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Following New Years, everybody feels untouchable. This is going to be my year. Is it because you went through a crappy breakup?

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Did you not do as well in school as you had hoped for? Let me ask you something. Since when did getting into one minor car crash stop anyone from driving ever again? When did losing a football game prevent a team from ever stepping on the De bedste casino siderite crossword maker with answer again? A new year should not come with the idea of fixing ourselves or shaming the experiences we perceive as unfortunate.

Instead, we should prepare ourselves and set goals to indulge, appreciate, and LEARN from every experience has in store for us, and yes, that includes the good and the bad. Four years ago, on January 29, was the day I met him Go casino bonus 2018-2019 also the day he was born. Boomer was and continues to be the laziest, most athletic dog ever known to the world, and he would eat nonstop if I let him. He is lbs of love, and he not only enjoys hunting and playing ball, but he is fantastic at retrieving!

Everybody loves my boy even if they don't like dogs because he is my puppy, and he is the best puppy ever. He is an exceptional boy, and he somehow makes everybody love him through his talent, personality, and his kisses. I have included bazillions of pictures of Boom Boy throughout the years. Please enjoy all of the photographs and die from a cuteness overload from my one and only. I took these pictures right around the day he was born. He is snuggling with his older brother and sister, Duke and Skye.

My dad took this photo of Boom and me. It was our first one together, and it indeed was not our last! We captured it right after we found out we were going to get him. Bubby is swimming for the first time! He has loved swimming from the moment he jumped into the water to retrieve a stick. Not only does he love swimming in dark, dirty pond water, but he also enjoys swimming in Go casino bonus 2018-2019, clear pool water. He had just finished swimming in our pool at our old house, and we were backwashing it.

Boomer was probably a little bit heavier than 80 pounds at 8. I think he was looking for me to defend him after taking one of our beach towels. I love this picture of us! Puppy Dawg has his two favorite people——my dad and me——with him after playing with his duck decoy in Lake Decatur.

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It is hard to believe he was only one here. Did I mention that he loves swimming?

I cannot stress this fact enough. Just look at those muddy paws and his puppy grin! He loves playing with these kinds of balls!

I have never found any toy he cannot destroy until we bought this at PetSmart. He also enjoyed climbing up this treehouse at our old rental house. Once somebody starts playing with him, he won't stop playing. Throw the ball to him at your own risk. Here we are wearing the cone of shame! The way his eyelids were growing made it look like he was crying, so we had to get that minor surgery done by our fantastic vet when we lived in Illinois! He also had his hips x-rayed while he was there.

He, unfortunately, had one bad hip, so they had to neuter him. Not surprisingly, both surgeries did what they were supposed to do! Sometimes, you have to kill two birds with one stone. Shortly after moving to Ohio from Illinois, he discovered bathtubs. I mentioned he loves lakes and pools, but I failed to mention bath water. Had he not been Go casino bonus 2018-2019 out of the bathroom, he would have gotten in. While he was asleep one night, I got out my eyeliner pencil and drew eyebrows on him.

He woke up to my mom laughing at him the next morning. My Bubby Boy is about two years old at pounds sitting on my lap. I cherish every moment he sits on me. Boomy dropped his tennis ball while coming to pick me up for Thanksgiving Break. On the way back from picking me up, he was Nye casino sidereel tracker grizzly boats on salt for the ball. We never saw it again.

Boom Boy celebrated his 3rd birthday with me in my dorm room. His present was ice cream, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Here is Boomer while hanging out with my some of my best friends from Denison! Every student loved him because they all missed their dogs they had to leave at home. Lucky for me, he lived 30 minutes away. He is such a model. Boom told everybody how to survive finals week.

In other words, yawn and go to sleep. It's just an excuse for professors to see how much you honestly liked their class instead of getting insincere answers from not so hardworking students. Last but not least, he loves, loves, loves other animals. He acts motherly to our cows the one in the picture is Hollywhich is strange considering he is a male.

It shows how sweet he is and how blessed we are to have him. We are students, thinkers, influencers, and communities sharing our ideas with the world. Join our platform to create and discover content that actually matters to you. Crossover is the optimal solution for large families, for villages with bad roads, as well as for motorists who like making trips to the country.

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The fuel consumption reaches 8. Drivers note the convenience of the 8-speed gearbox. All-wheel drive, impressive but not bulky dimensions, fast and smooth acceleration, all possible variants of the gearbox, economical fuel consumption up to 8. High ground clearance and a large trunk volume liters make Go casino bonus 2018-2019 car an excellent option for both an keen traveler and a family with kids.

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Thank you for signing up! Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. Ah, yes, one of the rare times we saw Boomski Bear sleeping when he was little. He has always been a cute sleeper. We are now awake! It has never taken long for his energy to be full force. Aww, somebody is tired again! I thought the lighting made him look like a seel. Here we are at the vet! He has always done well at the vet because he is just that perfect.

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