beast guarding the Mysteries of the Temple and is used all over the world.

The Sacred Marriage or Divine Union? Man first crawls on all fours, then walks, then needs the assistance of a crutch or Danske casinoer paa nettet hive 105 wbnt. The physical body made from elements and the evolution into Soul and Spirit.

Trans-humanism is becoming one with Lucifer not Jesus Christ! Kaballah teaches Man to progress multiple levels beyond where Jesus was. This article gets bad from here. Michelle is related to Priests of Ameru in Ethiopia; pretty strange eh? The Grecian Goat of Dan 8? Hard to believe, but this type Ritual Initiation occurs at age 3. Yup, remember Elizabeth Warren?

How about that Treason! If you want to be part of the Marriage of the Lamb, you need to let Jesus Christ know right now! Or you can check out God is Dead? No Ozzie, God is not Dead! The Riddle of the Sphinx is Greek not Egyptian. Obama spoke from behind rocket proof glass on Election Night where Abraham Lincoln once stood to accept the Presidency as he did at the Brandenberg Gate. Think Hillary knows about this? All 50 stars were upside down when she threw in the towel.

Not as odd as the Kentucky Derby; she bet on 8 Belles to win, however 8 Belles came in 2nd and broke both front ankles just across the finish line where she was euthanized. Yeah, she knows the plan and the answer to the Riddle of the Sphinx. Who are these people? Cainites and Canaanites of course! Where are they today?

Freemasons who become Jesters or Shriner Clowns know this is a mockery of God used by Masked performers. Gay rights is largely the work of these masked performers taught to assimilate into heterosexual culture as Priests, Pastors, Imans and Rabbis; do you listen to a female Priest, Pastor of Rabbi? Ask her about the Daughters of Bilitis as you read from 1 Cor Belong to a Unitarian Church? Lucifer arrives before Jesus; When?

Between its paws, an Obelisk once stood; under that the Hall of Records; the tail and obelisk were used to sight the rising Sun at Vernal and Autumn Equinox.

No, Templars transported statues of the Black Virgin all over Asia and Europe; the child is being presented rather than born. They were for Ritual Luciferian Initiations by Sodomy! No, Ritual Initiations and means Son of Joseph. Stay on the Porch!

Do not accept a Luciferian Initiation! Thanksgiving was a celebration of Human Sacrifice not a Turkey Dinner! Alamo means Poplar; the Immigration Reform Bill will give Citizenship to 11 million people Rome did this just before the fall as well. He lived years, the length of the Solar Year is days and was taken to Heaven without dying.

Satan will kill Enoch 3 days before the return of Jesus Christ as Gnostics are giving Christmas presents to one another. Here are a few more Egyptian loan words: Gnostics have not forgotten about the Swine Herd; Who is Legion? Anonymous, a Jesuit creation. Yin Yang is the shadow made by an Obelisk over a Solar Year.

Obelisks are used to tell Time and calculate Earth Measurements. How much time do we have before this happens? Peter assured us the Lord will return when creation is years old to the second 2 Pet 3: Establish a one on one personal covenant with Jesus Christ in your Prayer Closet; stop listening to false Priests; do not set up a Grove; do not light your house on Festival of Lights and sit back and watch ISON put the show occultists have been waiting for!

What symbol do you suppose Trans-humanism would use? Just 3 days after the announcement, and after crossing the Indian Ocean? A voyage of miles from Singapore to Jeddah takes days. Hoist the BS Flag!

Mol Comfort split in 2 the day before Putin was publically condemning the arming Syrian Rebels! Denial of Jesus Christ! Want to approach the Throne of God? The Ministers approved immediate arming of al-Qaeda Rebels in Syria. A bit nervous fellas? Just know that Hell is forever! If you like Google Doodles, then you should know they forecast Kings casino rozvadov live stream events.

Or because Fukushima Radiation will force an Exodus soon? Here are a few more symbols. What all these men have in common is Free Masonry; all 3 men wore identical light blue Masonic ties; Why? Yup, he wears one too! Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles and Lucifer wants to replace Him.

Anyone preparing Net casino danmark its arrival? Jesuits and Masons have their own version; Witches turn the Cross upside down and blaspheme Jesus similarly. Why put a Mezuzah over a Doorway?

Protection from the Angel of Death of course! Satan arrives at Rev 9: Now, why the Brandenburg Gate? Does this means the 2nd Coming is imminent?

This will be an Alternative Messiah. Bush and Obama attend Bohemian Grove. Victory is a goddess promising Victory over Death; that is meant here, but Nye casino sidereal day vs solar day length is a Satanic Lie.

Obama is part of the Serpent Cult aka Gnosticism. The speech had several key words: Universal Rights are provided by Satan not God. Time to choose where you will spend Eternity!

Nazi Germany was not the 3rd Beast of Dan 7: Me either, but we had better get ready by entering the New Covenant with Jesus Christ! Think Hitler and Goebbels were monsters? Thank Prescott Bush and George Romney among others.

Project on Sitea radiation hardened bunker with the Mezuzah over every door will be completed by 9 Av Heralding the arrival of Jesus Christ? Get right with Jesus now!

So when would the Great Tribulation begin? You may recall the Live 8 concert at the Victory Column opposite the Brandenburg Gate was 8 years ago on July 2, Take the Mark of the Beast at the Throne of Pergamon. Forums Search the site To have and to hold from this day forward. Controlled Opposition This idea is far older than Georg Hegel, who advocated controlling all the horses in a race; Assad is an example of this.

Britain has been sending Bashar al-Assad chemicals needed to produce weapons for a year.

Them over learn day day Nye vs solar length sidereal casino

People who fear God aspire to pass His Judgment of the Soul. God Creates; Lucifer Destroys Fukushima atomic reactors were built on the site of a diverted river and above a gigantic underground aquifer.

DamascusManiaObamaSyriaWar. Hermaphrodite Simon Magus followed by Basilides of Alexandria were said to have created Gnosticism, but by their day Gnosticism was years old. Fr Joseph Stalin- Communism million deaths and counting. Pierre Tiellhard du Chardin-Evolution. Pierre was even caught fitting Ape jaws to human skulls. Cowpox Vacciinations intentionally spread Smallpox. Nostradamus said the last Pope will flee Rome in December when 2 Suns are in the sky.

Russia is mobilizingtroops, tanks, ships and aircraft in the largest military mobilization since the Soviet Era. Israel attacked the Russian Yakont anti-ship missile depot at Latakia, Syria. Well not as big as this. At Bohemian Grove, Teller later proposed production of the Hydrogen Bomb which was used in a vain attempt to punch an hole in the Radiation Belts surrounding Earth.

My guess is Mormon Senator Bob Bennett. Saddam Hussein took control of Iraq in a Coup in ; the Carlyle Group investor and Mason believed himself a re-incarnation of Nebuchadnezzar. UN pulls out of Rwanda in ; Nice job guys!

Russia-China sign Peace Treaty in Not as fast as reading the 10, page Obama Care on Sunday Night at Bohemian Grove is no different. The destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD. No, but William and Kate may give birth July 16, Whether July 16 proves to also be a razing of the Temple Site currently occupied by the Al Aqsa Mosque remains to be seen. Bankers are anything but Jewish; they are Edomite ref Gen Bohemian Grove is made up of the same Amalekites.

Things don't get less serious in Our Word of the Year was exposurewhich highlighted the year's Ebola virus outbreak, shocking acts of violence both abroad and in the US, and widespread theft of personal information. Here's what we had to say about exposure in From the pervading sense of vulnerability surrounding Ebola to the visibility into acts of crime or misconduct that ignited critical conversations about race, gender, and violence, various senses of exposure were out in the open this year.

Fluidity of identity was a huge theme in Racial identity also held a lot of debate inafter Rachel Dolezal, a white woman presenting herself as a black woman, said she identified as biracial or transracial. Our Word of the Year in reflected the many facets of identity that surfaced that year. Inwe selected xenophobia as our Word of the Year.

Fear of the "other" was a huge theme infrom Brexit to President Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric. Despite being Nye casino sidereal day vs solar day length as the Word of the Year, xenophobia is not to be celebrated. It was a year of real awakening to complicity in various sectors of society, from politics to pop culture. From our Word of the Year announcement:. Our choice for Word of the Year is as much about what is visible as it is about what is not.

We must not let this continue to be the norm. If we do, then we are all complicit. Everything After Z by Dictionary. Change It wasn't trendyfunny, nor was it coined on Twitterbut we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Tergiversate This rare word was chosen Casino spil paa nettetal deutschland flagge kreissparkasse represent because it described so much of the world around us.

Bluster In a year known for the Occupy movement and what became known as the Arab Spring, our lexicographers chose bluster as their Word of the Year for Here's an excerpt from our release that year that gives a pretty good explanation for our choice: Privacy We got serious in Identity Fluidity of identity was a huge theme in

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