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Exploring the uses of data on height: Social Science History 6 4: C, Nuclear Physics 46 6: Exploring the validity of data-gathering instruments. Exploring the validity of the Affect Balance Scale with a sample of family caregivers.

Journal of Gerontology 49 5: Exploring the validity of the Chalder Fatigue scale in chronic fatigue syndrome. Journal of Psychosomatic Research 45 5: Exploring the value of shiatsu in palliative care day services.

International Journal of Palliative Nursing 7 5: Exploring the variability in antibiotic prescribing profiles among paediatricians from two different areas of Italy. Pharmacological Research 45 5: Exploring the views of basic surgical trainees senior house officers on a basic surgical training scheme. Medical Teacher 24 5: Studies in Health Technology and Informatics Exploring the vision of family medicine: Family Medicine 31 6: Exploring the whereabouts of GLUT4 in skeletal muscle review.

Molecular Membrane Biology 19 1: Exploring the world of nursing on the Net.

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Rn 63 10 Suppl: Exploring the wound research abstracts: Journal of Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing 27 3: Exploring the "psychometric paradigm": Risk Analysis 17 3: Exploring theoretical frameworks for the analysis of fertility fluctuations.

European Journal of Population 3 2: Exploring three approaches for handling incomplete patient histories in a computer-based guideline for childhood immunization.

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Exploring tobacco control advocacy among Asian Pacific Islanders: Exploring transient chaos in an NMR-laser experiment. Physical Review Letters 73 4: Exploring unconventional medical systems. Hawaii Medical Journal 58 7: Exploring up-stream of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor gene. Exploring use of laser to determine caries location. Journal of Laser Applications 2 1: Exploring variability when interpreting performance rates. International Journal for Quality in Health Care 8 2: Exploring variables underlying non-response in a survey of nurses and nurses' aides in practice.

Journal of Advanced Nursing 29 4: Exploring vascular nitric oxide in health and disease. The Goulstonian Lecture Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of London 31 3: Biomedical Communications 12 2: Exploring violence and abuse in gay male relationships.

Violence and Victims 13 2: Exploring within-tree architectural development of two apple tree cultivars over 6 years. Annals of Botany 91 1: Exploring women's beliefs regarding urinary incontinence. Urologic Nursing 21 3: Contemporary Nurse 7 1: Exploring women's needs in an Amazon region of Ecuador. Reproductive Health Matters 9 Exploring word recognition in a semi-alphabetic script: Brain and Language 81 Exploring wound care in Germany.

Exploring wound care in Japan. Exploring wound care in Spain. Exploring writing--from rebellion to participation. Journal of Learning Disabilities 28 9: Exploring young people's difficulties in talking about contraception: Health Education Research 14 6: Journal - American Health Care Association 4 2: Journal of Organic Chemistry 62 7: Explosion and fire in the expiratory limb of a Fisher and Paykel "three in one" respiratory care system.

Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 26 4: Explosion at the AZF factory, one year later.


Mechanical ventilation uses fans to drive the flow of air into a building. These compounds exceeded health standards in most homes. Therefore, some manufacturers also sell bottles of solvent as thinner, thinner originally contained toluene, which was banned due to its toxicity.

Interview by Christian Bourdeux. Explosion during surgery for gastric outlet obstruction. Explosion in the medicine chest. Health Care Financing Review 20 3: Explosion injuries of the hand. Spatial relationship and injury pattern. Journal of Hand Surgery 21 6: Explosion investigation of asphalt-salt mixtures in a reprocessing plant. Journal of Hazardous Materials 79 3: Explosion of a collapsing Bose-Einstein condensate. Physical Review Letters 86 Explosion of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 on entry into the Jovian atmosphere.

Astrophysical Journal 1: Explosion of limit cycles and chaotic waves in a simple nonlinear chemical system. Explosion of our knowledge about thrombopoietin.

CDC Declares Drug-Resistant Salmonella Outbreak

Ugeskrift for Laeger Explosions and blast injuries. Annals of Emergency Medicine 37 6: Explosions may occur if dry ice is placed in airtight transport containers. Explosive amplification of an electromagnetic field in a magnetized flow of accelerated-electron oscillators.

Explosive change--and opportunity--in the VA system. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 45 3: Explosive chromosome evolution and speciation in the gerbil genus Taterillus Rodentia, Gerbillinae: Cytogenetic and Genome Research 96 Explosive crystallization starting from an amorphous-silicon surface region during long pulsed-laser irradiation.

Physical Review Letters 59 Explosive diaper pustular psoriasis. Pediatric Dermatology 19 6: Bombings--and injuries--are on the rise. Emergency Medical Services 25 3: Explosive energy release in magnetic shocks.

Explosive free-electron-laser instability in a plasma-filled waveguide.

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A multisite outbreak of Salmonella Montevideo infections is associated with sprouts sold at Jimmy John's restaurants in Illinois and Wisconsin, according to the. Diamondback's Casino was closed by the Kittitas County Health Department Tuesday afternoon while it investigates a possible food-borne illness outbreak. Th. In Heshmati & Associates successfully handled six (6) food poisoning cases, all caused by Salmonella food poisoning at the Firefly restaurant. Food Poisoning: Legionnaires Outbreaks in Las Vegas Legionnaires' disease is a severe form of pneumonia caused by a bacterium known as legionella.

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