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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Shultz intexvtaied Shulu letter follows mrae: The situation became more un- -. Keafaal- explosives was blown up Friday lah gunmen closed off the scene of outside a mosque in a Smite Mos- the explosion as rescue teams lem neighborhood in Beirut's heaped the dead and the injured on southern suburbs, killing 62 pa- stretchers, sons and injuring Militiamen fired between the -ol?

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The car exploded feet 45 Lnt: Sheikh buildings, and twisted and ove- Mohammed Hussein Fadlallab, turned vehicles m the middle of the who is believed to head the funds- strecL m dualist HezbaDah, or Pony of Police quoted a wi mess as saying God.

Critics and supporters have said that the support of Mr. But the lawmakers also agreed, at a meeting Wednesday, to press later this year for slowing the pro- duction rale of the MX and possi- bly cutting back the ultimate planned deployment of MX missiles.

Aspin and The Hi Mr. Aspin and The House Democratic leader. The attack on the Lebanon and have their safety and Mr. Nunn, the group includes Sen- Jim Wright. Democrat of Texas, Israeli post at Tyre, on Nov. One diplomat compared the the abducuons were not ordered by One of the partSpantsin the r than in previous years. However, diplomats noted that he number of abductions and pre- cation of who, precisely, has been umed killings appeared to be low- ordering the abductions.

European concerns ova the defensive sys- tem will also be reviewed. Representative Nor- part of a delegation of six to eight U. Co- member Senate gjoupf or the open He bassy personnel and other Ameri- group of official congressional ob- Continued on Page 2, CoL 5 denied the reports. Beigd said there were no Von about the increase in political Sals at the University of Arizona received his first human heart signs of brain da m age, which doc- iolence that has developed before Medical Center announced.

Allan BeigeL a university gelling tbe artificial bean.

They will be the first gena- vice president, said that Thomas The spokesman said Thursday Creighton spent on a heart-lung pjft elections in Zimbabwe since it Creighton, an auto mechani c, died that doctors were not considering m a chine before the decision was teoeral elections that are expected Dr.

Allan BeigeL a university n June. They will be tbe first gener- vice president, said that Thomas pW elections in Zimbabwe since it Creighton, an auto mechanic, died. He had said earlier that Mr. The group is a faction of the leftist Farabundo Mam National liberation Front A ballboy said he saw three persons dressed in teams antre nmnnigJrom the court.

On Friday morning, Dr.

Beigd Officials of the U. Food and said dial Mr. Creighton was trying Drug Administration expressed concern that regulations on artifi- cial heart implants were not fol- lowed in using the heart to tempo- rarily sustain Mr. Creighton after his first human heart transplant was unsuccessful Wtffiam Grigg, a spokesman for the agency, said in Washington on Friday.

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Of the three men who have been given permanent artificial hearts, C l Dr. Shcberbitsky, according to the While House account.

He report- edly added: Gromyko visited Wash- ington Iasi fall. Reagan, sending the U. Reagan was quoted as tell- negotiators io ueneva on rnaay, Mr. Shcberbitsky said he re- ing Mr.

Shcberbitsky that the mis- cauuoned that the talks would be sponded by urging Mr. Fortunes and reputations can be made, and lost on their rec- ommendations. Now their methods are coming under in- creasing scrutiny. He to food as Mrs. Thumdny, attended by members of the Politburo. Chernenko did not attend the Bolshoi gala.

Guests at the reception Casino spil for sjoevaegen 805 beer that Mrs. Gorbachov is a philosophy graduate Mm. Chernenko declined to join in, lie presence of Mrs. Brezhnev, the long-time rulers. But tile obscurity of their lives is such remaining al one side with the other older worn- doyenne of Kremlin society, seemed to indicate that, even for these guests, the occupations, ages cn. But then she and Mis. Gromyko, the wife of that though a Soviet leader may leave the scene, and even the first names of some of their host- Foreign Minister Andrei A.

Gromyko, joined his widow does not necessarily become a non- esses remained a mvsterv. Some guests were struck by the solicitude of the Politburo wives toward Mrs. Brezhnev, ail- ing and confined to a chair. Ha husband, Leonid L Brezhnev, died in after 18 years as the Soviet leader. His charges brought against figures dose to him and bis family.

The presence of Mrs. Brezhnev, the long-time J j. Some guests, expecting a sedate tea, were Mrs. Gromyko, who has had the most public person. Bchroe- der and Murray P. Haydon are liv- ing with Janrik-7 hearts. Schroeder received his last Nov.

Haydon bad an implant Feb. Until the death last year of Yuri V. Gorbachov, whose husband, Mik- pov. Brezhnev, outsiders hail S. Chernenko's health has failed, Mr. It goes like this: As the first vic- tim of Hitler's aggression, inAustria was not responsible for.

The controversy was set off by Defense Minister Friedhelm Fris- chenschlager. He had been freed from a life sentence he was serving irr Italy for Casino spil for sjoevaegen 805 beer role in the mass killing of Italian civilians in Frisch ensdilager is the son of a Nazi party member. When the defense minister elab- orated his apology for an Israeli newspaper, rightists in his own par- ty revolted.

At the end of the war. Assocano n of tedepmdmts. In an interview, Mr. Vednne declined to elaborate, but expressed reserva" ged by Mr. He flippantly denied compari- sons between the Freedom Party and the Nazis, saying that if the comparison were exact, the Free- dom Party would have a majority following in Austria.

Kreisky had Naafication generated a clash be- cultivated the Fteedom Party as the. Kreisky had the last trials were held in The agency, monitored here, quoted Ali Rea Attar, governor of West Azerbaijan province, as saying that people were killed or wounded m Pirranbahr, a small town just east of the border in Iranian Kurdistan.

Attar, the agency reported, said that the Iraqi jets struck a? Five minutes later, eight Iraqi jets bombed section of Susangard, 50 kilometers 30 miles northwest of Ahwaz, capital of Khuzistan province, killing at least 40 persons and wounding scons of residents, the agency said.

Six Iraqi planes bombed the oil-refining city of Abadan, on the Shatt- al-Arab waterway in the south, tilling six persons and destroying SO houses and stores, it said Khonamshahr, upstream from Abadan, and Bostan, to the north, were also attacked, the agency n ddert.

Wiesenthal made an unfa-? Wiesenthal de- Sinowatz, who succeeded Mr. The struggle within the Freedom nounced the chancellor for indud- Kreisky as chancellor in With the emergent Greens net. Five years later, Mr. Wiesenthal, 76, said in an a tiAit for nothing. He and 30 other jailed iiy terrorist suspects staged a hunger strike for nearly two months to called the Revolution- Casino bonus 2 blogsite their demands to be incaroer- ary Cells claimed reroonsibility for ated together, three bomb blasts Friday against Thor fast.

The quake killed Faction, itwould indicate they had pgopleand left more thanhomeless: The government canceled dasses to otKmonthso that maostry targets. Since the shooting, the police aud tw the poBceto be activein West Geonany, but thor isolation from the International Monetary Fund. A few minutes iter, the great firebombing of Tokyo began.

By the time it was over at least

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