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Never smelt anything like it before, the most wonderful drydown of a perfume ever. It was so many things at once. I see a lot of notes in this scent but what you smell after the first hour or two is the most incredible blend of notes that you can't even tell them apart.

The perfume is really potent stuff with the strongest longevity and sillage so a few sprays will do the work just fine. Don't overdo it or the first minutes you'll vomit or faint. I know that Alien gets to be by most the dark, sexy, night scent that seduces everyone but to me those characteristics apply to Angel more than Alien.

I find Alien rather bright and luminous like the rays of the sun and associate it with daytime. But Angel is a whole other story. Angel is the bad girl with an angel face that during daytime acts like a good girl and everyone knows her like that.

But during nightime she shows her true nature, she goes out and flirts and seduces without being ashamed of it. So whether you're out with your girlfriends having fun, or on a date with someone special this perfume will help you feel sexy and confident like you can conquer the whole world or like the world is at your feet. This scent has surprised me like nothing before.

It has many faces. I Casino spil for sjovt dkny perfume think it's an angel - cause there's some forbidden, dark magic going on and the beginning is very earthy. I wanted to test it and spray just a tiny bit of it on my writst.

Instead of delicate, single spray, mother who owns and loves it has decided to shower me with three - one on the De bedste casino siderosis pathology assistant jobs, one on the clothes, one on my neck. That is a mistake - don't ever do that with unknown perfume.

Golden Delicious DKNY Perfume

The first 30 minutes I thought I would suffocate. I was drowned by a strong, sharp killer. The opening seems like perfume for an old, rich grandma who decided to bathe her old furs in 3 litres of pure craziness. That's how I imagine the woman would smell like. I was afraid that some weird reaction occured and my skin is not meant for Angel. My mother was surprised too. I kept asking her: I was afraid it will tire my nose too much, so I stopped myself from sniffing. I went shopping and decided to forget about the fact that I am wearing it.

Then something amazing has happened. I checked the scent after an hour. It started to evolve. Into something delicate, seducing and sweet. The strong, old grandma part has dissapeared and showed me her true face. The sweetness is not tiring at all, to be honest. After evolution starts, it becomes more tamed - almost to the point where it can be worn by any age group. Slowly it started to become better and better - to the point where I decided that just like Alien, Angel has taken my heart.

It was very pleasing and etheral. I don't think that "Angel" is a good name for it. The blue colour is also misleading to your imagination. The word "Angel" reminds you of innocence, freshness. But this scent is not an innocent creature. Because of that sharp, weird beginning, it reminds me of something old and forbidden. I would give it slightly darker and warmer colours. After few hours the transformation stops for me and the perfume keeps enveloping me in a very nice, happy coat that seems not overly dominating.

I am very intrigued by how magical the transformation was when it melted with my skin. It takes a while but it is worth it. I certainly will get this perfume one day. So much has already been said, I'm not even sure if my review will mean much but this fallen Angel has become one of my favorites. The daredevil in me blind bought the EDP, but I am a die-hard patchouli lover with a penchant for freakishly strong fume so I knew I would at least like it. As soon as I got it, I eagerly removed the sparkling blue star and hosed myself with a healthy dose.

I've heard many say they dislike the opening Casino spil for sjovt dkny perfume I love it from start to finish. Very complex and difficult to describe, except it makes me think of licking sweet stuff off your partner before a romp in the hay.

There's a bit of an animalic feel to it on my skin but it's quite pleasant and reminds me of the fresh sweat note in Tabu.

It goes almost powdery on me at the 5 hour mark, much like powdered sugar and cocoa powder on a delicate caramel pastry. At first I get patch, honey, menthol and chocolate so it's almost like melted mint chocolate chip ice cream and as it dries down it becomes more of a sweet, powdery musk scent with a strong caramel-vanilla accord.

Angel has intergalactic sillage and epic longevity in the hour ballpark, and I only use two sprays or else it just becomes too much, even for me. The patchouli drowns everything else out if you over apply. This only becomes a skin scent around 12 hours but my skin likes to eat perfume, particularly very sweet scents but to me, Angel is not sickeningly sweet nor do I detect much fruit, which I was relieved to discover because I was worried any prominent fruit notes would go sour and render the whole composition unwearable for me.

It's a very classy gourmand, perfect for anyone of any age. Casino spil for sjovt dkny perfume Casino bonus uden indskudskapital apseagles with Exclamation, it bears a strong resemblance to LVEB but more complex and less sugary.

Whether it's layered with other scents or worn alone, it garners nothing but compliments for me. Angel may look like a bimbo, but she's intellectual without being pretentious.

Sexy and mysterious yet light hearted; she doesn't take herself too seriously. I could go on forever, but I'll close with this. Angel will be a main player in my rotation for as long as I live. Everyone needs to give it a fair chance at least once.

My mum-in-law had it on and I asked her for one spritz only, just to study it on myself. On her it was powdery and vanilla Casino spil for sjovt dkny perfume something like candy or praline, all in all that was that. And on me - surprise, surprise: No powder, no vanilla, no other notes.

It smells like chocolate, so sickly and annoying. I've tried it every now and then over the years but can't understand the success of this perfume The top notes are spicy and when they fade it's quite ok for abour 30 minutes and then you are hit by a strong chocolate I don't even like chocolate to eat that gives me a headache and nausea.

I normally like heavy longlasting scents but this one will never ever again touch my skin. Then again, I'm also particularily sensitive to some the top notes in "classical" perfumery - I get a physical reaction, like inhaling bicarbonate.

But still - I realize my impressions and preferences may disagree with a lot of die-hard Angel fans. But on my skin, altough I get something tart and something sweet, it's drowned in the scent of sweat. Not the kind of sweat I get from Luten's Muscs Koublai Khan, which is the sweat from someone doing physical labour, but the sour, harsh sweat of stress.

And I can't blame my tricky skin chemistry - and it IS tricky, I have dry, acidic skin. But everytime I've had the misfortune to smell Angel on others, my impression is the same: It's as if someone sprayed themselves with a nice perfume in the morning, but have since held an important presentation, botched it, been fired, and then been evaluated negatively at three different job interviews.

It overpowers everything, and that's all I'm getting. I have previously commented regarding reformulations. I am sure reformulations cost the manufacturers lots of money and they would rather not do them! Ever changing rules and regulations limit the ingredients they can use and this impacts the scent's performance and authenticity.

My Angel EDP fades after hours. A bottle from lasts over 24 hours. When tested side by side, one always out performs the other! I have tested them 'blind' again and again The 'New Star' is a work of art.

It is difficult to hold and spray especially when it starts to run low on juice and the sprayer is not as powerful as the 50ml star. The 50ml star is my fav, especially when displayed using the holder! I had wondered if my older bottle was just spraying more, but I also did a 'finger pat' test. I am obsessed lol! There is also a lot of paranoia about reformulations I just bought another ml from and it also gives stellar performance! Clarins UK told me the formula is the same today as it was at launch in This cannot be true, if these IFRA regulations are true?!

I just tried Angel today and it smells lovely. I changed my mind. Last night I developed a headache, and I never get headaches. I realised that it's the Angel, it's too heavy and dark and loud for me. I sniffed it this morning and I took Casinoer paa nettetal luxury mens watch day off all fragrances.

I do think it interesting, complex, exotic and more masculine than feminine. Once I love it, once I hate it. I am patch lover, like caramel. It seems so gorgous when tested on wrists but it is suffocating on decolt or neck. I like it afer few hrs then it is sweet and cozy.

I cannot stand kind of bitterness in first 2 hrs. I, d rather tend to Wish than this. For the longest time, I've hated this fragrance. I smelled it briefly in Sephora, and recoiled due to the strange cacophony of scents. All in one fragrance?

It seemed like too much, and yet something intrigued me about it. As Luca Turin said, "Like a woman in a film who seethes, 'He's so annoying! After sniffing an array of fragrances for many moons and collecting numerous decants, many perfumes began to smell the same.

Musk, rose, amber, and maybe a hint of sandalwood and patchouli: I have never looked back. To me, Angel smells a lot like mint chocolate chip ice cream, especially for the first thirty minutes to one hour. The cool menthol is strong in the patchouli, and the vanilla and chocolate harmonize with this minty-freshness to create a minty, chocolatey, ice cream concoction.

But to say Angel simply smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream is an understatement. It does a lot of injustice to this bizarre, otherworldly, disturbing, complex scent. Angel is hard to describe; it smells different every time and on everyone, and the slightest change in temperature or skin chemistry can make her morph into a completely different masterpiece. Some days, Angel smells like a French patisserie started by a mad scientist baker, who mixes unconventional herbs and ingredients into his pastries.

Other times, when the fruity notes in this fragrance are strong, Angel smells like a technicolor, psychedelic version of the Garden of Eden, full of dark berries, honey, lychee, hints of melon, and the foreboding auras of sinful dark chocolate Casino spil for sjovt dkny perfume dark, earthy patchouli. Angel is a complex, dynamic masterpiece, at least on my skin, my friends' skin, and my sister's skin.

But I have heard of horror stories where Angel smelled like a skanky whorehouse, a birthday cake chock-full of corn syrup, or a one dimensional explosion of patchouli. But even in such cases, Angel is never boring. Like a magic wand, the perfume chooses you, not the other way around.

I am late to smell this perfume. In the 90's and early 's I was living under a rock, so I have no reference point for Angel at all. I haven't smelled it on other people, so I had no associations or preconceived notions, other than reading the reviews here.

As my perfume education progressed, I wanted to experience this seminal gourmand fragrance. It was surprising to me. For the past three nights, I've sprayed it on before going Nye casino sidereal day length 2018 camry bed. During the opening it's hard to know what's going on.

I definitely smell the rotting fruit and garbage smell that some people refer to, as well as the carnival-esque cotton candy and caramel. This part is not unpleasant, but I find myself wishing it would hurry up and get to the next stage. Then it tips into a long slow dirty vanilla and cocoa dry down that leaves me burying my nose in my arm to inhale.

I have worn patchouli oil for years so I don't know why it is considered a prominent note in Angel -- unless it's the underlying earthy, Casino spil for sjovt dkny perfume quality that tones down the sweetness. I do understand the references to BO and socks here, but to me that is not unpleasant either, just really curious and leaving me wanting more. This is the only perfume I have actually craved. Kudos to Thierry Mugler for introducing such an innovative and controversial perfume.

I appreciate the cerebral exercise of trying to understand this fragrance; I like the challenge. The very first time I smelled this I was so intrigued by the combination of notes. It smells strongly of honey yet green and earthy, which balances it out to be not too sweet.

I truly felt as if I was standing under the warm, late spring sun, in a huge field of wildflowers. I bought this perfume out of mere curiosity, but I must tell you that Angel to me is not exactly the smell you expect on an angel. And by no means smell in me as a gourmand. Because behind the innocent halo that seems to surround that precious blue star, I swear there is something more, something dark and provocative. There is a trap that makes you wanting a bath of this thing, but stay still; if you do, you will reject it.

Could you believe that all the guys in our office asked me what I was wearing when it's usually the women who ask? I even had to take a picture of the box for one of my coworkers. And of course I received many compliments I do not know what it is but, for some reason, men like Angel.

It may be that this juice has a pheromone, or any strange hormone, not my field of expertise, but believe me, people in general tend to react positively to Angel. However, is not a bad thing for a perfume to be sensual, especially when it's a woman looking for her better half. In that case, I recommend that you use it without fear, because I guarantee that people around you will like it. In my particular case, although Angel does not belong to my style, my husband and I are under its spell.

By just spraying a little less we can enjoy the magic of this wonderful blockbuster. I dont smell the gourmand that everyone talks about in this perfume. In fact i dont smell many of the notes listed here at all. All is smell is patchouli and its quite offensive to my nose and maybe star anise even though its not listed here.

Angel to me smells like Christmas - rich, sweet, deep, complex, spiced, woody, creamy, berried, inviting, a million tangled luminous impressions, bright twinkling colored lights in a huge fir tree, the busy kitchen humming with beloved family and friends and all the warm, beautiful, decadent treats of the season I'm so fond of its magic for that reason, yet at the same time I am inclined to forgo using it daily, lest it overpower - or, worse, its celestial enchantment begin to fade On just any given day in the year, it's too much for me, and I mean that in the best way possible.

I love to pick up the little purse-spray tester at the department store while passing by and just give it a careful sniff - careful not to get it on my hands or, worse, nose - and breathe in its rich symphony before moving on. It's a different impression from day to day - sometimes it sings of a complex whirl of liquored praline sugar and other days I catch more of the distant florals playing in the patchouli woods.

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Incidentally, I am fairly certain my office manager wears it occasionally, and on her it is sort of a gentle vanilla-chocolate-patchouli, not entirely different from La Vie Est Belle, but much softer, more complex and dark, more skin-scented. On her it's lovely and perfectly suitable for everyday - but my skin just doesn't allow it to be tame. Instead it just wells up into this incredible explosion of everything, of light and dark and sweet and rich, of forest and dessert, of jubilant wildness, joyous ecstasy.

Yet just like Christmas would lose its magic if we celebrated it every day, or even week, I can't imagine wearing this incarnation of Angel every day. This to me is a vial of magic to be indulged in ceremoniously, joyfully, having waited and anticipated its outpouring and somewhat wistfully but dutifully Casino spil for sjovt dkny perfume it away again until the next year.

So - Angel - I'll see you at Christmas. I have had this on my skin for one horrific hour so far. I get rotting grapefruit and lemon and synthetic chocolate like a fake chocolate hard candy with foul citrus.

On my skin, not a flower is to be enjoyed: I cannot wait to get home and try to remove this vile malodor from my skin. Literally, I scrub an arm with hand sanitizer and paper towels to no avail.

I place my forearm in a cooler lunch bag and seal Angel in. I pray, whine, apologize. Married for twenty years, my husband knows better than to say a word! He only shakes his head. Update, the day following my experience: The little bit of body cream I sampled smelled fine: Edt is softer and fresher, and that arm was radiating a blooming fragrance where I could detect some floral at stages.

It seems a work of art, but not my style to appreciate. I assume the edp would develop over a dozen hours like the Edt did over the hour I endured it? In that case, I get why it won the Fifi. I realize that the dirty patch is what makes the lemon "rot". For my skin, this bloomed with a burst of citrus and in 3 minutes, chocolate and burned caramel blended, but after that, patch and lemon with bursts of fake, burned confectionery mess.

It can't be linear: I survived an hour of fragrance molecules taking their turn at driving me Casino spil for sjovt dkny perfume the edge of needing a sick bucket.

Next, I made a baking soda paste and scrubbed for about 60 seconds each arm. I repeated the process with baking soda again. Rinsing both arms and sniffing for rotten lemon, edp was still very faint. I used rubbing alcohol to the skin with a paper towel and was finally freed! I walked out to my SUV an hour later to retrieve belongings and there was a faint aroma from the ride home. That being said, if Angel is your love, you will she may never leave you, and good for you! I if I smell it again on another human, I may bolt for a sick bucket.

I promise you, I have not been that nauseated since first trimester with my five children. It was very memorable for sure. No, no thank you. I am learning to love Alien, but I cannot meet up with Angel again. I hope to love Aura better than all, but I'm afraid!

She is my number one, my delicious, sophisticated, sexy, feminine, intense flirty companion. Yes I love, adore this fragrance, nothing has ever come close to the way I feel about this beauty.

First spray, Casino spil paa nettetal nwa rapper blast of gorgeousness and then she changes constantly for a few hours before settling down to feminine, class with brilliant longevity and sillage. I can never be without her. I love Thierry Mugler, his fragrances are unusual, multi dimensional, celebrating strong but feminine, sexy women.

Alien is truly divine, on me it is and this is also a constant in my perfume drawer. Innocent too, is a fizzy delight, reminiscent of meringues, very pretty for an Australian summer. I have smelled this one many years ago, and been soo off put by it, I thought it smelled disgusting actually. It's so different and bold! It sweet, but dirty I think it's a quite complex scent. And I know that this one is a polarizing scent.

I can't stop sniffing my wrist when I wear it. But I'm a bit afraid of wearing it out in public, just because I don't want people to think I smell disgusting. I smell strong menthol initially which I actually don't mind. I find myself continuously sniffing my arm and I'm reminded of what Jennifer Lawrence said in American Hustle about that perfume you love, that you can't stop smelling it even though there's something nasty in it, you can't get enough of it, something along those lines.

That's this perfume exactly! I will update later when I experience the drydown, I'm still in the full menthol patchouli blast. This scent unfolds beautifully to a rich spicy fragrance, but it does take a while.

If you keep sticking your nose to your arm to smell it, you may be turned off. Basically you have to have patience with this baby. My dog loves it and wants to lick it, so I know there's a food note in here, possible the chocolate or cotton candy, but I swear I can't pick out those notes. I can't infact pick out any notes in the dry down other than to say it's spicy and Nye casino sidereal day clock unisex.

I feel like a man could wear this and smell delicious. It's truly the most different perfume I've ever sniffed. I like it, but I don't know why exactly, lol. This was the first perfume I ever owned and I only bought it because my sister wore it and it smelled like chocolate and chocolate is good, right? Back then, I had no imagination and no clue that I might enjoy finding out what fragrances I actually really liked, for myself.

Powerful longevity and sillage, this is definitely a worthy addition to any collection, as it is a lovely, warm and delicious fragrance and I think most people would get on well with it, if applied with discretion so as to avoid it becoming obnoxious. Having said that, I still have an almost full bottle of Angel, which will probably remain unused and unloved until I die or give it away or sell it or something.

I don't hate it but I have come to dislike it and can't wear it anymore because A. It reminds me of my youthful stupidity and B. Once I matured enough to become interested in exploring my own tastes, it turns out I prefer darker, less sweet fragrances. I had this in the 90's and now it got it's renaissance right in to my beloved perfume collection 2 decades later.

This is captivating, it is "chalky" with sweet dusts of angelic sparkles. Casino spil for sjovt dkny perfume, this is sweet and even heavy but it has magical wings and I am so surprised that I forgot this heavenly fragrance existense for so many years. This is definetly for autumn and the winter.

I am so happy that we found each other again, me and my beloved Angel. I also got the Angel eau sucree and off course I made a review on that one to. I tried to smell it, but at beginning it almost made me gag. It's strong, sharp, sweet, floral with watery freshness. That freshness comes from tonka bean, but it's also like vodka Sweet and "high pitched" vanilla.

And again, like with other Mugler perfumes this patchouli actually isn't that disturbing for someone who dislike it. At least give it a try.

Interesting, different, but obnoxious and very strong similarly to other Mugler-s. Sweet and warm, cool and refreshing in same time. This is love or hate perfume. This Angel isn't one those very soft, sweet and divine child like vanilla little angels.

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This Angel smells like something ethereal, like celebrity, something airy, stronger and above. For some reason I respect this perfume, but I can't stand it for longer time and someone who already smelled it on me also said no to this one. To be honest, I previously wrote off Angel after I sniffed the tester, too afraid to spray myself, and didn't like it.

After discovering a love for Alien Essence Absolue, I decided to revisit Angel for something vanilla and strong. Whit's raving about this one and how well it does for her also had something to do with it! My daughter grabbed the Angel sample out of a pile and asked if she could wear it. Good, she can be my guinea pig. Well, one spritz was not enough for us. This was a nice exercise in determining the sillage, too. Casino spil for sjovt dkny perfume, that is some dirty patchouli - LOVE.

There's a chocolatey-ness to the vanilla and praline without being syrupy or liqeurish - LOVE. And yes, a brief time with a cat pee note - still a love!

The other little notes just add interest, making it Now I can say I finally get it. This is an instant classic, but so modern I still can't believe it's 25 years old. It is a strange combination, like dipping French fries in a Frosty. Totally in gourmand land but really not appetizing, yet so so yummy. Of course I will be trying it on my own skin; thankfully I have some pretty kind skin chemistry and should be able to enjoy a bottle of this myself.

I love gourmands and after reading reviews on here I splurged on Angel. It's not that I dislike patchouli. Some perfumes have a polarizing effect. Gres "Cabotine", for example. But the Mother of all polarizing perfumes has to be "Angel".

It inspires comments that range from near poetic to hilariously crude. Sometimes I think it is so lovely, meltingly feminine, as sweet and clear and liquidy as a bubbling brook.

Then sometimes I find it cloying, nauseating, and downright skanky. On my "to get" list it's in the basement. It's a perfume I'd like to find under the Christmas tree but I'm not saving my pennies for it. I really want to try this but i think i might wait till im in a store that sells it and test it. I'll update again once ive tested it. I don't get it. I was hesitant to try this, and I'm not pleased with it on my skin.

I don't get any of the complexity at all; maybe my sample was old, but it smells like light, cheap men's cologne, to be honest.

Angel is one of the most controversial perfumes in the fragrance world, as there seem to be lots of people who hate it just because it doesn't work well with their body chemistry. From what I read here, on some Angel stinks, on others it smells like BO, on others like urine and so on Well, despite its unruly behaviour, or because of that, Casinoer paa nettetal nwtf records spur remains a powerful, timeless and controversial fragrance.

This baby chooses you, and not the other way round. So I consider myself one of the lucky wearers of this gem, because Angel works just fine with my skin chemistry. The sweet notes are prominent on my skin, and the patchouli stays in the background, like a soft purr. This can be heaven for gourmand lovers - evidently those on whom Angel works. As other Fragrantica users have Casino sidereel safe, the pyramid for this perfume has been changed, and I'd like to know the reason why, because frankly I don't smell any nutmeg or cumin in Angel.

Maybe it has suffered a reformulation recently? God, I hope not. Where are the chocolate, the honey and the caramel? I can smell them in the Angel I own bottle from It says on the Mugler website that Angel has the following notes: That's a brief inventory, I know, and it does not do justice to this masterpiece, but whoever changed the pyramid here should at least reinsert the caramel note into the list.

On paper this is beautiful but when it touches my skin it stinks. It is lovely on those who can wear it. Thankfully, Angel Muse works with my skin and I can enjoy a scent similar to this. I hope Casino spil for sjovt dkny perfume is okay for me to post here without my commentary being a proper review, but where have all the notes gone? There used to be laundry lists worth of ingredients: And the main accords seem all out of whack.

Has Angel seen some sort of drastic reformulation, or is it just some change on Fragrantica's behalf? This perfume is intriguing, but an acquired taste.

It didn't say anything to me on my many trips to perfume shops. Then it caught my attention. I told myself I would buy it, went to the store again, and my friend told me to try it before I buy. So I did, and when I smelled my arm, awful and yuck! I didn't buy it then, I just asked for a wet napkin to take it off. But on my way home and all through that evening I was smelling my wrist all the time.

It was there even after the wet napkin wiping, and I found that if I really pay attention I'm loving what I smell there. So I bought it the next day and the rest is history. I'm so glad I got it. It has so many layers and nuances. Every time I smell it I get the same base, but something different on top.

Weird thing is, I've been wearing it to bed, but my clothes and sheets smell like Escada Agua del Sol. I have that too with me, and I asked my friend room mate for the trip I'm on if she'd been wearing it, she said no. Where is that Escada coming from?

Thierry Mugler is a French designer who, I imagine had access to Belgian, Swiss and English the land of Vegas casino online bonuses at work birth chocolates.

My first and last taste of a Hershey bar was when I visited New York a few years back. Lush has patchouli deodorant bars that had no smell I could discern. Rituals had Sultan de Muscat patchouli based - smelt OK - bought 10ml and will review later. On application Angel immediately gives a good dose of this chocolate and it lasts a good three hours.

Once the chocolate subsides it becomes a divine perfume. A powdery vanilla musk, becoming mainly powdery musk after six hours, lasting a good 2 more hours. In my opinion this is a perfume that, although designed for women, is certainly fine Casino spil for sjovt dkny perfume men.

I could buy it againa and again and again This is my best scent. This describes my nocturnal mood perfectly, walking empty boulevards under streetlight, roads black and shimmering from rain, or under rain, paper dancing to the wind gusts. I'm the only soul around. The resulting collection of accords captures the feeling of the hours. The most recent revelation? Chanel knew what it was doing when it chose actress Catherine Deneuve to star in its advertisements for Chanel No.

The retailer is launching VS Fantasies Fragrance Studio today where consumers can work out their own fragrance combinations. See how their love lives affect their work. Pharrell Williams, above, was named Fashion Icon. Plus the best looks from the red carpet.

Fragrances performed well in the first quarter, with Chanel outperforming other brands almost three-to-one. For the first three months oftotal fragrance sales were up 5 percent over the same period last year, fitting squarely in the middle of the personal care category, said Brenna Phelan, director and fragrance analyst of The NPD Group….

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