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In England, a town was a small community that could not afford or was not allowed to build walls or other larger fortifications, and built a palisade or stockade instead.

In the Netherlands, this space was a garden, more specifically those of the wealthy, which had a high fence or a wall around them like the garden of palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn, which was the example for the privy garden of William and Mary at Hampton Court.

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This article discusses information pertinent to the study of neuroanatomy. Brenner's team sliced worms into thousands of ultrathin sections and photographed every section under an electron microscope, then visually matched fibers from section to section, to map out every neuron and synapse in the entire body, to give a complete connectome of the nematode.

In Old Norse tun means a grassy place between farmhouses, and is still used in a similar meaning in modern Norwegian. Bulgarians do not, in general, differentiate between 'city' and 'town'.

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However, in everyday language and media the terms "large towns" and "small towns" are in use. Usually "large towns" refers to Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas or sometimes to all 28 oblast cities. In Bulgaria the Council of Ministers defines what constitutes a settlement, while the President of Bulgaria grants each settlement its title. You must hear of black hair poems!

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The nucleotide contains both a segment of the backbone of the molecule which holds the chain together and a nucleobase which interacts with the other DNA strand in the helix.

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A nucleobase linked to a sugar is called a nucleoside and a base linked to a sugar and one or more phosphate groups is called a nucleotide. A polymer comprising multiple linked nucleotides as in DNA is called a polynucleotide In a DNA double helix, each type of nucleobase on one strand bonds with just one type of nucleobase on the other strand.

This is called complementary base pairing. Here, purines form hydrogen bonds to pyrimidines, with adenine bonding only to thymine in two hydrogen bonds, and cytosine bonding only to guanine in three hydrogen bonds.

This arrangement of two nucleotides binding together across the double helix is called a base pair.

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