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Let us know a little more about you and your goals. Sauna pants cause you to sweat and lose water weight from your hips, back, and belly. They work almost instantaneously, and as an added benefit, they ease soreness in the muscles and joints.

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A sauna suit, also known as a rubber suit, is a waterproof suit that is actually not made with rubber anymore. It is made of nylon or PVC and causes you to sweat excessively while wearing it.

Choosing the right product is the 1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients. Sauna suits make your body temperature rise, which leads to excessive sweating.

You lose a lot of weight through sweat, but you also burn more calories while wearing the suit because your body has to expend energy for thermoregulation. A sauna suit causes you to lose a lot of water weight through sweating, especially if you wear it while exercising. This does not mean you are burning more calories; you will gain the weight back when you drink water after your workout.

Sauna Pants increase sweat levels and water loss, possibly resulting in dehydration. As with any training aid, use should be moderated as a precaution. Sauna Pants may result in increased metabolism and flexibility, heightened calorie burning, and increased mental and physical toughness when used properly in moderation.

Sauna Pants range in price from approximately twelve dollars to fifty dollars, depending on size and retailer. Do not overexert yourself. Stop exercising immediately and consult your doctor if you experience pain or tightness in your chest, irregular heartbeat, shortness in breath, or if you feel faint, nauseous, or dizzy.

  • 4 Jun I have seen a couple of the middle aged Ijsberen actually wear ear plugs in the Golden Time main lounge as the music can be quite loud late in the evening So cool - flying by the seat of your pants as to organisation of a room during your 2 day Golden Time stay. Nettetal- Kaldenkirchen.
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Before starting this or any exercise program, consult a physician or health professional. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercising. The most common complaint regarding Sauna Pants is the five foot electrical cord restricting mobility.

Extension cords are not recommended. When a person decides to lose weight, several factors come into mind. Mainly, the type of exercise program needed to produce the most weight loss. Additional factors to consider include proper diet and supplementation. Weight loss is not an easy task and the process to achieve your goals should not be taken lightly either. Several manufactures create products designed to skip the hard work needed to reach weight loss goals.

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Before starting this or any exercise program, consult a physician or health professional. I did buy them too big but am still able to use them for the time being.

One such product is Sauna Pants. The result is water loss and subsequently weight loss. With no scientific research, clinical trial or even online testimonials, we will take a closer look at this product to see if it is a viable weight loss solution. A one size fits most pair of shorts that is temperature controlled, designed to produce sweat and subsequently shed water weight.

Sauna Pants are not a new concept in terms of thermal clothing. The only difference between this product and traditional thermal clothing is the product has a temperature gauge.

The result is weight loss, albeit minimal. What the manufactures do not explain is that water loss will reduce weight, but the water lost will replenish when the dieter consumes liquid. Furthermore, the thermal clothing is not clinically tested, so there are no posted potential side effects of the temperature increases on the reproductive areas of males and females.

Unfortunately, the product does not offer any information concerning Casino picture frames png toddler, supplementation of exercise needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the advent of heated wraps and weight loss clothing, the makers of Sauna Pants attempted to create similar success. Unfortunately, the product falls into the same category as the rest, an overpriced piece of apparel that will not assist with reaching weight loss goals.

The theory behind the product is the dieter losses weight through the generated heat of the product. Indeed, the dieter will lose weight through water loss, but will gain the weight back during a rehydration session. When water is removed from the abdomen, hips, thighs and back, the appearance of weight loss is there, but the real weight loss is not.

The product does not provide clinical trials, scientific research or customer testimonials. The only guarantee is a money back guarantee. A dieter looking to reduce weight and improve overall health and wellbeing needs more than just an empty promise. Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University.

Do Not Send Email Notifications. For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Sauna Pants official website. Today was the first day of usage, i plan to use, them occasionally for atleast two weeks before I actually expect any results. Refer friends, earn cash! Free Shipping on this item!

Product Description Sauna Pants provide the benefits of a heat sauna in the area you need it most - the stomach, waist, butt and hips. So simple to use, just wear it and turn the dial on to your desired temperature. Within minutes, Sauna Pants will make you sweat quickly in the areas where you need it most - abdomen, waist, back and hipshelping you shed water and potentially lose weight.

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The soothing heat also helps ease tight muscles and sore joint. Adjustable to fit waists from 28"" and thighs from 12"". Wipe clean with damp cloth. Just 50 minutes a day, Sauna Pants - shed that extra water weight today! You may also like. Customers who bought this also bought. Leave a Review You must be signed in to rate this product.

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Things don't get less serious in 7 new free cell phone hack app free download for pc. Your memory is tricking you, she always was skinny, even at Palace. To my prior report. This was my second trip to GT without securing a hotel reservation beforehand. Hotel Heide Camp did not respond to my e-mail request for a room beforehand so I was stuck traveling in a cab trying to find a hotel room for the second time.

This was expensive and absolutely cost-inefficient. There are not a lot of available hotel rooms in this small town at least the 2 times I have been there.

Make a reservation beforehand if at all possible I know some people like to go and just "wing it". Luckily for me, Heidi Camp did have one room left after all. It was cheap about 29 dollars and very close to the GT could be a 30 minute walk or, for lazy me, a 6 euro taxi ride. Decent room without a working tv. Also had no toilet or shower in the room so had to use the main bathroom across the hall not a big deal at all.

She was skinny Palace, but the epitome of anorexia now. So yes maybe a minute walk but longer if you do not know the way and it is dark.

A few of us stay in Etap hotels which can be booked at [url]www. An alternative if with your own transport is staying near or in Aachen which is a nice town. It is historical and so it is worth a look. There are lots of bakeries there and it is close to the French border. I really like the apple pastries.

With Camp Heide you need to be patient if you use the email address to request a room as they do not check it very often. So if using email allow a fair bit of time prior. If not, you can call them. The manager ladies that run Camp Heide do speak English and they are very good at letting you be and getting on with your business. Since they are less than 1 Km from Golden Time I am sure they know that a good proportion of business from single male travellers with no real affiliation for the area are due to their proximity to the club.

The breakfast is quite good and they are so friendly. Not my type at all. Is the Eier prefix a joke - eggs? Have a good visit to Golden Time away from your home ground of Hessen. We may be around as well. We write reports to maybe relive memories and enshrine our stories somewhere for the future. Also as you say we do it to give back to this forum that has helped so many others.

We pay the benefit forward to the ones that follow on from us so that the circle turns and the next generation of visitors is created so as to perpetuate this cycle and continue to give life and business to this hobby that we all enjoy or have interest in. Also I like reading trip reports from others and so I also make an effort to make my report self contained and all encompassing with detail.

I treat my reports as Trip reports recording the whole trip since the getting there is also a part of the information that some people are interested in since without that they do not know how to get there themselves or know the alternatives that we all take. But at Eierberg 50 EUR was the price for the full session, not the surcharge for entering her backdoor. Saw her a few weekends ago. We've all heard the "crack-hoe" comments, but she is starting to also look old.

I don't mean MIlFy either. Her face is really starting to show some mileage. Sure she got older, we all do. But her performance does keep up with her days at Palace.

I would fuck her again. I canceled another booking.. Hi All, I just got back from 2 days punting at Golden Time. Each day there were between girls working and the line up was top class.

There were so many new girls!!! I spent so much time making excuses to talk to the new ones - Germans, Polish, other Eastern Europeans. Blonds and brunettes and dark haired girls.

For those that like black girls - wow there were a few there ranging from slim, small breasted ones to the quintessential rap music video type of "I like big butts and I don't lie" types. Golden Time still continues to keep a good screening of their girls to maintain the glamour model types. But for those with broader tastes - the Golden Time management do let a few slip through so there are the MILFs and the girls next door types if you happen to be extremely unlucky with the beauty of your neighbours.

Also the usual favourites were there. I am sure the Ocean bears and the token Euro bears that I know will be pleased to know that a fair few of their best babes are in the haus. There is a new cabin - a caravan has been converted into a room. It is interesting to do it in the caravan - feels like you are on a camping holiday with your girlfriend banging her in a low ceiling room.

Also at the far back garden they have erected 2 full sized tents with proper beds in them in addition to the three other tents that are in full view of the verandah area. All the loungers are out and so are the couches in the garden. I kept to my usual dark haired and blondes favourites. Romanian Princess was there so had to do FT with her. To Vito Corleone - I bagged one of the girls that you mention a bit of late. She was the one that I did first and then you took her at the end of the night before our crew made up of Ocean bears had to leave.

Read my trip reports and you will remember who I am referring to. I did 3 sessions with her and each were 2 hours or 1. Man, can that girl suck cock. FT finishes each time. My Schwanz was so delicate after each session. She licked and sucked my Eier for 20 minutes one session!!! I also had a lot of fun with space cadet girl. New girl for me was Kim from Germany. A slim blond with good tits.

Lots of good eye contact and she massaged and pleasured my aching Eiers with her mouth. Man her BBBJ was so soft and delicate on the shaft. My Eier were in heaven when she went down on those two little friends.

A nice fuck too. Did all the usual positions. Tips on transport and accomdation are always welcome and useful. I wish more of us share them and include them in reports. She still looks like a a blond dreadlocked anorexic. I saw her doa guy in the Kino. Interesting service and highly sought after by men that like a certain service. She does look jaded and has been in the business several years now. Good hunting Hessen bub in Nord Rhein Westfalen.

Her face has aged, but I really don't mind that. She just looks like it takes an effort for her to smile. She used to smile easily.

That was part of her appeal. When you are getting blown in frint of a room full of people, you want someone who seems into it. Regi looks like she is tired of the scene and doesn't want to be there.

The German babe Kim sounds like a hottie. I look forward to reading your detailed lineup list. Maybe ther is another section on this forum to discuss this, but when it's mention I just whant to say a few words.

The sad thing with an exampel like this is that if she dosent want to be there any more and are tired of the scene but still struggling around it could easy end up in something really bad. For many years I was against prostitution just because there are so many bad sideeffects and there are to many girls that should do something els.

But with the worldcup in Germany I changed my opinion when I saw what legal laws could do to the scene. The best thing with FKK's is that the girl keep all the cash she earn and with laws that makes this legal the pimps is kept further and further away. Plus all the social care and protection. I know after reading this board that the girls in the FKK's sometimes have some kind of pimp anyway, but even if you cant reach zero in this, the visit to Artemis after some friends invitations opend my eyes.

I changed side about this. Maybe a bad comparison, but in my early workingdays I worked as a bartender and doorman in hot nightclubs with many celebs, many girls and much party.

After 2 years I almost became an alcoholic and left the glamour partyscene whith all the fun and well payed jobs for a non-glamour 9 to 5 job in a storagefactory. It is not Cheyenne like we English speakers have been spelling it. The Isjberen have been spelling it correctly as Shayenne. She is a fun girl and always smiling. Beautiful white small teeth. Kim was a bit quiet hanging out in the hallway. Typically German look - blond, blue eyes, average build. My last day report! As it was a beautiful day out, I knew that this would be the first time sitting outside in the loungers for me.

We entered, showered, and got on the robes. Entering the field of battle, there were not many good lookers, but it was early on a Monday afternoon. I was used to coming on weekends, so this was new to me.

After a couple hours of lounging, I knew that I had to get up and get a session under my belt. I had 1 or 2 beers a first for me at an FKK club, as I usually don't drink. Then I saw her! Blonde, "Gorgeous Cute", not a stunning Madelaine gorgeous. I do not know how else to describe her!

The sight of her caused me to do something that I have never done before- I took her for an hour immediately. She took me to the big room to the left of the front desk. I then proceeded to watch her suck me. As Basketcase has mentioned, this was quite a nice feeling! Knowing that the time was coming up, I asked her to finish me in doggy, and I came quite nicely in her. Reliving my adventures with the professor, I saw her later, and repeated the same.

I couldn't pop I wasn't fully recharged I suppose but I couldn't care less, as I was in love at least today I was with a young blonde goddess! I really was lucky, as I sessioned with her twice, with no wait time.

The session gods must have ordained that this would happen, as I noticed that she was rarely seen the rest of the night. Thanks Basket case for the recommendation! I was also looking for statuesque Cassandra. But never saw her Just as we were about to leave after getting pizza for the first time in my 3 trips total!

I asked the professor to go see if it was her. I observed them speaking and smiling. He came back, and I asked " was it Cassandra? Don't you remember me, as you have fucked me a t least twice before!

She doesn't kiss Am I right BC? Thinking about Shayenne makes me want to book a flight back I just remembered one negative.

Am I right BC? I know her name is Shayenne instead of Cheyenne as she wrote it out on a piece of paper for me. I did not want to get into the phonetic problem I get with the Germanic girls where an "i" sounds like an "e" and "b" sounds like a "v" and so on.

She is 23 years old and is a Nord Rhein Westfalen native. I cannot get over how smiley she is - big toothy grin except when she is sucking my Schwanz. A look of contentedness on her face as I massage her or lick her Muschi out. I am still having such mileage memories of her licking and sucking on just my Eiers balls for 20 minutes. I was a well contented Basketcase with that service.

You are lucky to have experienced Shayenne as she does not work all the time as she has other commitments. She remembers you well and thanks you for the gift. I guess she now associates you and me together now. I hope that does not cause us problems in the future. I can see why a man can fall in love with such a fresh faced, natural acting, always happy girl.

She really looks and acts like a girl that you would find in the mall - a valley girl but without the materialistic hang ups. She also like a lot of the girls does not have a memory of a goldfish when asking her if you could book her. Like when she said she would come find me I thought she was just saying it but she did - she refused other customers until she found me as she knew I was waiting for her when I said something like can I see you when she have a free slot.

For each of my 3 sessions I had to wait ages for her. One time it was just a few minutes but one time I had to miss her for 2 hours as she worked through a waiting list of customers. The third time I had to wait for 2 hours again as she went through her dance card. When I first saw her I had to wait 8 hours before I managed to get a sesion booked with her. Then Vito Corleone that same visit takes Shayenne with minimal wait time at She is a popular girl with the Ijsberen. Yes, only downside is that she does not kiss but she does everything else.

Smuler I am sure you would be welcomed back if you came back to Deutschland. Hi BC The thoughts come floating back. As it was early 6PM , she walked right into me by the front desk As soon as she told me her name, I knew 2 things: It was a no-brainer for me, and it was an hour to start.

She really likes a massage. I know I'm a sucker. But I don't care, as I relished each inch of her. I'm surprised that she remembers me.

I wish I could say it's because I'm so suave. But it's the little gift thingy. I've been doing it for years. But not usually FKK's. I shouldn't blame her, but when I got back to Amsterdam, I couldn't focus. Everything seemed like it wouldn't even compare But. A few young ladies brought me back from the brink. But it was hard! At times Golden Time feels like a gay club From around 9pm onwards girls start to leave the club and it is only the ones around at 11pm that are made to work the club to closing at So there is an incentive if girls do not want a late night is to leave work well before 11pm.

I was at GT for three days: Thursday, So many men - it felt homosexual at times in the garden and the main bar area. Good session - club standard but she has a soft arse. Cassandra Russia - better time this second time around and I lasted longer. Typical Russia visage - her body is top notch and a joy to fondle. In fucking mode Cassandra is a dream to scew. Isa Germany - cute blond with blue eyes, a regular of mine.

CIM finish into this pretty girl's mouth. Isa gives great direct eye contact in missionary sex and in the mirror when doing her from behind. I just love staring deeply into her baby blues. Now with dark blond hair instead of golden blond long hair. She still has her amazing natural E cup breasts that are full, ample and still hang superbly.

Does not speak very much English so speak Deutsch to her. I had to get two Belgium men that I knew really well to translate our conversation between Dani and I. Those two Belgium men make me laugh and we talk shop a lot as we work in the same industry.

Friday, top class line up and surprisingly less busy than Day 1 of the trip which was a Thursday. Very blond, good service. BLS with Shayenne is a rich experience. So natural and fresh Muschi. Pretty girl next door type - always happy and smiley. Sherin Croatia was teasing me today but I could not remember if she was a good or a bad time when I did her in August Saturday - line up was depleted from prior days but the number of male customers had increased by a third more.

It felt really gay to be in the main lounge or in the garden loungers. Anna Romania was hassling me. Club standard nothing to write home about. Included all the usual stuff I liked without going into the extras.

I wanted to do her again before leaving but she was exhausted by a customer after her session with me and she went home. Sherin goes onto my repeat list. She has been at LR on about visits I have made there the last months or so. Couple of other Czech girls at LR as well that are worth a try, one of them is Susanne, blond, small funky looking tits and a tad chubby but a very good session. The three of them often hang out together in a group. Glad you stood your ground on the time thing in the lockerroom.

Did my first session with Lisa and it was pretty good. Yes, she has her restrictions but it honest about them up front and it was much better session than I expected. Also did an average session with a Croatian girl. I dont think I ever asked her name, but she is rather tall, dark hair and with nice C cups. It was a fun session, but not very erotic. Friday was ok, Saturday was pretty bad although the weather was nice. I am getting less and less impressed by GT every visit.

For some reason I just don't get into the mood there. There are just too many men there and the place gets so hot inside that I can't stay there more than minutes at a time.

I am however a big fan of LR. Fascinating pieces of experiences. It seems I have a lot of catching up to do. Yes, I do not normally discuss pricing with the girls and pay what they ask. I see it is not worth rocking the scene and have ill feeling between a girl and me especially when I visit a club a lot and she can talk to the other girls and cause bad reputations to be made.

I had been with Shayenne many times before and I have literrally spent hundreds and hundreds of euros on her over my trips to Golden Time. So you can say I am a regular customer and I like to think we have a rapport.

It was this time with Shayenne that I got to thinking that something was not right. I knew that we had been in the room for 1 hour since I had checked the time. I disputed that it was 1. XX and we were now back at my locker to settle up exactly one hour later at XY: I had looked specifically at my watch this time and from entering the room for the session to finishing and walking the locker it was 1 hour.

I asked how did she get to that over 1 hour time. Shayenne said that time is billed from when a girl gets a key. She said that this was the correct accounting for time spent and the Golden Time Reception would back her. I recall another ISG writer had also mentioned that the Golden Time policy is to charge male customers from when the girl gets the key.

So if she has a key for a room and if you go for a chat, get drinks, or have a shower then that is technically billable time she said. Shayenne confirmed it was normal to charge from when they get the key and there was a couple of minutes of walking to the outside cabin and also walking from the outside cabins to inside to the men's locker to be paid and that was all billable time according to her. All the girls do this time keeping she said.

In the end Shayenne let it go as I was not budging. There were other incidents that helped me decide that this was the right thing to do with Shayenne. I had seen her do this to a French guy and a Dutch guy and a German guy the weekend before where Shayenne would charge for an extra half hour when in each case the session from key to locker room was just over the half hour time.

Shayenne seemed to be very cognizant of the time pointing to her watch in each case. A clock watcher, but also a good session as can be seen from my previous posts and those of the esteemed Smuler. I also know she did me twice for sessions where she magically created another extra half hour to the bill on my prior trip.

IN one case where it was less than 1. Later on when I caught up with Zelatrix he confirmed for me that we had only spent less than 1. A beautiful woman with full, ample breast assetss and a blow job that is first rate.

She also fucks with spirit especially in cowgirl getting into a crouching position instead of a sitting position to really fuck in cowgirl style sex. The restrictions are no kissing and no licking the Muschi but fingering is okay.

Alia Croatia , blond, petite, C cups, looks like she is a hit and run session. Anya Croatia , tall, long dark hair, big gothic lettering down her back spine, C cups, gives the impression of being a hit and run girl. Has worked at FKK Palace. Silvana maybe Albanian but passes herself off as Italian or Croatian , cute, E cup natural boobed brunette.

Okay session, but there is a lot better. Despite this - everytime I see Silvana I smile as she does some really wacky stunts and noises.

She makes me laugh. Does not speak hardly any English. Sherin Croatia , average height, slim, B cups, long dark hair, distinctive teeth, nice tan, pretty, dark eyes, Chinese lettering down her back spine. A girl that has returned to the Basketcase favourite list since last seeing her in August where he was also enarmoured of her charms.

Is an ex Planet Happy Garden girl. Marnel Croatia average height,light brown air, brown eyes, C cups, seems to do all services. Gigi Croatia tall, brunette, well tanned, has been at Golden Time for 2 weeks only. Has B cups but maybe C cup breasts. So trying to match your description to the list of Croatians above I think it was either Anya or Gigi with the emphasis on Gigi.

It was less busy with Ice Bears than Thursday was for some odd reason. Weather was nice for each day but stifling hot. Yes, one could only do short stints in the main lounge before you built up a sweat from the heat. Overall there were always more men than women at Golden Time which at times creates a gay club atmosphere. Henio, it seems the you found a club to like locally at the moment at Golden Time and with some favourites at Living Room. The first time I was with Shayenne, I was finishing my session with her 1 hour , and was giving her a massage.

I think she was surprised when I ended the session at 55 minutes. I had gone over to the table and checked my watch. I knew my useless ass wasn't going to pop another chubby, so I was done.

I had a funny feeling, and since I knew that I just got there, I was eager to find Cassandra that didn't work out. I was surprised when I read the story yesterday. I would find that very annoying, and disappointing considering the fun that you two had experienced before.

Did not realize that she had been around since the ATL days. Thought this gal knew some of the tricks. On the first day, there was a long wait for the rooms. When I refused a kino session, she showed up with a key a short time later. Then on day 2 as I was relaxing, she asked if I wanted a session. She had already gotten a key before she had a customer!! How's that for working the system? Now I know why some girls can get rooms at GT and others complain about the wait.

Nice to finally meet. Good for standing your ground. Keeps out the shark mentality and I guarantee she will not pull the same stunt on you a second time. The advantage of being a regular customer is the fact that girls don't mess with you.

They may not like you, but they are not going to give up the money. Hi Akibono You mentioned something which made me think I don't like waiting for the ladies. Got a good session from German Leonie, but when I wanted to extend to an hour I don't mind paying for an hour since that is the rate for most of the better girls she said she had another customer and was leaving in an hour. That is the second time I was unable to extend a session.

Normally, I don't plan on a set amount of time and continue until I want to quit. That is a rare problem at any other club. It seems that the best talent is often booked in advance at this club. I did not even bother to try to get a session with Anna. Between the drive, the heat, the early closing, the line for food, the lack of parking there is no lack of reasons for going to another club. To top this off, I was given a locker where they lost the key. So, I had to summon a receptionist whenever I had to get something or to pay the girls.

Ended the day with Polish Joy. That is the second time I have sessioned with her even though she claims not to work very much--just my luck. A real nice girl. Fellow mongerers, Tomorrow and on Saturday I will be visiting gt and likely lr.

If any of you will be there it would be my great pleasure to cross share some memories and experiances. On weekends both clubs feel gay because of too many men. There are other alternatives in both NRW and Hessen.

I'm probably only going to visit GT and Oase on weekdays when the crowds are manageable. Ciao amici, just giving a quick report on a recent Friday visit. Club was packed of course, but lots of mushis around, any time there was something hot to choose from. Nice weather for outdoor activities, but I have a big issue with the temperature in tha main room, I mean what's the point of having such a big Sauna?

Is it so expensive to install a decent air conditioning? Lineup was very good. I had 2 sessions, both ok but not really great. Let her do long oral and doggie just to finish trying not to sewat too much.

Apart for the temperature-affected session I would not rate Roxy that high as I don't feel any spontaneity in her. But maybe if you get to know her better. For sure she has a young luscious body and face meant for sin. LIA Germany, claims swedish origin, around looks very young, pale natural blonde, pale skin, small cups. Then I had high expectations on the sex part, she did her job but after long hard pounding in outdoor cabin with window wide open, finally some fresh air!

Like I said, good not great sex with two gorgeous fairies. But I am getting a bit pissed off of this no FK no this, no that. Some friends of mine also had some sessions, this are the coments I remember: Not sure the name, Romanian, tanned, gorgeous natural brunette with fantastic fluffy curly hairdo, big eyes, really stunning visuals in my opinion , my friend was very disappointed of her service with total lack of participation and skills.

Pure optificken I guess. Did she also jump on the bed with her bra and panties still on leaving you to take them off her or only taking them off when you asked? I guess that takes up some time too. She is quite chatty too - endearing darling that she is. May I ask you what was your funny feeling?

Yes, it was annoying and dissappointing as I really enjoy my time with this CDL. She is a joy to fondle and when doing her it sometimes feels so right like when I do Cassandra and Heidi Czech Republic. If you know what Cassandra and Heidi look like then you can see the resemblance and the reversion to type that is going on. If you know Isa Germany and Shayenne's look then you know the other look that I like since to me they are similar.

Just like Anastasia Romania and Sherin Croatia both to me have similar looks and I can interchange one for the other when the one is not around.

Long dark hair and good BBBJ but Sherin kisses more, gets into the fucking and allows prolonged Muschi licking whereas Anastasia disdains fucking - check other writer's reports where Anastasia complains during the fucking.

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View phone call duration time, phone number,contacts name, etc. Together, we created a platform where we could encourage each other to discover our interest in medicine and whether or not it was really suitable for us.

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