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We will be covering the Attendance module which is a part of the HR Plus suite. Configuring the Basic Settings.

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Adding a Biometric Device. Here, you can specify the attendance regularization request limits and define the attendance cycle.

Adding a shift Go to top. This shift is assigned by default to any new employees created in the system. New shifts can be created by clicking the New button. Click on Edit blue pencil icon button to start editing a shift.

The setup is straight forward. The intra-day option is useful for creating night shifts, where the shift duration crosses over to the next day. The shift window determines the range of time i. You need to specify when a user should be marked late arriving 'n' minutes after the shift's start time or early leaving 'm' minutes before the shift's end time. The explanation to each question is in blue: On what basis should a late or early mark penalty be applied?

Are late mark penalties defined by the total number of times you are late in a month or the number of consecutive days you are late in a month. Here cycle could mean a month, a year or a quarter. What is the criteria for additional days for the penalty to be extended? Assume the answer to be above question is 2 days a month.

Then for every Casino sidereel game additional day after thatanother late penalty will be applied. Here 'n' will be defined by you. This question defines the type of penalty assessed on the individual for the late penalties he has accumulated. This penalty type could mean a full-paid day, a half-paid day or a leave balance deduction. How would you like to deduct the penalty?

For a leave balance deduction, you can define if a single leave will be deducted or a leave rule will be configured. A leave rule means that WorkPro will first deduct a penalty eg: It will continue deducting from this leave type till its balance is 0.

In that event, it will now deduct a leave type from the second type of leave balance, as you define it in the question: Define the leave type deducted. Do you want to apply 'Loss of Pay'?

Loss of Pay is one of the answer options in the previous question. It means that WorkPro will apply an unpaid day as a penalty when calculating Attendance for the month. You can setup your company overtime policy from Configure Overtime.

There are no overtime policies created by default. Here you need to specify how the overtime will be calculated based on your company's policy. Shifts are assigned from the the Schedule Shifts tab and policies are from the Assign Policies tab.

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Once the shift has been assigned you can see it in the main time table. From the Assign Policies tab apart from Late Early and Overtime you can also change the attendance type of a user and also give them Optimistic status.

An optimistic user does not have to check in or out and is assigned a default 'Present' status for every day. Each feature has a slight variation and is used for different purposes. Override Attendance can be used to modify the attendance of multiple users for a particular day.

However if there arises a need to modify the attendance for multiple days then 'Upload Attendance' can be used. WorkPro also tracks which administrators have created attendance override and attendance upload requests in the past, to create transparency in the attendance processing stage. This link is activated only for those companies that use a biometric device. Then your IT team can set this up in WorkPro.

You can even have a Casino sidereel game session with the WorkPro support team to set this up. Please ensure that you have all the details listed above handy.

This concludes our guide on the Attendance module.

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