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Not specifically confirmed canonically.

However, as her primary Strife weapon is her flashlight, it is presumed to be flshlghtkindor similar. Claire - Mother Jade Harley - Biological paternal half-sister, adopted sister raised as niece John Egbert - Biological paternal half-brother, adopted first cousin once removed GrandmaPoppop - Post-scratch biological half-siblings on father's side. Half-Harley Manor on the outskirts of Hauntswitch. Joey Claire is a playable character in the video game Hiveswapand the older sister of Jude Harleyanother playable character.

In14 and a half years prior to the beginning of Homestuckshe is playing outside with Jude and Tesseract when a monster attacks them. This forces her to lock herself in her room to escape the creature; however with the help of Jude, she makes her way to the safety of the Manor's attic, where Jude has been keeping a mysterious cherub-themed device.

  • Joey Claire is a playable character in the video game Hiveswap, and the older sister of Jude.
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  • Jude Harley is a playable character in the video game Hiveswap and younger brother of Joey. much has been said about Jude's relationships with his absent father but it is implied that Jude's view on his Pa is less overtly negative as Joey's, as he chooses to keep his surname as Harley despite Joey taking their mother's.
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Unlocking the front of the device with a swirly key, it turns out to be a portal and sucks her inside, shooting her to the planet Alternia in the A2 universe. From there she meets a nervous troll by the name of Xefros who helps her find her way, until he is put into a situation where Joey has to save him.

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From there, the two go out in search of a close friend of Xefros in order to help Joey find a way home. Joey is an intelligent, even-tempered girl with a knack of puzzle-solving. Joey is a dancer, practicing both ballet and tap, which she uses to escape some tricky situations in creative ways. She is also an aspiring veterinarian, and keeps a small kit of medical tools on her person. Due to her difficult childhood, Joey is deeply frustrated with the adults in her life and sometimes feels insecure due to the neglect she faces.

Joey has little tolerance towards bullying and Danske casinoer paa nettet hiveswap joey harley, and will not hesitate to stand up for people she sees as being mistreated. Although she is constantly confronted by strange events and circumstances, she repeatedly shows herself to be adaptive and creative despite it all. All in all, Joey is a survivor. She shares a tense but loving relationship with her brother Jude Harleywho frequently hassles her with puzzles, pranks and conspiracy theories.

Joey admits to herself that she isn't as close to Jude as she could be due to her insecurities making her resent Jude's clueless self-assurance. However, since they lack in adult supervision, the two rely on each other a lot, and they get along well enough that they work together fairly efficiently during emergencies.

They both share of love of animals, but Jude's tastes in animals are slightly more eclectic. Joey involves herself in Jude's internet friend group, but doesn't really consider them as her own friends.

Joey shares a very negative relationship with her neglectful fatherwho has been home increasingly sparingly since the death of her mother.

This tense relationship is further strained by their conflicting interests, with Treasure valley casino in oklahoma love of animals and her father's passion for hunting for sport and taxidermy.

Joey and her brother spend a great deal of time playfully vandalizing their father's belongings during his regular absences. As an expression for her disdain for her father, Joey uses her mother's last name instead of her father's. Although a decade deceased, Joey clearly looks up to her mother and aspires to be just like her.

She constantly feels her lack of presence and misses her greatly. Joey shares a mostly positive relationship with her babysitterbut acknowledges her problematic alcoholism and that she is terrible role model. Despite this, she loves her all the same and knows that she is trying her best.

She admits to having more positive memories with her than with either of her parents combined. After being spirited away to Alterniaher sole helper was a burgundy-blooded troll by the name of Xefros Tritoh.

Xefros initially believed Joey was actually Dammek, subjecting him to some strange test on the part of his overbearing friend, but eventually realizes that Joey is actually an alien.

During his attempt to assist Joey, Xefros is put into a position where Joey is forced to rescue Xefros instead. After hearing about Xefros' troubles, and being inspired by Xefros' willingness to put himself in harm's way to protect a complete stranger and alien, Joey declares that the two of them are friends and that Xefros is worthy of respect.

The two seem to be developing a friendship. Although she has never met DammekJoey does not think highly of him. Shes thinks of him as little more than a gun-obsessed bully and slob.

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Soon after Joey helps it, the lusus lets Joey ride on its back. Joey names the beast Cornibuster by default, assuming the player does not choose to name it themselves.

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  1. Jake Harley, more commonly known as Pa or Grandpa is Jade Harley and John Egbert's genetic father, Jade's adoptive grandfather, and the father of Joey Claire and In Hiveswap it is revealed that he settled down with a woman named A. Claire and eventually fathered two children named Joey Claire and Jude Harley .:
    Joey and Jude's beloved pet dog. She is seen hiding in her dog house during the events of. Character List ACT 1- KANSAS CITY SHUFFLE Playable Characters: Joey Claire : Your name is JOEY CLAIRE. Jake Harley*: Not to be confused with Jake English, his post-scratch counterpart. Joey's and Jude's absent PA. enjoys blue ladies, adventures, and big game hunting. kind of a turd, at least in Joey's eyes. Comedones In Dogs Images Funny Thanksgiving Cartoons Exfoliative Dermatitis Hiveswap Walkthrough For Kingdom Erezione Video Lucu Bikin Ngeres Cross .. casino classic kr gratis french roulette vs american roulette Vinn Millioner pa internett Her er en guide til casino og pengespill pa nett, hvor du kan delta og .
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He then grew up as Nanna's adopted brother and Betty Crocker 's adoptive grandson. Eventually he decided to leave to seek adventure with the Colonel's dog, Halley.

In Hiveswap it is revealed that he settled down with a woman named A. Claire and eventually fathered two children named Joey Claire and Jude Harley roughly 30 years before the events of Homestuck. They all lived together in the Half-Harley Manor , in a town called Hauntswitch. Roughly a decade before the events of Hiveswap in , his wife passed away. He was often absent in his children's lives, and he and his daughter never saw eye to eye as he spent his time hunting animals when she wanted to care for them and become a veterinarian.

Much to her disdain, Grandpa Harley filled Harley Manor with his taxidermy animal trophies from his hunts, along with portraits and statues of beautiful blue women. It is certain that he is a big game hunter, and possibly a poacher, due to the fact that there is a stuffed lion in his trophy room.

When Betty Crocker mysteriously disappeared, Grandpa Harley inherited her baking empire. By this point Grandpa Harley was a renowned billionaire explorer and inventor. After a Skaian meteor carrying a baby Jade destroyed a Betty Crocker plant in John's town, he set off with his newfound shipmate to go plunder the secrets of a certain Pacific Island with interesting historical monuments.

Despite currently being dead, stuffed, and on display in the house , Jade still avoids him, leery of any "confrontation", as though his being dead has not stopped him from lecturing her whenever she approaches his stuffed remains.

She apparently finds these confrontations to be 'intense' as her grandpa is very strict and charismatic. He's prone to giving stern lectures to Jade whenever they meet and insists Jade carry a hunting rifle when she leaves the house, or else "there would be hell to pay.

Grandpa Harley seems to suggest that Jade take a bigger and more effective gun before she goes outside to defend herself. He decorated his house with multiple motifs, including suits of armor including some more modern armors such those of Iron Man and the Judge , decrepit mummies, big game trophies, sunbleached photos of women his 'beauties' , and globes.

Though Jade doesn't mind the suits of armor, she hates the mummies and hunting trophies. Some of the big game trophies in Grandpa's tower appear to be chimeras, or combinations of different animals. Whether these are genetic experiments, mythical creatures, or terrible abuses of taxidermy is unknown. Notably, some of his trophies are the mounted heads of Underlings. While at first it seemed that Grandpa was Jade's current guardian , he, like many things associated with Jade, is a bit of a pattern breaker and it has been revealed that he is dead and had been replaced by Becquerel.

According to Jade, Grandpa is an extreme polymath; he's a world-renowned explorer, naturalist, treasure hunter, archeologist, scientist, adventurer, big game hunter, and billionaire.

This would explain the close proximity of ancient ruins to his house and having a laboratory. His renaissance man aspect may be the main contributor to the fact that both Jade and Dave Strider consider him to be a badass.

However, his badassery did not prevent his death at the hands of Tavros Nitram. When the pistols Jade was playing with went off, Tavros communed with Bec and teleported the gun and bullets next to Grandpa, effectively saving Jade, but killing Grandpa. He was then stuffed and set up infront of the fireplace, just like Poppop. Grandpa was originally a prime candidate for Jade's Kernelsprite , but John advised Jade against it before entering, as prototyping him would lead to a lot of the enemies having Grandpa's face.

They were planning to prototype him after entering, but Bec warped Grandpa's body along with the rest of the room's contents into outer space so that he could prototype the Kernelsprite with himself. Grandpa's body remained in outer space until the universe was destroyed by Jack Noir.

In the Medium, a character with the same build and mannerisms saved John from a Tar Basilisk using an extremely powerful blunderbuss. This seems to correspond to the game trophies above the fireplace which included a crude ogre, two basilisks and another creature that Dad is later seen fighting. His purple and gold fireplace also tie into the Weird plot shit , representing the kingdoms of Derse and Prospit , as well as the image of Jade in her dream self outfit crowning the fireplace.

Grandpa operates what appears to be a massive battleship, which he uses to traverse The Medium. After Jack Noir 's rampage, he brings Dad and Rose's Mom to the ruins of the Skaian Battlefield and retrieves the body of Jade's dead dream self, which he stuffs, following a proud, if somewhat unsettling, family tradition. The stuffed dream Jade is displayed in one of the unvisited rooms in Jade's home, beside the fourth wall pilfered from Jack Noir 's cubicle and a stuffed Halley.

In the post-scratch version of the kids' universe, it is later revealed that the Frog Temple had two hidden transportalizers. These lead to Prospit and Derse, based on their colorations. Likes cats, science, wizards, and alcohol. A lot of people don't seem to know what's going on with Hiveswap, so I'm making this unofficial blog as a resource of everything official we've heard about it so far. This is not a theory blog. If you want to talk about theories, fanworks, analysis, etc.

Conspiracy theorist who may have been right all along. Third playable character in Hiveswap, and the first alien Joey meets. Plays pusher in arena stickball, and is preparing for his unhappy future as a butler, between helping with the revolution and singing in the Grubbles. A bit skittish, but eager to help. Lives in Outglut, a subgrub of Thrashthrust. A giant slothlike creature. Slow, but kind, and trying his best. Skittish, fast, and loyal. Barzum and Baizli Soleil.


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