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Time for a new tutorial. This time we will make a horizontal scroller for text. The font used is a free font from the internet, but slightly modified. Each character in the font-bitmap is 32px wide and 25px high. Usually you'll find real Amiga-fonts that are 32x32px in size, but it really doesn't make much difference in the code, jos the height calculations would be slightly different.

The code supports 15 speeds and speed 0, wich means that the scroller will pause for a certain time.

The scroller could be done using Hshifting, and then only moving whole words or longwords according to speed, but here I wanted to utilize the Blitter for scrolling, and as the Blitter incorporates a barrelshifter, that doesn't use any extra time when copying data, I opted to use this as a pixelshifter instead of Hshifthing.

Well, this ay we still have the Hshifting property unused, and it can still be used to make different effects on the scrolltext this will perhaps be shown in a later tutorial.

The Blitter Nye casino sidereal astrology vs tropical astrology chart symbols the Amiga is a powerful auxilary-processor that can move or rather copy data from one position in to another position, but both source and destination HAVE to be in ChipMem!

The Blitter is powerfull, but can be a little hard to tame. I will not describe every aspect of the Blitter here, as I rather would like to point you in the right direction to get all info about the Blitter here: Without BlitterNasty we would have to wait for the Blitter to finish its task before assigning new values to its registers, failing to do a wait, will in most cases make the system crash!

Here we only do a standard copy, from source-A to destination-D, in logical terms: A and D, these values have to be used in the BLTCON0, and to make things a little harder the barrelshiftvalue of source-A goes into the same register as well.

This will make it a lot easier to paste sourcecode into the tutorials. Horizontal scroller Dowload LHA-package. So here we go: Greetings to ' dc. These values depend on the charset used! Great tutorial as usual!!! Published on Apr 11,from France.

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During those times the family can talk over the transition and make a decision if Golden Retriever adoption is precisely what everyone wants. Observe how "Blackpool" has three mentions within just those four sentences, and is linked so positively by using: Published on Feb 25, , from Ulaanbaatar.

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Published on Mar 02, , from Le Mans. Published on Mar 02, , from Axum. Published on Mar 02, , from Lusaka. Published on Mar 02, , from Wete. Published on Mar 02, , from Sanaa. Published on Mar 02, , from Tomohon.

Published on Mar 03, , from Lusaka. Published on Mar 03, , from Sanaa. Published on Mar 03, , from Tomohon. More hints ny clomid for men ne lasix online hv ciprofloxacin mg vp cialis for daily use lu. Published on Mar 03, , from Wete. Published on Mar 03, , from Parnu. Published on Mar 03, , from Maputo. Published on Mar 03, , from Yako. Brad Y 16 July Good app It needs a place for equipment and maintainence, and uses too much battery life.

Prabhakar Kumar 27 May Good app Farmers friendly app Full Review. Ross Litwiller 11 April I mainly use the app for mapping fields as a farm worker and don't use all the features it offers. You can basically keep track of everything you do in your fields. I like it that I can map fields out, give them names and look at them later before we go to work there so we no how much product to take.

We custom spread fertilizer so is very helpful when you can't remember all the different farmers fields. I also like it that these guys keep updating their stuff. I know they are still improving their product. Seamus Kenny 11 April On efficiency the most useful apps I have on my phone The app is a great help when at fertilizer and it is very user friendly just wish the gps was a bit more accurate but that's why you are asked to buy the antenna.

Despite this it is very useful but it needs a better tutorials or a help section a youtube video how to work would be a good help Full Review. When I first download this app it was great, since it has repeatedly updated now the app no longer allows me to log in meaning the app is useless because I cannot gain access to use it. If the login issues are fixed and the app is useful again I will re-rate it at a 5 Full Review.

How do you delete a field?? Simple to use , great information and great way to store field and operation records , I use this system simply only as an operator and not for administration but however this tool could be a valuable asset to a large multi operator business synchronised with administration through a central hub! I rate this app very highly and recommend it to anyone in the agriculture and perhaps even horticultural trade!

I look forward to the future to see what other developments efarmer brings! Mark Allen 18 September Kaleb Miller 7 September Great app I work for a farmer that has around acres and this is a great app to have to map and save fields so you know where they are.

Really handy Full Review. Great Just amazingly helpful Full Review. Ramabadhran Gopalan 25 August Very nice map functionality. Eduardas Sitikas 17 May Crawford Peitso 17 February Long time user just glitches out There is a major glitch with marking out fields.

I place three markers then the fourth changes the whole shape and renders the attempt useless. Please fix, it was working great. I'm using Galaxy note 3 Full Review. By far this is best farming app I have used.

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