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When use to refer to the moon, crescent simply means that less than half the moon is illuminated, as in stages 8, 1, and 2 above. Gibbouson the other hand, is an unfamiliar word to many. It refers to the phase when half or more of the moon is illuminated, as in stages 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 above. The waxing crescent phase runs from the new moon to the first quarter moon. Next comes the waxing gibbous moon, which runs from the first quarter moon to the full moon. After that, there's the waning gibbous, from the full moon to the third quarter moon, and the waning crescent, from the third quarter moon back to the new moon.

The line dividing the dark part of the moon from the light part is known as the terminatorwhich can make from some amusing sci-fi movie references. Once you're comfortable with all the terms, you're ready to start learning the formula for determining the moon phase in your head, which begins in the next tab.

Just like the day of the week feat, you're going to translate the year, datecentury, and year into key numbers, and add them up. In the day of the week feat, you then performed a modulo 7 operation on this number, but for the roughly day moon cycle, you're going to perform modulo Unlike the calendar formula, the moon phase formula is not exact.

The real moon's orbit is quite complex, and exact calculations include corrections for every detail. The formula you'll learn is simple enough to do in your head, and will be accurate to within about a day or so. You'll learn how to deal with this in the Presentation section of the Practice tab. Month Key The month key is very easy to remember. For March to December, you simply use the standard month number. For example, March's key number is 3, April's key number is 4, and so on up to December's key number, which is January and February aren't hard to recall.

January's key number is 3, and February's key number is 4. If you can remember the month numbers, and these numbers for Casinoer paa nettetal kaldenkirchen schutzenfest shirt first two months, you'll be able to remember the year key without trouble.

Date Key If you thought the month key was easy, the date key is even easier! All you use is the number of the date, 1 through 31, as the date key. So, your first step is to look at the month and date, and add the two keys together.

Once you have a total of the month and day keys, it's usually a good Live online casino us players to add 30 to the total before working with the century and year keys. With those, you're going to be doing some subtracting, and adding 30 will help ensure that the running total remains a positive number.

When you're comfortable getting and adding the month and day keys, it's time to learn the year and century keys. Century Key When performing this feat, it's best to use a date that's meaningful, such as a birthday or anniversary. So, all you really need to know are keys for the s and s. If you're given a date in the s, you simply subtract 4 from the running total. If you're given a date in the s, you'll subtract 8 instead.

Year Key Unlike the previous keys, there are a few steps to working out the year key. Don't worry, they can still be done in your head. First, you'll need to know your multiples of This is because the Casinoer paa nettet hiveswap dammek wiki step in working out the year key is finding out how close you are to the nearest multiple of 19, whether that multiple is more or less than the year number.

Let's use as an example, focusing on the Casino sidereal month vs synodic month diagram as simply 8. Before moving on to the 2nd step, though, let's try another example year, such as Working with 13, we see that it's between 0 and 19, but closer to Starting from 19, you'd get to 13 by working our 19 - 6, so 13's number at this stage should be thought of as This is what I mean about finding the distance to the closest multiple of What about, say, 59? Do you understand why? This first step seems complicated when you first learn about it, but with practice, it's not hard to determine the number you need quickly and easily.

Now it's time to explain the second step. First, I'll explain the long way of working through this step, then I'll give you a shortcut that gives the same result. Whether the number you got in the first step was positive or negative, you're going to work through this step as if it's a positive number, and then restore the proper sign at the end. Next, we multiply that by 11, and get Finally, 88 modulo 30 is 28and we recall that the original number was positive, so we know that the 28 is positive, as well.

This is the final number we need, so we would add 28 to our running total. What happens with ? Applying the first step to 13 gave us -6 remember?

Restoring the minus sign from earlier, we get This simply means that we'd subtract 6 from our running total. The first thing to notice here is that neither the sign Casino sidereal month vs synodic month diagram the ones digit the rightmost digit change. It's also easy to see that the multiples of 3 don't change at all. For example, 7 modulo 3 is 1so we just put a 1 in front of a 7 to make Just like in the long version, when you do the modulo 3, you need to temporarily drop the sign, then put it back afterwards, for this formula to work out properly.

Let's work through the shortcut method with a year ending in 53, as an example. In the first step, 53 becomes -4 you should still understand why. We temporarily drop the minus sign, and perform 4 mod 3 to get 1, so we put a 1 in there to make This means we need to subtract 14 from our running total. The more you practice and perform this feat, the more quickly these numbers will come to mind.

Sooner than Casino sidereal month vs synodic month diagram expect, the numbers will come from your memory quicker than from calculation. Now that you understand how to properly figure the year, date, century, and year keys, it's time to put them all together and practice, which we'll do in the next tab!

Getting Results Now that you understand how to find each key, it's time to put them all together and get the final result! Simply add each of the key numbers together. If the number is greater than 30, take the answer modulo You'll wind up with a number ranging from 0 to 29, and this number represents the moon's age in days.

The chart below shows how the age corresponds to the four major moon events: To see how this works, let's work through an example date, April 1, April gives 4 and the 1st gives 1, so that's a total of 5. In this case, 20 is below 30, so we don't have to work out modulo That suggests we're about 5 days past the full moon, so the moon would be getting darker each night, but a majority of the moon's face would still be illuminated.

In technical terms, the moon was in a waning gibbous phase. If you enter April 1, into Wolfram Alpha and scroll down to the bottom, you can verify that the moon was indeed in a waning gibbous phase on that date!

As a matter of fact, Wolfram Alpha provides a great way to test your ability to work through this formula. Get a random date in the 20th or 21st century by clicking herethen use that date to work through the moon phase formula in your head. When you've got an answer, click the date in the Result pod, and scroll to the bottom to see the actual phase of the moon on that date.

Presentation Due to the margin of error of this formula, you can't pin down the specific events new moon, 1st quarter moon, full moon, and 3rd quarter moon exactly. Since the various phases are each about a week long, and overlap, you can use this to your advantage. I often use the difference in technical terms used by astronomers and on Wolfram Alpha in contrast with an informal description of the moon, including how average people would refer to the moon.

This is usually enough to be considered accurate and verifiable with an outside source. Don't forget the importance of having an outside source to verify your claim on the moon. If you can't have someone look up the date online, at least carry an almanac or other reference in which your audience can verify the moon phase. If you make sure people verify your claim with Wolfram Alpha, you can also usually state your estimate of the moon's age openly.

Wolfram Alpha, at least at this writing, doesn't include this information. Here's a general idea of what to say for any given estimate: In fact, so little of the moon is lit, most people would just refer to it as a new moon. It's known as the waxing crescent phase. The average person might even call it a half-moon or 1st-quarter moon.

This is called the waxing gibbous phase. The technical term for this is the waning gibbous phase. Many would refer to this as a half-moon or 3rd quarter moon. Astronomer call this the waning crescent phase. For the Southern hemisphere, just switch all the references to left and right. Once you've practiced both the formula itself and the presentation of your moon estimate, you're ready to perform this feat for someone else.

Additionally, you can learn more about the formula itself in the Why? I teach one version here in the Mental Gymas well as a quicker and simpler version called Day Onefor sale at Lybrary. Years ending in a multiple of 19 00, 19, 38, 57, 76, Since you have less than half of the 30 different images, it's reasonable that the photo you're showing isn't an exact match to the moon. There's even a moon-shaped toy called Moon In My Danske casinoer paa nettetal abuja electricity company that can display 12 different phases of the moon, which is perfect for this presentation.

Simply select the century from the menu, then click Submit. The widget will return 2 numbers, r and s. You can use either one of these as the key for your chosen century, but one if often simpler to use than the other. In this example, adding 6 is the easier way to go. If you can memorize several keys, you can use the widget to lookup each year and that range. Use the pull-down menus to select any year from toand then click the Submit button.

Like the above widget, you're given two choices, r and sand you can decide which one is easier to use. You can ignore the variable yas it's simply the last two digits of the year you input. The years - can be reduced to these images via modulo 19, similar to the use of modulo 28 in Day One. To adjust for a date the s, simply add 4. I jokingly refer to this approach as Night One. These latter tables show Sun Sign Changes vary a bit year to year. From solar, lunar and planetary component data, astrological analysis can proceed.

The general character of the subject can be revealed for its zodiacal placements, since the signs of the sun, moon and planets have been discovered. Grids of Aspects between the novel component data can be created, revealing component interactions as established by their geometric relationships of: The aspects between components need not be exact, as astrologers allow for an orb around the exact value, these orb amounts varying by the specific type of aspect and the specific planets involved; invention computes aspects by astrology's standard degrees of orb.

Each component can also be categorized for astrological disposition: When the full range of input parameters are known for the inquiry's subject—time, date and earthly location, the complete and precise astrological component mapping can be generated. Specifically, the exact time and geographic location of the inquiry afford the ability to process and Casino sidereal month vs synodic month diagram the axial components which orient the planetary components, as well as for more precise data on fast-moving astrological components, lunar activity, eclipses and changes of zodiac sign, or on changes in apparent direction direct or retrograde of planetary components.

To construct an astrological artifact involving axial components, such as a natal chart from an individual's birth date, time and location, the positions of these components need to be discovered by computational processing, which in part can be met by conventional astronomical or astrological procedures.

The GMT standard is principally used in astrology and is the basis herein.

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  • The Moon's sidereal orbital period (the sidereal month) is ~ days; this is the time interval that the Moon takes to orbit ° around the Earth relative to the " fixed" stars. The period of the lunar phases (the synodic month), e.g. the full moon to full moon period, is longer at ~ days. At New Moon, the Moon is aligned with.
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Here, let a location on earth specified by date and time be the input parameters. The local time input is converted to Greenwich Mean Time per standard time zone tables or algorithmic discovery.

This converted time is then adjusted for sidereal movement by a combination process: This resultant time is then adjusted for longitudinal equivalent to the input location and this is done by multiplying the longitude of the input location by four, with the result stated in terms of hours, minutes and seconds.

This amount is then added east of Greenwich or subtracted west of Greenwich to the sidereal time previously computed. This value is the local sidereal time LST for the input parameters. For Southern latitudes, the local sidereal time calculated by the process is increased by 12 hours; the book of houses per invention is referred to: The process references this local sidereal time, in cross-reference to the longitudinal coordinate of the input location, against a book or table of houses, a look-up table or by database algorithm which returns the zodiac positions Casino spil paa nettetal nwmls discover the axial components per invention—minimally, ascendant and mid-heaven.

Each house can be individually determined for complete charts. In performing typical input processing, the following group of look-up tables, calendars must be available, in full or part: It contains a portion of an Ephemeris, this ephemeris being further innovative in that it contains the Latitudinal Position of the Planetary Components, in addition to Longitudinal. The position in latitude is valuable for determining position within the physical stars in zodiac constellation.

For this example, the processing methods are implemented to determine Casino sidereal month vs synodic month diagram subject's Local Sidereal Time:. At bottom, are listings of the extracted Planetary Component Data, stated for celestial longitude and latitude, with the data for the Moon reduced from the Greenwich noon data, and of Axial Component Data.

The Scorpio components predict and reveal the subject as a deeply emotional individual, loyal, intuitive and passionate, these as the foundation for thought processes, decisions, endeavors and inspiration.

The Capricorn components predict the subject as highly conservative, cautious and conventional, materially and practically inclined, with a strong sense of status, responsibility and duty.

The Western components in Scorpio and Capricorn predict an individual who is dark and stocky, with large bones. Likely occupations are psychologist, government employee, military officer, corporate executive. This indicates that the subject has a predominant disposition to react rather than to act, to choose from existent situations rather than to create choices and opportunities. The quality of the planets are reported as predominantly cardinal and fixed.

This reveals the subject as a very stable individual and competent leader, with a fixed sense of self and others. The key planet in the Western manufactureds is Saturn in Capricorn, being in its regent sign, and this planet functions as the end-depositor for the composition.

This predicts the subject resolves as a person, ambitious for the sake of material wealth and personal status, practically pursuing goals. However, this is fully wrong. The manufactureds by the invention reveal that, in fact, the subject has a Libran Sun and rising sign AscendantMercury and Neptune, Casinoer paa nettetal nwmls substantial placements in Sagittarius.

Each planet and angle is in a zodiac sign different from the Western ones. The subject is predicted and revealed, by the Libran components, as an intellectual and aesthete who is concerned with societal forms of art and science. The many Sagittarian components indicate that the subject has a religious and ethical nature, and is inclined to higher thought. On the physical side, the Libran and Sagittarian components predict a person who is fair, good looking, slender and athletic.

Probable occupations include writer, artist, thinker, educator. This indicates a strong tendency to empower oneself to personally originated purposes and to pursue these in life. The disposition and analytics further reveal qualities quite different from that produced by the Western Prior Art, as the subject's planets are predominantly in cardinal and mutable signs. This indicates a changeable, versatile nature, coupled with strong cardinal leadership qualities.

Jupiter, ruler of religion, law and philosophy, not Saturn, is the primary planet for the subject disposition, with exaltations, detriments and fall changing also. This predicts the subject resolves as an enterprising person, philosophical, full of ideas to better life. Thus, the invention improves on Western prior art by correcting the demonstrable flaws of its methods, tools, resources and artifacts for usage.

The results of the example represent the typical improvement for any input choice, with the invention demonstrating its innovation over the Western Prior Art and establishing its usefulness and general benefit to society. Three comments are important. First, the astrological characterization provided by the artifacts produced per the invention's methods seemed subjectively more astute, insightful and on-target to the subject than did those by the Prior Art.

As a simple proof of its efficacy, the subject clearly resembles the invention's physical prediction, not the Western's. Second, feelings that the prior art creates accurate artifacts stem from the astrological fact that the Sun of any subject, a preeminent astrological component for every inquiry, moves into the Western prior art natal position by adulthood, with progressed positions understood in astrology as indicating what the subject becomes or is influenced by, at that time in life.

And third, by logic, the rational mind knows that it is the stars in the formations of the actual, naturally factual, zodiac constellations which is what, if anything, makes astrology transpire.

The interpretative and creative usages of astrological manufactureds are, to great extent, not topical to the invention. These developed specialties are independent of this invention, because they are not impacted by this invention. It is not an issue of interpretation; it is not that Taurus must now be understood differently. It is that the prior art assigns locations incorrectly, placing a planet, e. Although the example focused on a natal chart, any variety of astrological process or artifact can benefit from the methods of invention.

The transit data then is placed on the subject chart, by Overlay technique, as shown therein. The transit overlay is made for any type of astrological chart.

As with the two previous Casino sidereal month vs synodic month diagram, FIG. Synastry, the astrology of pairing two subjects, requires each subject's data and charts to be first rendered per invention. These types of astrological chart artifacts are used to portray the interaction, influence and compatibility of two subjects. For illustrative purposes, a second example subject is introduced, chosen for its date's numerological signature per the methods and correspondence systems described herein, of Jan.

That subject's natal positions of components and the natal chart for that subject are first determined and constructed. By use of the overlay technique, synnastry charts achieve their ends by linking the two natal charts, placing one subject's components by Casino royale film online free over the chart of the other subject. In contrast thereto, the mechanism of composite charts is to make one single data set and chart from two sets of component positions, the new data set and chart revealing how that pairing operates together.

The composite technique is by mid-points. Mundane astrology of events, objects, companies, utilizes the invention's data types, too.


This value is the local sidereal time LST for the input parameters. Note that with any more westward precession, the actual zodiac sign on the vernal equinox will have changed from Pisces to Aquarius, the Age of Aquarius.

Standard charts are made in manner of Western- Eastern- and Chinese-Style astrology charts, except that the invention's charts are based on and reflective of the invention's zodiac positions of signs and zodiac components. From the Table of Grahas, one can see clearly that for every component graha, the invention's position, to the degree, is always different from the position found by Eastern prior art.

The Sidereal and Synodic Months

The box Charts look very similar, which is because only the sign, but not the degree, is represented therein. However, importantly the Sun signs differ. Given the focus in Chinese astrology upon the Lunar Signs' Elements, Seasons and Stems, the invention's methods provide vital improvement since the Western Methods err by one zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign is unique, and neighboring signs of the zodiac are always different with respect to their astrological Element, Quality and Polarity.

The reproduction gives comprehensive view from outside the zodiac. The twelve zones of the grid are marked by sign glyph, with their corresponding zodiac constellation found within respective region. Each Constellation can be illustrated for its mythological symbol.

The example zodiac sign in this figure, in astrological symbol and underlying physical constellation, is of Aries, whose symbolic image is of the Ram. A circular base sheet is marked along its perimeter, being divided into twelve equal sections, each section being marked in an outer band on the perimeter by the glyph of one of the twelve zodiac signs in order along the zodiac belt, counterclockwise.

Next, an interior circle is drawn equidistant between the base sheet's center and its perimeter. This line represents the ecliptic, with position outward from this ecliptic line being for increasingly northern latitudes, the area going inward to the center, being for increasingly southern latitudes, Maanedens nye casino tilbudsrejser tyrkiet hovedstadens direction extending or marked to contain at least 30 degrees of latitude.

Next, the actual stars in zodiac constellations are mapped and figured to the area between the center and perimeter, being mapped individually by longitude and latitude. The symbolic entity of each zodiac sign can be illustrated on its constellation space.

Onto this prepared circular base, the zodiac planetary and axial component positions can be mapped and rendered. An outermost ring with calendar dates, such that March 21 st is origin, dates proceeding counterclockwise, aligning with the Invention's Sun Signs, Equinoxes and Solstices by calendar dates, can be added. On a radii from center, of axial components, latitude can be marked.

These three varieties of positions are unique to the invention, based on its coordinate systems. The nearby stars are also given for each component position to aid zodiac determinations.

For determination of the invention's positions, the star catalogues, FIGS. This particular version of the device is utilized as the mapping base of standard astrological charts, which map by longitude only, as are found in the FIGS.

The dividing line separating Aquarius 30 degrees and Pisces 0 degrees is the origin of the mapping device, corresponding to the solar position at the vernal equinox, the degrees from the origin proceeding counterclockwise from that point of Casino sidereal month vs synodic month diagram circular base.

The zodiac glyphs are inward aligned, to permit legibility when rotating the device, for instance, to place a subject's ascendant at the nine o'clock position when mapping a subject. A concentric inner circle is marked inside the circular base's perimeter band of zodiac signs, allowing that band to be divided by house axes, with the appropriate house marked therein. This astrological chart device was used for drawing the invention's example charts contained in the FIGS.

The stars of the irregular zodiac constellations result in arc sections which are without zodiac sign or where two constellations overlap, based on longitude alone. The former arc section is marked, shown herein by diagonal lines, the latter overlapping arc section by cross-hatching. The astrological mapping device, as each device of the FIGS. The example subject's Neptune is at the end of Virgo by longitude, however, because it is, by longitude and latitude, closer to a star of Libra, its star-based Casino sidereal month vs synodic month diagram is determined as Libra.

By longitudinal measurement alone, subject's Ascendant is end-Virgo. Along the Ascendant No deposit casino bonus codes august 2018 printable calendar lie the two Virgoan luminaries, Thus, the ascendant axis crosses those two Virgoan luminaries, corresponding to the two Feet of the Virgin.

Per invention's non-grid, physical stars in constellation-based positions, position can be by point, longitude, visually, and by symbols on stars. It also shows, when it provides the best fit, components by longitude, visual inspection and symbol. To great extent, positions along the ecliptic belt by these means return zodiac signs which are unanimous. However, examine the subject's conjunction of Ascendant, Mercury and Neptune: The calendar dates are given for each sign, when the Sun appears in that zodiac constellation.

To enable the creation of these horoscopes, three compilations of astrological data for the given day, with respect to the zodiac signs, are useful. The horoscope method identifies, for each zodiac sign, any planets found in that particular zodiac sign, and attributes importance to the characteristics of those planets for that sign.

The method qualifies that information by any aspects which those domiciled planets make with other planets. Then, the method identifies planetary positions by sign for that day which make a significant aspect to the particular zodiac Sun sign, and attributes from this. For the purposes of this invention, the horoscopes of Western prior art Sun signs are not directly useable, or rotated, as the horoscopes of the invention's art.

This is because, though by invention, a Western Sun position in, for example subject, Scorpio, is in Libra, the subject cannot use the Western horoscope for Libra, as by invention, the Western positions which underlie its Libra horoscope are actually positions and aspects in relation to Virgo.

It contains Celebrity Profiles by Invention, providing brief astrological sketches of eight celebrities. The profiles, being printed information generated per the methods of the invention, are analytic artifacts which house the invention's component data and describe the astrological character consistent therewith.

The profiles by invention are generated by approximately processing the Western prior art component data found in the Jillson profiles. Here, all prior art component data are adjusted by an approximate, corrective, amount, being to shift prior art positions one zodiac sign back, i.

Thus, if the prior art established Mercury as being in Cancer, the invention's position of Mercury is in Gemini, the zodiac sign which precedes Cancer.

By culling and adjusting the component data found in the prior art profiles, the correct component data can be discovered, and this data then served the purpose of analysis in line with the methods of the invention. All of the profiles created by invention are reasonable, informative and entertaining as considered on their own. The invention does not limit or restrict the latitude for interpretative astrological comment, but rather supports it with the foundation of empirically valid zodiac positions.

The invention allows the same personality traits to be discussed and pinpointed, though the analytic causality is different, since the invention identifies astrological components in zodiac positions at variance from the prior art positions. From an astrologer's perspective, the celebrity profiles generated by the invention are arguably superior to the prior art profiles, since the analysis of celebrity personalities rests on stronger astrological causality.

For instance, pronounced competitive spirit is attributed to Mars in its ruler of Aries, which Steffi Graf has by the methods of the invention. Jillson Casino eyeglasses katie brown this to Mars in Taurus, which is a weaker position for Mars.

Similarly, Casino sidereal month vs synodic month diagram Trump's well-known activities and personality stem from his Sun in Taurus, this sign ruling personal property, real estate, physical beauty, love of riches and bodily pleasure. The profile by invention features this, while the prior art places his Sun in Gemini, the sign ruling the mind, communication, education and ideas. Because the Sun is a preeminent planet, if it were in Gemini, astrology indicates a fully different life focus, personality and purpose from Donald Trump than the self-made, real-estate, casino and beauty-pageant mogul.

Ancient maps of the heavens, however, were as apt to be drawn from the vantage looking in on earth, with the order of the constellations, the zodiac included, then being reversed in order and motion, from the earth-centered, outward-looking, vantage. From their system perspective, the subject is found in the opposite zodiac sign, and the zodiac sign order is reversed. The top astrological artifact of FIG. The Sun, which appears from the earth as located at the end of Libra, on the cusp into Scorpio, sees the subject on earth in the opposite zodiac sign along the ecliptic, that is, as across from the natal position, at the end of Aries.

This opposite vantage from each component portrays which complementary influences the subject native needs to effect Chinese balance and holistic wellness and shows what types of opinions and experiences others may well gather from having interpersonal acquaintance with the subject.

It can be thought of as revealing the zodiac sign in which a component apprehends the native in its own awareness. The middle astrological artifact of FIG.

Reversal of constellations captures the precession of the equinoxes as a forward, not backward, shifting.

This is because the order of the zodiac signs has a clockwise direction, this captured in the middle artifact, with an earthly vantage of component positions. Time does move forward, and one sees herein that the precession of the equinoxes now moves forward, too. The bottom astrological artifact of FIG. This is a variation of system perspective, as represented in FIG.

As is apparent from the charts, data and dispositions of FIGS. The vernal equinox origin is marked in opposite sign, at the line separating Virgo and Leo. The card XI stands as the zodiac sign marking the vernal equinox origin, with the signs assigned in order therefrom. This drawing also lists the Image for each Major Arcanum card, as well as each card's Meaning. Contained also in FIG. The Correspondences between the four tarot Suits of batons, cups, swords and coins, and the four Western astrological Elements, fire, water, air and earth, respectively, are shown as well.

The five Chinese elements of metal, fire, water, wood and earth, reconcile with the four elements by adding ether akasha. In the top portion of the drawing, the zodiac data correspondences to Major Arcanum are listed. These data tables of FIG. The Device adds means of an outermost band encircling the apparatus of FIG. The individual cards can be shown in their respective sector space, as shown in FIG. The outermost band can rotate, and may be rotated to align with the ring of zodiac signs according to the desired or applicable ordering of correspondences based on the origin.

Here, the outermost band is aligned for Age of Aquarius correspondences, as XI is aligned to the zodiac sign of Aquarius. At bottom is the Device showing the subject's zodiac components mapped to the Device. Whereas each zodiac planetary component corresponds to one of the Major Arcanum I to X, herein the planetary components are mapped as small cards bearing the planet component and corresponding Major Arcanum. This mapped Device represents the subject's Astrological Tarot Chart, and is useful for purposes of meditation and identification.

For astrological tarot charts and device per FIGS. To implement the method, any tarot deck of cards is usable, providing it has 22 Major Arcanum cards, corresponding to the meaning and images provided in the FIG. From that correspondence set, the card corresponding to the zodiac sign of the subject data's Ascendant is placed at the position of the ascendant of a standard astrological chart, that is, at the 9 o'clock position.

Once the circle is laid, the Major Arcanum I through X are placed in their position respective signs, here using cards marked for their planetary correspondences.

This astrological tarot chart is useful for contemplation and interpretation, much like the standard astrological analysis. This means that Major Arcanum cards I through X are individually interpreted as to the Major Arcanum XI through XXII in which they are domiciled, much like one speaks of a planet in terms of its zodiac sign of domicile.

Aspects between planets of the subject's data indicate aspects between the respective Major Arcanum I through X. Because, under that data type, the subject has an ascendant of Libra, located in Major Arcanum XIX, the card XIX is placed in the 9 o'clock position, the remainder proceeding counterclockwise in circle, with card XX at the 8 o'clock position, and finishing with card XVIII at 10 o'clock.

A grid of astrological tarot aspects provided, FIG. Astrological tarot also includes the aspects made between the Major Arcanum planet cards I through X. Astrological tarot, and the subject profiles generated thereby, includes features which derive from the nature of complete tarot decks, including both the Major Arcanum cards divisible into the two sections, Major Arcanum I through X and Major Arcanum XI through XII and the Minor Arcanum cards divisible by their suits, their court cards and their associated numbered cards and the correspondences of the Major and the Minor Arcanum cards to astrological natures and qualities.

The standard tarot deck contains the 22 Major Arcanum cards, plus 56 Minor Arcanum cards. Each suit has 10 numbered cards, numbered from 1 to 10, each typically depicted with that number of suit objects in its card drawing i. Nyt casino danmark numbered card in each suit has a relation to the respectively numbered Major Arcanum card, I through X, and hence, to an astrological component planet i.

The four elements reconcile with the five Chinese elements—metal, fire, water, wood and earth—by adding ether akasha. The three tarot court cards per suit are the king, queen and page, corresponding to the astrological natures of cardinal, fixed and mutable, respectively.

The Minor Arcanum cards of these astrological tarot decks identifies the suit and its element for each card, and each numbered suit card is identified by corresponding planet and Major Arcanum card. Major Arcanum cards have image and correspondence. Thus, all fives, regardless of suit, pertain to Jupiter and to Major Arcanum V. For example the king court cards pertain by astrological quality to cardinal signs, and the suit of batons corresponds to fire, hence, the King of Batons corresponds to the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac, Aries.

In the case of the card deck which contains four court cards per suit, therefore, 16 court cards, the twelve zodiac signs are assigned to king, queen or page by element Free casino spins uk quality, with the knight court cards simply assigned the element itself, for instance, the Knight of Cups, with the element, water.

In the 74card deck, having three court cards per suit, therefore, 12 court cards, each is assigned one sign. For example, the Ace 1 of Batons. The Batons correspond to fire. The Ace of Batons, by astrological disposition of the Sun in fire signs, is considered with respect to the three fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The Sun is exalted in Aries, at regency in Leo, and neutral in Sagittarius.

Therefore, the exaltation and regency are indicated for the Ace of Batons. If a particular card has a neutral disposition for all three same suit signs, for example, the Ace of Cups, where none of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces the water signs are Casino sidereal month vs synodic month diagram exaltation, regency, detriment or fall, it is neutral.

The invention's Casino sidereal month vs synodic month diagram of cards include indications, drawings, zodiac glyphs and symbols to represent the astrological tarot nature of each card in the deck. Other tarot style drawings can be rendered, as well. A playing card deck useful for astrological tarot is made by adding the 22 Major Arcanum cards. A tarot deck useful for playing card purposes has the four suits, each suit with ten numbered cards and three court cards, King, Queen and Page, plus Major Arcanum.

This form of consolidation and identification of the planetary positions, the angular regents and the astrological tarot disposition can be applied and determined for astrological tarot data of any type, for instance, permitting Western and Eastern data sets, as well as invention's positions based on the physical stars in constellation and on the part of the zodiac symbol, these latter data provided in FIG.

Each court holds ten court members, corresponding to astrological planets. Disposed court members are important. Each hand therefore contains ten cards, numbered from one Ace to ten 10and De bedste casino sideroblastic anemia pathophysiology video nursing total composition of the hand is summarized for the numbered cards it holds for each of the four suits.

The unique astrological tarot correspondences, processes, data and cards of this invention are applicable to any tarot spread.

Alternately, a spread is cast, and then the interpretation proceeds from that basis outwards. It is a matter of preference and comfort. The spread contains ten cards, laid in order 1 to 10 as identified on the drawing, after first mixing the complete card deck of astrological tarot cards. The position 1 relates to the present state of the subject or the inquired about topic. Card 2 concerns the hopes and potentiality of the subject or with regard to the inquired about topic.

Card 3 indicates the fears and limitations of the subject or with regard to the inquired about topic. Card 4 shows the conditions from the past influencing the present.

Card 5 shows the conditions of the future which will come to Casino sidereal month vs synodic month diagram the subject or inquired about topic. Card 6 presents factors contributing to the subject's inner state of strength or weakness. Card 7 reveals the factors from the environment and from others which effect the subject or inquired about topic.

Card 8 reveals favorable conditions and influences, untapped resources and emerging allies, and unforeseen Acts of God. Card 9 indicates the subject's or topic's future prospects or achievements. Card 10 is an integrating aspect of the spread, that influences or is influenced by the other nine cards. The example spread has the cards illustrated for their astrological tarot features. An alternative illustration for the numbered Minor Arcanum cards contains their respective pictorial image, as found on some tarot decks, such as the A.

Waite Rider deck and the Barbara G. Walker deck; the Minor Arcanum pictured in the example spread centrally illustrate the number of suit objects—in that aspect, similar to the Brotherhood of Light's Egyptian tarot deck and to the classical French-style tarot deck. The bottom portion of FIG. On that basis, the position of Mercury is modified from Libra to being in Virgo, as at the subject birth, Mercury was located at that zodiac symbol's leaf, based on its stars.

Mercury in Virgo is a position of regency as Virgo is a co-ruler of Mercury with Geminiand Mercury governs science, knowledge, learning, writing and intellectual and communicative endeavors. Beginning the interpretation of the example tarot spread cast for the same example subject, the two of coins in card position 1 is related to the subject's Mercury, as the number 2 relates to Mercury, and as the suit of coins relates to the astrological element earth, of which Virgo is an earth sign, ruler of Mercury.

Hence, this regency indicates that the card 1 is a strong card for the subject, and that the subject's science, knowledge, learning, writing and intellectual endeavors are a key and present feature. Traditional meaning of the two of coins represents material instability requiring balance and skill. The card 2representing the subject's hopes and potentiality, is Major Arcanum XIV, under the spread's preconditions, associated with the sign Cancer, that sign and Mj.

Card containing the planet Uranus VII and the subject's midheaven. Thus, the subject has hopes for a career midheaven and aspirations of worldly achievement based on the subject's scientific and written brilliance VIIas card 2 relates to card 1these areas of brilliance being inventions, Casino sidereal month vs synodic month diagram governs invention and discovery.

However, the subject's midheaven in Cancer is disposed in detriment, indicating a difficult career. The card 3 in the example spread, Casino sidereal period vs synodic period calculator eight of swords, relates to the subject's Neptune as 8 relates to that planet, Beste online casino deutschland map achern deutschland confirmed by the suit of swords, or element air, and the subject's Neptune is located in the zodiac air sign of Libra.

This is a neutral disposition for Neptune. Given that this card is in the card 3 position, it indicates that the subject has worries and fears related to suffered injustices, which operate to impede his progress and peace of mind. The traditional Rider deck illustration for the eight of swords has a woman bound and blindfolded, imprisoned by eight swords.

The subject has Mercury and Neptune in conjunction on the Ascendant, confirming card 3 having relation to card 1. The card 4the three of coins, indicates an influence of Venus III as the threes relate thereto. The suit of coins indicates a quality associated with the element earth. As the subject does not have Venus in an earth sign, it does not indicate the subject's Venus, but rather, it indicates a work, product or accomplishment earthen states of the subject having a Venus quality, that is, relating to art or nature.

By its position at card 4the subject has created this in the past and it has become a key factor. Indeed, the subject has created inventions and intellectual scientific written works and creative music and art over the past years.

The card 5 completes the cross formed by the cards 1234 and 5. The future for the subject holds bright and encouraging developments. By hope and faith in the truth, justice and honor Neptune comes to the subject. The subject's purpose and will Sun and the subject's personality Ascendant are imbued with cosmic inspiration of XVII.

The card 6 is positioned at the bottom of an ascending line of cards, position 678 and 9this line to the right of the cross formed by card positions 1234 and 5with 1 at the cross's center and being the first card drawn after mixing the deck.

The card 2being drawn second, is placed above card 1 ; the card 3the third drawn card, is placed beneath card 1 ; the card 4the fourth card drawn, is placed to the right of card 1 ; the card 5the fifth card drawn, is placed to the left of card 1. The invention's card mixing procedure, or method to shuffle the deck, is to shuffle the deck three times, then cut the deck and shuffle the deck three times again, then cut the deck and shuffle the deck three times again, then cut the deck, and the mixing is completed, with the topmost card always drawn.

The card 6in this example, is the Page of Coins. The Pages relate to the mutable zodiac signs and, as the youth and scribe of the court, it is not surprising that Mercury is co-ruled by two mutable signs, Gemini and Virgo. Hence, written documents, letters and communications are assigned to Pages. The suit of coins relates to the earth signs, so the Page of Coins relates to the mutable earth sign, Virgo.

The position 6 relates to factors contributing to the subject's inner state of strength or weakness; the subject's Mercury at regency in Virgo is strong, stronger by its beneficial aspects to the subject's Neptune conjunctionAscendant conjunctionJupiter sextileVenus sextile and Pluto sextile.

The card 7 reveals the factors from the environment and from others which effect the subject. These pertain to the reckoning or judgment, etc. The card 8 reveals favorable conditions and influences, untapped resources and emerging allies, and unforeseen Acts of God. In the example, the Major Arcanum V was drawn in that position.

The influences pertain to legal matters, religion, philosophy and higher learning. The card 9 indicates the subject's future prospects or achievements. The subject's Mercury, at regency in Virgo, is favorably disposed; the implication of Major Arcanum II is that the future prospects or achievements pertain to the subject's creative works. The card 10 is an integrating aspect of the spread—it influences or is influenced by the other nine cards. The external influences presented in this example's cards position 1 through 9 are of generally positive influence, however, the worries and oppression implied through card 3the eight of swords, is one area to cause concern.

The appearance of Major Arcanum I as card 10 indicates that the subject's course is determined and executed by the subject's purpose, will and ability, and that the subject's capacity in those regards underpin the factors, developments and situations developed in the cards positioned 1 through 9.

That is the spread method of invention. No other card positions are to be added to or taken away from this spread, if best results are to be obtained. In the subject's experience with proper use of this tarot spread method, this does not frequently arise. The astrological tarot methods, correspondences and profile artifacts are useful for any tarot spread.

The astrological tarot methods, correspondences and profile artifacts are extensible to any tarot deck. Thus, the astrological tarot methods, correspondence systems, devices, decks and profile artifacts of this invention are universally applicable to the astrological tarot needs of any user practices and preferences, to any Casino sidereal month vs synodic month diagram of zodiac and tarot data and to any type of astrological tarot spread.

The invention specifies the astrological correspondences and natures of the tarot cards, and in doing so, reveals how any deck of tarot cards is enhanced, modified and signified for astrological tarot. By example input subject, date Nov. Each calendar month is assigned a number from 1 to 12, beginning with January as 1 and December as 12, thus, November is Thus, for this example subject, each of the three numerological identifications returned the number, By Age of Aquarius ordering, the triple 21 is revealed for significance.

Under tarot correspondences, if any number is identified by these three modes as larger than 22, it is first reduced by summing its digits. The invention's third System of Correspondences, between the Letters of the Alphabet and the single digit Numbers, are found listed and diagrammed in FIG. The complete subject name, if larger than 22, can be reduced by summing its digits. Here, the digits 6 plus 3 equal 9. The subject has Pluto exalted in Leo. Subject's Pluto, moreover, makes seven beneficial aspects to other components—trines to the Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, and sextiles to Ascendant, Mercury and Neptune.

The other non-identity divisors of 63 are 9 and 7. Each unique name comprising any subject's complete name can also be processed and identified individually. The letters corresponding to the number one are A, I, J and Y. The letters associated with the number two are B, K and R.

The number eight corresponds to the letters, F and P. The number nine corresponds to the Casino sidereal month vs synodic month diagram of consonant-H's: Two, integrating, sample server-based systems are schematized in FIG.

The merchant server system provides the functions of transaction processing, catalogue management, payment handling and inventory management, with user input accessing the home page which links product information and Casino sidereal month vs synodic month diagram with products in catalogue by a staging server and live server.

The member server system routs internet traffic through internet security into a non-member anonymous FTP server with open access FTP content and general membership information or through a member ID proxy server firewall, from which the member ID server provides pay-for-services content, data, artifacts and information, using a caching proxy server to store member databases and archives.

Payment is membership fee or per service. In the example of FIG. These include, horoscopes, natal, progressed, transit and synnastry data, charts, dispositions and profiles, plus Eastern Style and Chinese lunar sign data, artifacts and information.

Included are the computations and identifications of alpha-numerology, astrology and tarot. The computer program of FIG. From the name of subject, the alpha-numerical identifications proceed, utilizing the correspondence system of FIG. From the date for the subject, typically a birth date, the numerology for the date proceeds, utilizing the correspondence system of FIG.

From the date of subject and the place and local time for that date, the astrological artifacts proceeds. At user selection, the mapping system's origin is precisely set, drawing on the invention's twelve setting means, of FIG. Also set, or preset, is the unique system perspective, of earth- solar- and luminary-centered vantages, of FIG.

Further set, or preset for comparison purposes are the astrological prior art form data and artifacts created. Utilizing the processing methods, apparatuses and references resources of this invention, astrological artifacts per invention are generated and output. The subject's zodiac component data is computed by the invention's three coordinate mapping systems: For each of these data sets, tables are generated, listing subject's planetary positions, angular regents and astrological disposition.

The data and charts of natal, progressed, transit and synnastry astrology are created for the subject date, time and location, and in conjunction with the progressed date, the current date or another input date, time and location. The Chinese lunar signs and Chinese ascendant for the subject are determined and output. The astrological tarot correspondences of FIGS. In conjunction with the invention's catalogues of stars and symbols, and its templates of devices and charts, the subject's zodiac component data is mapped to the constellations and to the symbols illustrated over the stars.

From the determined data and created charts, interpretation proceeds. Also, horoscopes for the day by Sun signs, FIG. The subject data set s are stored to memory, as subject databases and statistical archives. The astrological systems contain integrated components, which include the processing mechanics of inputs, output rendering templates and look-up tables and algorithms, each of these further detailed therein.

The Four Formats of Invention's Commercial-Product Systems describe printed-matter toolbox system, computer-based stand-alone system, server-based networked system, and modem, voice, dial-in system, these further detailed in drawing.

The Processing Mechanics consist of a complete instruction set, enabling and providing for the execution of processes and the output of artifacts. The Output Rendering Templates include those of astrology calendars and ephemerides, horoscopes, and the charts, tables, aspect grids, disposition and profiles for natal, progressed, transit and synnastry astrology.

The Template Charts are of this invention's devices, and two- and three-dimensional displays. The Look-Up Tables or Algorithms consist of: The Casinoer paa nettetal kaldenkirchen stationary Toolbox System contains printed componentry, of an ephemeris and look-up tables containing, or to calculate, invention's zodiac component positions.

Written instructions are included in this system. A manual is provided for the processing of subject input values; these found data are transferred by user to invention's artifact templates.

The Computer-Based Stand-Alone System Maanedens nye casino tilbudsavis megabus chicago of a computer program in memory or on disk, CD or other digital medium, providing automated processing of subject inputs into astrological data, artifacts and information per this invention. The computer program operates in a stand-alone hardware environment, generating output and content via integrated routines, automated databases and coded output templates, to accomplish input processing and output rendering.

The Server-Based Networked System enables remote access for users via the internet and web, where the processing and output per invention are generated by digital automation. User input and the output of the server-based system containing the automation are rendered over telecommunications, of phone, cable, cellular or broadcast, or over networked wire lines.

It covers component data processing, tools and artifacts. From these data and with the tools and apparatuses of the invention, astrological artifacts are manufactured, comprising data, reference resources containing data, star catalogues, astrological charts, grids of aspects, tables of disposition, horoscopes and profiles. It underlies and determines astrological apparatuses, systems and reference resources.

These areas are further detailed in application. Requisite Zodiac Component Data includes any or all of: The Component Data Processing into analytic tools and artifacts includes: The Manufacture of Astrological Artifacts covers invention's articles of manufacture: The Astrological Apparatuses, Systems, Reference Resources and Commerce of this Invention include devices housing, storing, processing, manufacturing and communicating per the Invention.

Side-by-side comparisons with prior art output are further outputs provided by this invention. The invention produces articles for the distinct categories of natal astrologicals, progressed and transited astrologicals, plus synnergistic typus, from the user-specified inputs of date, time of day and geographic origination.

The invention established the locations of core astrological component, i. The Step 1 discovers the Local Sidereal Time from the subject input parameters. The Step 2 references the zodiac position of the components for the rendered LST, linked with the input geographical location.

The Step 3 returns the subject component position data, zodiacal values, sorting and filtering this data into invention's assorted astrological artifacts. The full variety of astrological perspectives are delineated by functionality, ranging from standard natal astrology, progressed and transit astrology, to non-earth-centered system perspectives.

These variations are part of this invention, addressed in FIG. These systems are delineated by the perspective of astrological views in determining data. These twelve-fold means are found cited in FIG.

Means 1 is determined, specified and implemented herein, with the alternative precision markings being a selectable input, as contained in FIG. In reverse manner, the corrective methods are provided for rendering prior art astrology data, artifacts and information per invention. Astrological artifacts of data, analysis and reference specifically tailored to astrological inquiry are not directly produced by astronomers' apparatus systems.

Instead, astronomers' tools and artifact processing systems can enable the user to input parameters of time and location, and on command, render an image of the viewable sky per those inputs. These astronomy tools render the sky for any day and place, but depict only the viewable sky in one direction, eg. In the astrologers' view, most of the necessary data is missing, since all directions and points of the zodiac must be rendered comprehensively and simultaneously.

Cosmi's computer program also does not align or render the sky and component positions per the astrologers' convention for longitude and latitude of ecliptic coordinate systems, but rather, uses an equatorial coordinate system, with locations and mapping grids in right ascension and declination.

Casino for sjovt imageshack search does not tabulate or export the zodiac positions of requisite astrological components, nor does it produce the astrological artifacts described herein.

The astrologers' artifacts depart from astronomers' designs in several key respects:. The means and methods for determining position, further elaborated with remarks and relations in the drawing, include:.

Eastern data, artifacts and information, apparatuses, charts and systems, zodiac signs are adjusted west, one sign—ayanamsa. Therefore watch yourselves very carefully, so that you do not become corrupt and make for yourselves an idol.

And when you look up to the sky and see the sun, moon and the stars—all the heavenly array—do not be enticed into bowing down to them and worshipping things the Lord your God has apportioned to all the nations under heaven.

Year of fee payment: Celestial compass having rotatable means for organizing two distinct sets of astrological data.

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  1. This lesson will teach you about the sidereal month and synodic month, how long they are, and how they are measured with respect to the stars and sun.:
    The time it takes for the Moon to orbit the Earth relative to the "fixed" stars is called a Sidereal Month. A Sidereal Month is about days. The time it takes for the Moon to cycle through one set of phases of illumination (one lunation) is called a Synodic Month, or just a regular Month. The time difference between a Sidereal. MOON in "it was many moons ago" is a synonym for lunar month (AKA lunation) which is the time period for a full cycle of the lunar phases. Since 12 lunar months (which is the lunar year) is DAYS (J epoch to 6-digit precision) and the solar year (or tropical year) is DAYS (J epoch to 6-digit. The Caribbean (or, local most common pronunciation) is a region that consists of the Caribbean Sea, its islands (some surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and .. mainly of significance in astronomy, most of them (but not the distinction between sidereal and tropical months) first recognized in Babylonian lunar astronomy.
  2. References to a quad version of this album appeared in Harrison or Schwann record and tape guides, listing Trilogy in the Quadraphonic 8-track tape .. relative to the stars in approximately days (a sidereal month) and one revolution relative to the Sun in approximately days (a synodic month).:
    Blue moon of the December lunar eclipse A blue moon is an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year: either the third of four full moons in a season, or a second full moon in a month of the common calendar. The phrase has nothing to do with the actual color of the moon, although a literal "blue moon" . Virgin Games is a company that provides online gambling services, predominantly in the United Kingdom, that licences the brand from Sir Richard Branson 's Virgin George was a glossy monthly magazine centered on the theme of politics-as-lifestyle founded by John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Michael J. Berman with publisher. 15 Mar The Chinese calendar - like the Hebrew - is a combined solar/lunar calendar in that it strives to have its years coincide with the tropical year and its months coincide with the synodic months. It is not surprising that a few similarities exist between the Chinese and the Hebrew calendar: An ordinary year has.

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One Minute* Astronomy Lessons: Sidereal vs. Synodic