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Short descriptions and photographs of some photogenic microorganisms.

Ubiquitous in nature and is the second most common cause of invasive aspergillosis next to Aspergillus fumigatus. Has been implicated in pulmonary, systemic, sinus, ear and other infections. Most widely reported food-borne fungus and can be found colonizing decaying vegetation, crops and seeds. Has also been implicated as both an insect and animal pathogen. For a slightly more expanded description of pathogenicity, see the intro to the Aspergillus fumigatus post.

Very rapid rate of growth, maturing in about three days. Surface is greenish-yellow to olive and may have a white border.

Texture is often floccose, especially near the center and overall can be velvety to woolly. Unremarkable cream to tan to yellowish reverse on Sabouraud Dextrose media.

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Aspergillus flavus on SAB media at 72 hour at 30 o C. The metulae support the phialides and together form the biseriate structure. Tangled web of the Aspergillus flavus mycelium as above X Aspergillus flavus conidiophore bearing vesicle X Look for the Biseriate structure - Rough surface of conidiophore at its apex where it meets the vesicle is evident in this photo. This roughness is a diagnostic feature of Aspergillus flavus. Too many photos, but I just like them!

Though difficult to see, the slighly rough wall can be visualized on several of the conidia, particularly in the lower left of the photo.

The conidiophore also has this rough or gently spiked texture particularly at the apex where it meets the vesicle. Also note that phialides radiate from vesicle in all directions as opposed to A. Aspergillus flavus - more typical appearance with phialides radiating from vesicle in all directions.

This photo taken from adhesive tape preparation of 72 hr fully mature culture. This technique was quite disruptive, dispersing conidia throughout the preparation. Many Aspergillus flavus isolates are capable of producing aflatoxins, very potent carcinogens. Aflatoxin B 1cyclopiazonic acid, 3-nitroproprionic acid.

Intended as Aspergillus flavus computer screen 'Wallpaper' X when posted. Return to Most Recent Posts. American Society Microbiology; 1 edition Mar 1 Saturday, 4 February Aspergillus flavus. Macroscopic Colony Morphology; Very rapid rate of growth, maturing in about three days. The conidiophore also has this rough or gently spiked texture particularly at the apex where it meets the vesicle Also note that phialides radiate from vesicle in all directions as opposed to A.

Aspergillus flavus LPCB X again, enlarge photo and look for the rough texture of the conidia's surface Aspergillus flavus - more typical appearance with phialides radiating from vesicle in all directions. Intended as Aspergillus flavus computer screen 'Wallpaper' X when posted Home: Posted by Yuri at Aspergillus flavusconidiametulaephialides.

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Earn a wage as a Medical Laboratory Technologist. Have worked in several Ontario hospitals. Involved in some Medical research with published papers. View my complete profile. Although I strive to ensure all information is accurate some errors or differences of interpretation may occur. Any errors mine alone. Fine text books, peer reviewed scientific papers and other internet references are available for detailed descriptions and analysis. My intent here was simply to share some of the pretty pictures I've taken over the years.

There is artistry and beauty in all of these organisms! An Apology My apology for the lame title of this Blog. My wife suggested I try 'Blogging' to pass the time while recuperating from a major illness. This entire endeavor started somewhat as a joke, my never intending to do much more. Somehow it all got away from me and I find myself enslaved to the site, trying to find more and more interesting "photogenic" organisms to document. Another apology appears elsewhere in this blog, however it is worth reiterating here.

I apologize for the disproportional amount of fungal posts as this site should be about 'Microbiology'. As I had no original writing to contribute, I chose to share some photos which I had taken. I hope this blog site has evolved into a collection of photo-essays on organisms covered in a bit more detail than found at other sites or in most textbooks.

I was always disappointed in the single photo depicting an organism as found in most textbooks. Microorganism are quite clever too - they have managed to evade our best efforts in being controlled for Casino siderophores aspergillus flavus colony or to be eradicated.

As my prof once said "Microorganisms don't read textbooks so they don't know how they should behave. I have tried to catch and correct this wherever it occurs but the reader must be aware of the scale of structures described and apply the dimension intended. Note on Agar Media Used As a community hospital, we stocked only the most basic of mycological media.

The majority of plate photos are taken of cultures on Sabouraud Dextrose Agar which in our lab we refer to as SAB for short. Others my condense this to SDA. Please be aware that in this blog they refer to one and the same media. I apologize for any confusion. The agar used will be stated when appropriate. Microphotographs Casino siderophores aspergillus flavus colony Micro photographs displayed on this blog were taken by myself except if noted otherwise.

Bacteria Anaerobiospirillus succiniproducens Capnocytophagia species E. Fungi Absidia corymbifer Acremonium kiliense Acremonium species Alternaria alternata Apophysomyces elegans "complex" Arthrographis species Aspergillus foot cell Aspergillus calidoustus A. Fungal Reference Books A list of fungal reference text books I found useful in preparing this blog can be found further below in this sidebar.

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Strongyloides stercoralis Feces Strongyloides stercoralis Sputum Trichomonas hominis Trichomonas vaginalis Trichostrongylus spp. Mitchener Institute Mitchener Institue. Wadsworth -New York State Dept. They have a fantastic Glossary of Mycological Terms which can be accessed by clicking here. University of Western Ontario. Fungal Reference Books Below is a list of fungal reference books I found of help in preparing this blog.

Many other fine texts books and reference materials are available and the reader should decide what suits their own needs. For ease of locating these books or further information about them, I have added links to Amazon.

I have no personal connection with Amazon and these books can no doubt be obtained through other sellers or their publishers. Some prices through secondary sources are outrageous. Try the original publisher first and science libraries may carry these publications also. Atlas of Clinical Fungi, 2 nd edition. Star Pub Co June Language: Tsuneo Watanabe While a more recent, 3rd Edition is available from CRC Pressthe page 2nd edition can still be downloaded free of charge as a PDF by clicking on the icon of the book above, or on the title immediately above.

While most of the fungi discussed in this blog are of clinical importance, some can be found in this publication.

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Extensive photo gallery with short, concise text. Click on photo icon to redirect to Amazon. ThunderHouse Instruments - My workshop, where outside of the Microbiology Laboratory, I dabbled in making bass guitars amongst other instruments. Click Icon To redirect.

Micro Mail Okay, here it is. You can contact me via the icon above. I've reluctantly added it but may regret it.

Call it an experiment. I welcome any comments related to my posts, be it positive or constructive criticism. Please note that I probably will not respond to most comments as I barely have the time and energy to add new content to this blog. I absolutely will not offer to diagnose your ailment, be it that dry patch on your backside, that thingy you pulled out of your ear or that green stuff growing on the sides of your refrigerator!

Please do not send me your photos for identification. I am not here to help you with your illness or your thesis! Finally, please realize, I am not a physician therefore I cannot offer medical advice. I freely share all my photographs on this blog site to all those who may find them interesting and useful. However, I do ask that you do not claim them as your own work, and give this site or myself credit when they are used publicly.

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Antagonistic Activity of Siderophore Producing examined for colony The test fungal organisms used for study are Aspergillus flavus NCIM. Phylogenetic Identification of DNase Secreting Soil Bacteria Antagonistic to Fungus Aspergillus (Aspergillus flavus). You have free access to this content Use of CAS-agar plate modified to study the effect of different variables on the siderophore production by Aspergillus.

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