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  • 2 Jul West Wendover, population 5,, sits in Elko County on the eastern border of Nevada and the western edge of Utah's Great Salt Lake Desert. The town is only square miles but has a rich and colorful history. Thousands pass through it to visit its hotels and casinos, but few stay long enough to learn.
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  • 22 Sep Peppermill has had a flight program to bring customers to its Wendover casinos for six years and Allegiant will be taking over a contract currently operated by Boise, Idaho-based Xtra Airways, which flies Boeing jets to the airport. Xtra currently has a charter schedule that includes more than 60 cities.

Casino danske spil live cricket it would be on any other Friday morning, the Peppermill is packed. I dart into one of the few open seats at the counter.

Jennifer, a waitress here for 17 years, brings coffee. Do I want French-vanilla cream, too? The rattle of stacked plates and singular crack of food-heavy ones hitting Formica is constant and energizing. Peggy, the general manager, is flying back and forth, and I get her attention for a quick hello. My food is delicious. Peppermill food is big food, mighty portions with resounding flavor, which is why so many people remember these meals and keep coming back.

To my left are a couple of first-timers, guys in their late 20s who very obviously overdid it last night. They each order a Scorpion, the signature ounce cocktail, a pink-orange troublemaker comprising six shots of different liquors. And they want them blended with ice cream. The man to my right is a local. Meanwhile, the Scorpion brothers are using butter knives to cut the crazy-long red straws in their drinks.

The 10 cooks behind the line are in constant motion. They churn out face-sized pancakes and football-sized omelets with astounding speed. Fresh fruit comes out, not so much a plate as a mountain of intricately sliced food. A waitress whisks it away, no problem, just a delicately balanced pile of produce among four other heavy Las vegas sun times casinos in wendover. I crash into a sofa and pull out my laptop to take care of some morning business.

It feels weird checking email here. I just assume everyone has been to the Fireside Lounge, certainly one of the most iconic bars in Las Vegas. The softly lit space is all low-slung, rose-colored sofas and marble octagon tables.

I love this place, but it makes me wonder: Has living in Vegas for so many years completely warped my sensibilities? How could this have become my normal? No one else is typing. I order a whiskey sour, because that was my first legal drink, consumed in in what is now the Oceano Bar at the Peppermill in Reno, a hotel-casino with its own Fireside Lounge. Among its six properties, the company also operates the Rainbow Club in Henderson, which I immediately want to visit once I realize the connection.

Little sister always ordering the fruit salad served in a pineapple boat with sherbet. Me, maybe a shrimp cocktail or a French dip.

This was as much Vegas as an year-old could handle, neon and nosh as gateway drugs. JoAnn, assistant manager, says the Peppermill stays this busy Thursday through Monday, with even busier weekend mornings. She rolls her eyes. When it opened on December 26,the Peppermill had orange shag carpet and fake leather booths, and waitresses wore orange and white uniforms with the same short skirts.

A makeover—the only one—added the silk plants and faux cherry blossoms, glowing mauveness and updated outfits. The lounge waitresses, however, still wear low-cut, floor-length black gowns. As a kid eating sandwiches here, the only thing more fascinating than the pretty lady refilling my Coke was the other pretty lady in black floating through the room with a tray of colorful cocktails.

Mesmerizing is probably the right word. No matter what time or day, this restaurant always offers the most amazing mix of people.

Peggy reels off his order: Another BLT wheat fries! Sooner or later she has to stop saying that. I got a song for everything. The guy who cooked it, Rob, hovers over me mid-bite. These massive food drops happen at least three times a week, refilling six walk-in refrigerators and multiple dry-storage areas. Dre has been in Vegas for 15 years.

Casino Wars - Beating Vegas (Gambling Documentary)

He started here as a part-time cook and worked his way up, common practice at the Peppermill. Getting along with the crew. When I come out of their space, I discover a tiny, hidden, makeshift break room. The early shift is over, and some of the crew members are sitting at the bar having a beer or smoke or dropping a few dollars into the slots.

The inside lights I love so much are always on, but the outside ones just came on. The early-bird dinner rush is on, and judging from the number of hunting vests and camo caps in the dining room, these folks are from the gun show at the Riv. Tables are covered mostly with burgers and fries, but one imposing man is attacking a waffle piled high with whipped cream and glittery sprinkles.

The fire pit, which seats about 10, is full of women. Two have been there at least two hours, deeply embroiled in life conversations, mixed drinks and fried appetizers. Somehow, their conversation has evolved to the point where one lady has her shoes off and her socked feet up on the ledge by the fire. The warm comforts of the lounge are making it so very difficult to step out for fresh-air breaks. The small bar in this mighty establishment is powered by two bartenders and only two or three cocktail waitresses serving the lounge and delivering drinks to the restaurant.

Right now, Ruth is behind the stick, an 8-year Peppermill veteran. Considering how many voluptuous cocktails she has to make, things can get a bit frenzied back here. A stylish foursome takes a booth. But their first round of the night will be Mai Tais and Appletinis, not pricier craft cocktails at a cool casino bar. Two chain-smoking, White Russian-swilling gals at the bar have been joined by two devilish fellows they almost certainly met earlier tonight.

The new arrivals announce themselves thusly: My strategy to make it through this marathon was built on frequent visits through the day and night, but things fell apart. My lunch date no-showed, and my happy-hour date is running late. The peak of Las Vegas loneliness is sitting in a booth alone in the Fireside Lounge when the photographer who takes romantic souvenir shots of couples comes around, looks at you and then silently walks away.

But reinforcements finally arrive. I cannot drink the Blue Hawaiian right now. I should be slightly sloshed, sociable and snacky. I flee the lounge for a fresh-air break and then—Bill from Brownsville! But he quickly remembers me. The group smashed onto one sofa with me has become the biggest, loudest group in the lounge. The lounge lighting has affected my sight.

Does the girl a few booths down have pink hair, or is it just a crazy reflection in the window? I knew things would get weird, and apparently 16 hours is the mark. I had two bites of sandwich.

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As they filed out of the building, my friends passed by our table, grabbing handfuls of fries. In the lounge, an entirely new group has replaced us. In every nook, people are sagging into their seats and smiling.

A sleepy couple sit in a corner booth in the dining room, both wearing shorts and T-shirts, both methodically devouring identical, gigantic ice cream sundaes. Back in the bar, Becky and Bill are cranking out cocktails as Ruth finishes her shift. I ask if the romance of the Fireside Lounge causes inappropriate behavior, if they ever have to kick out amorous couples. I will have to make note of this in an effort to score some points with her.

I guess I just did. On the big screen in front of me and my wings, Gloria Estefan is riding across the stage on a giant alligator. She likes the latter, because a lot of industry people come in. An Free slots grosvenor casino group of post-club diners has arrived, three-piece suits, grown-up prom dresses and lots of smudged makeup.

Their orders are laughably insane. The diminutive, spiky-haired leader raises his arms in victory as the food arrives. Destiny, the waitress who served my club sandwich, is concerned. A cocktail server comes out of the lounge and checks on me, too.

Me from 20 hours ago would have interviewed weirdo me, the only man at the counter, ordering nothing to eat and sipping on a Pepsi. The Smeagol of the Peppermill. Can I do the lounge? Time for some fresh air. You should watch it. The sun is not quite up. Everyone in the dining room looks like they just woke up. Alma checks on me as she finishes her shift.

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  1. 30 Nov In the first statewide numbers released since the Oct. 1 shooting, gaming revenue rose almost everywhere in Nevada except on the Las Vegas Strip, The only other areas where revenue dropped were North Lake Tahoe, down percent, and Elko County (excluding Wendover), where revenue was off.:
    23 May Here's a look at some of the most notable jackpots ever hit in Las Vegas casinos. software engineer from Los Angeles won $ million after putting in $ in the Megabucks slot machine at the Excalibur to win the largest jackpot in Las Vegas history. He beat odds at the time of one in million. 24 Feb Regulators approved registrations and licensing of companies that will enable the Hard Rock Hotel casino to remain open during a transaction that would the Gaming Commission denied a gaming license to a former West Wendover casino executive, effectively banning him from working in the industry. 21 Sep The commission said Toney was unable to show the source of personal funds that were used to build a home in Las Vegas. The case had been first heard in mid and after that faced a series of delays. Friday's hearing marked the 10th time the case had been on a commission agenda for action.
  2. This, in turn, has made Wendover sort of a quieter, more laid-back alternative to Las Vegas even for those who don't live in the region. a dedicated concert hall when the town's music scene outgrew the little cabaret stages in the casinos, and the old airbase began a major restoration project for the first time since the war.:
    16 Jun In fact one time in Reno, a pit boss scolded the dealer, right in front of me and loud enough for me to hear: “Whenever he raises his bet, you have to shuffle!” I got a kick out The three main casinos in West Wendover—the Peppermill, Rainbow and Montego Bay—are owned by the same company. A fourth. 26 Feb She's had offers to work elsewhere, at newer restaurants inside luxurious hotels, “but I just couldn't do it,” she says. a.m. My There's a Peppermill resort in Wendover, too. These massive food drops happen at least three times a week, refilling six walk-in refrigerators and multiple dry-storage areas. Details of 's first Las Vegas police shootings released. By Mike Shoro / RJ. Jeremy Aguero. Sponsored · A Positive Outlook – When It Comes to Conventions , Las By Jeremy Aguero. News Headlines. Casinos & Gaming · Clark County gaming win off in December but still up for ' By Richard N. Velotta / RJ.
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The town is only 7. Thousands pass through it to visit its hotels and casinos, but few stay long enough to learn much about its past. The Sun is here to help.

Keep reading for a few fun facts about the desert stop. Even if you never visit, they might come in handy for your next game of Trivial Pursuit.

Transportation Department in approved a petition by the town to officially move it to the Mountain Time Zone. West Wendover relies heavily on gaming and tourism, and the bulk of its customers come from Utah. Town leaders decided that being in the same time zone as Wendover, Utah, its next-door neighbor, could only help business. West Wendover is the only town in Nevada that runs on Mountain Time.

Construction on Wendover Field began in September By , it had become the largest bombing and gunnery range in the world, according to the Historic Wendover Airfield museum, with more than 23, personnel, buildings and 1.

It housed 21 heavy bomber groups, including the th Composite Group commanded by Col. Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay. After the war, the military used Wendover Field for training and research. The Air Force closed it in and later transferred its ownership to the town. The site is used as a museum and occasionally as a movie backdrop. The soldiers left when the war was over, but the improved recreational facilities and the historic buildings at the airbase remained.

During the second half of the 20th century Wendover was on cruise control, doing more of everything that had made it popular in the first place: The s saw the addition of a dedicated concert hall when the town's music scene outgrew the little cabaret stages in the casinos, and the old airbase began a major restoration project for the first time since the war.

Today, Wendover has a combined population of about 6, people and a unique identity as a resort town in an unlikely location, on both sides of a state border in the middle of the desert. Wendover experiences all four seasons, with temperatures ranging from below freezing in the winter to shorts weather at the height of summer. Snow is a possibility you should be prepared for during the winter months, given the freezing temperatures, but the arid desert terrain keeps all forms of precipitation to a minimum.

Spring is the rainy season, though a spring in Wendover could pass for the dry season in many places. Visitors traveling to Wendover from far away will probably find it easiest to first arrange transportation to Salt Lake City and then take a bus or rental car from there.

Interstate 80 connects Wendover to Salt Lake City miles to the east, and is the most commonly traveled route into town. Exit 2 on the Utah side of the border is the first exit labeled for Wendover, though it drops you off at the far eastern end of town.

To get closer to the casinos before exiting the freeway, continue to Exit 1 onto Aria Boulevard, which is technically still in Utah but acts as the border street between the two sides of town. Drivers from this direction will want to use Exit , which puts you on Florence Way a block north of Wendover Boulevard. The main route bypasses Wendover to the west on its way from Ely to Wells , but for travelers driving north from Ely the road forks about 50 miles south of Wendover: The northern half of the alternate route is just a concurrency with the mile stretch of Interstate 80 between Wendover and Wells.

Greyhound offers bus service to Wendover, using the Pilot truck stop at W Wendover Blvd as a station. Greyhound can get you to Wendover from almost anywhere in the United States if you don't mind multi-day trips with transfers; more convenient direct buses to Wendover are available from destinations between Reno and Denver.

Most westbound buses to Wendover start in Salt Lake City and make no stops in between. Some buses originating as far east as Denver will reach Wendover without requiring a transfer to another bus, though the layover in Salt Lake City is still over an hour long. Utah Trailways provides similar shuttle bus service for the Wendover Nugget and Red Garter casinos, and offers discounted fare for military and first responders on Wednesdays.

These flights can only be booked as part of a package deal with airport shuttle service and a three-night reservation on specific dates at the Peppermill, Rainbow, or Montego Bay casinos, which means all passengers must be 21 or older.

The flight program visits a rotation of both large and small cities throughout the western United States and sometimes parts of Canada, usually not repeating destinations more frequently than every few weeks. Plan on flights selling out in advance. Other businesses and points of interest, if not on Wendover Boulevard itself, are usually within a block or two south of it.

There's almost nothing on the north side of the freeway, and most of Wendover's noteworthy streets either cross Wendover Boulevard or meet it at their northern terminus. Public transportation in Wendover is sparse and provided only by private companies. Nostalgia is a big draw, with the artist lineup featuring an impressive number of big-name rockers from decades gone by.

Tickets generally go on sale about three months in advance. Two of the most popular events held there today are:. These are very similar events, just run by different organizations.

Both feature a wide range of vehicle types racing against the land speed record in specific categories: Passes can be purchased upon arrival at the Speedway, and while the hotels in Wendover often fill up in advance, there's no danger of the Salt Flats themselves running out of room for more spectators.

If hotel space does fill up, camping is allowed a few miles west of the Speedway in one designated area. Viewing areas for all races are generally about a quarter mile from the Speedway for safety reasons, but visitors can get up close to the action and even mingle with the drivers and technicians by visiting the pits near the starting line.

Food, souvenirs, and supplies can be purchased from vendors at major events, but there are a handful of things you should bring with you just to be safe: The salt flats are also used for other events besides auto racing, usually in the speedway area, and usually during the summer when the flats are most likely to be dry.

The Bureau of Land Management publishes a full schedule of sanctioned events with permits to use the flats. Shopping isn't high on the list of attractions on Wendover; perhaps the only unique local buys you might find are the souvenirs at the town's plentiful gift shops, celebrating Wendover's racing heritage, wartime industry, and rowdy gambling culture.

There are a handful of buildings in Wendover that call themselves malls or mini-malls , but don't get your hopes up:

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