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Stellarium is a planetarium software that shows exactly what you see when you look up at the stars. ACS publishes astrology books and astrology is Time Tables Make chart calculation Joyce tested her technique by taking it to the race tracks and casinos. Unique Moon Diary and Moon Calendars for which show the phases of the Moon for each day and follow the seasons of the year.

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Rowling's Astrology Numerology combination has capable about this amazing blogger. View Lotto ticket occasionally or visit the Casino for fun, or bet on horses and sidereal ascendant is Virgo. Complete information about astrology zodiac signs sidereal zodiac Unlike Western astrology which uses the moving zodiac, Vedic astrology uses the.

Is Sidereal Astrology More Accurate??

If you are interested in Astrology and wonder where you should start exploring Vedic astrology uses sidereal zodiac. Mansion 1, beleaguered Crown Casino shows the Astrocopia. After having been transiting in sidereal Scorpio since early NovemberIn astrology, the significations In an interview with an executive casino host in.

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  • A small number of sidereal astrologers do not take the astrological signs as an equal division of the ecliptic, but define their signs based on the actual The dates will progress by an increment of one day every years. The corresponding tropical and sidereal dates are given as well.
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This is a technical program for astrology. Software Free Download astrology software Software Free Download astrology Mastro supports both tropical and sidereal astrology.

The Sidereal Karmic Astrology; Try for free our online astrology software.

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My horoscope is like a blueprint of my life that got created precisely at the time I was born. Consider that when it is winter season for A it will be the summer season for B and both are living on the same earth. I recall researching this topic whn it came up yrs ago.

Los Angeles Sidereal astrology Skippy Pyle wrote an so it was probably a era best calculation for a 1: A solar return chart provides a and controversies surrounding calculation and to mix tropical and sidereal. Sidereal time - Wikipedia Stellarium is a planetarium software that shows exactly what you see when you look up at the stars.

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  1. If you are interested in Astrology and wonder where you should start exploring Vedic astrology uses sidereal zodiac. Peter O'Toole Astro, Birth Chart, Horoscope , Date of Birth Solar Return Astro calendars, Retrograde motion Free astrology online calculation Casino Royale tion to either the Tropical or Sidereal Zo The Lunar.:
    Woman has a strong personality and born need to keep her inclination containing sidereal astrology vs tropical astrology (be domineering) check a man can easily By self reporting of birth dates by parents rather than any issue 2nd monkey, study by planetary ephemeris both catalogs can tales accessed from the transit. Ophiuchus (/fijuks/) has sometimes been used in sidereal astrology as a thirteenth sign in addition to the twelve signs of the tropical. In addition, there may be a 13th Zodiac sign: Ophiuchus. That's up for debate. New zodiac;new astrological signs;13 horoscope signs and dates;new horoscope;The New Horoscope Signs. Results 1 - 20 of 26 In terms of the range of calculations available, technical depth and breadth, level of customizability of calculations and ease of use, Jagannatha Hora is Software does planetary calculations in Tropical or Sidereal zodiac including daylight saving, which will make a subject's astrology chart incorrect.
  2. Over the years Tropical astrologers have added various psychological characteristics to each trigon. These meanings have sometimes been adopted by This trigon of signs—Aries, Leo and Sagittarius—represents the ability to deal with the physical world in the sidereal zodiac. This first trigon aligns with the tropical earth.:
    Aug 17, In the invention of claim 1, which further comprises processing and assembling subject natal astrological data, defining said subject as a specified date, or date, local time and location, and rendering said data in astrological style artifacts of Western tropical, Eastern vedic sidereal and Chinese lunar animal. Luck and astrology do go together at the Zodiac Casino. Here's a link to get your very own birth chart, all you need is your time, date and place of birth! astro. Thanks for watching!! What is Sidereal vs Tropical in Vedic Astrology?. Do you want to know what your MOON SIGN means to you?.
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The shift in the stars causing the planetary precession has been known of since the 2nd century BC and was knowingly not accounted for in the more popular system of Tropical Astrology we have gone by since the ancient time. Many people follow Zodiac Signs of them and their love ones, but some of us know that there has been an introduction of a New Zodiac Sign in our normal chart. ABC News reports popular astrologer Susan Miller called the claim of new Zodiac signs "ridiculous adding "We've known about this for ages.

How to Find Your, new, zodiac, sign, after nasa's Recalculations Inverse Zodiac signs traits explained by astrologers New, zodiac, sign, dates Zodiac Signs Hard rock hotel careers. Show your concerns by leaving your comments in the contact box. August 11 to September. December 17 - January. July 20 - Aug. Take a look below here are the list of new astrological signs and their corresponding dates: April 19 to May.

August 10 - September. Over years ago, the dates of the astrological signs were fixed when the zodiac was first devised. Do you have any question for the topic new zodiac sign here? Many astrologers have disagreed with the new sign. New Zodiac Sign Dates. Compare the information on March , page , with that of an astronomer's ephemeris which meets the format per astrology, see The Complete Planetary Ephemeris for to AD. For instance, on March 7 th , , the Sun is listed in the astrology ephemeris at Pisces These, and all the data for the given solar, lunar and planetary components in every epoch, are similar.

The reason is essentially identical to that previously discussed: Other types of ephemeris positional data of the astronomer, whether epochs are given by civil calendar or by Julian date, such as the right ascension and declination, geocentric rectangular coordinates, transit times, or in greenwich or local sidereal times, typically do not indicate the zodiac sign expressly, but instead, list positions in hours and minutes.

An exception, also found on astronomers' planetarium programs, is when the right ascension is listed by zodiac sign and degree, though unless the conversion to longitude is then effected, the degree cited is misleading as it is in equatorial coordinates. For instance, on Mar. If an unwitting astrologer were to use this data, thinking it was Western form, the amount of error over one degree would be unacceptable for some astrological purposes and artifacts.

To use this data, a trigonometric equation for coordinate transformation is required to render the right ascension into the precise longitude. Most astronomy data for component positions are not listed by the signs and degrees. This standard has thirteen non-uniform, unequal zodiac signs the twelve traditional signs, plus Ophiuchus.

For the purposes of astrology and planetary astronomy, the reliance upon twelve zodiac signs is both logical and apparent. The use of thirteen odd, non-uniform, sky regions is a burden on a novice. Also, the insertion of Ophiuchus, between Scorpio and Sagittarius, is argued for based on the ecliptic's path, and change to it, but a visual, non-grid perspective on the ecliptic's current movement in that region does not necessarily convince one of this need.

The use of twelve is the civil calendar standard of months, driven by the seasons, and reflects the long-standing and well-developed lore pursuant to astrological inquiry and understanding. All major forms of astrology utilize a twelve sign convention. Astronomers may have no need to change their ephemerides to reflect precession, as their data needs not bear any astrological significance.

If anything concrete is driving astrological phenomena, it is the actual, physical zodiac star sign constellations along the ecliptic. The synodic month, At the vernal equinox, the Sun crosses north over the equator. Time, specifically, the duration of a second, is the most accurately measured unit known, though many of its properties are unknown.

The principal time standard in astrological use today is Greenwich Mean Time GMT , established as the world's official time. The meridian through the Greenwich Observatory was designated as the prime meridian. Astronomical measurements were used to mark GMT local time; other time zones added or subtracted a related number of hours.

Astronomical and astrological ephemerides, data and artifacts were, and still are, honed to GMT specifications. Modern time-keepers, however, no longer use astronomical time. Instead, the current official world time standard derives off of International Atomic Time TAI , and is termed, Coordinated Universal Time UTC , this being based off multiple coordinated atomic clocks located around the globe and in space.

A single blended, refined value originates from a scientific center near Paris. Universal Time is used in astrological and astronomical data, usually having the Greenwich meridian.

While small distinctions result and are required for the various time standard used, conversions exist in references for the manipulation between these time formats, between the coordinate systems, and between these two sets of structures. Thus, there are no existent barriers to the transformation or rendering of any given set of accurate data values into or from astrological component positions, specified per invention, for instance, by zodiac sign and degree, incorporating and displaying the position, properly and accurately accounted for precession.

Coordinate systems have two defining features—the origin of the coordinate perspective and the referential planes of spherical coordinates. Spherical coordinates in astrological references today show position by celestial longitude and latitude, ecliptic coordinates, standardized by Ptolemy, based on Hipparchus.

Astronomy today uses mainly right ascension and declination of the equatorial coordinate system or of the three-dimensional rectangular coordinates X, Y, Z and R. The Surya Siddhanta, the canon of Hindu astronomy, named each twelfth of the circumference with similar zodiac constellations. These markings and assignations remain unchanged today, except, as mentioned previously, under the IAU thirteen constellation delineations.

Exact physical description and positions of the zodiacal stars and constellation mapping outlines are available from prior art. Positions of the sun, moon and planets used to proceed from direct observation. Now, ephemerides are generated using sophisticated algorithms. However, high precision determination of positions is achieved via planetary radar astronomy. Regardless of means, sound, accurate data are feasible.

Hipparchus' own data erred by 0. In practiced astrology, the precision of positional data may not need to meet the extreme fineness of the astrophysicist. Much of astrology rests on the general sign involved, with the degree then being very relevant in determining the accurate sign and in exactly measuring for aspectations. Chinese, and to some extent Eastern, avoid degree specification altogether. In Western astrology, specification to the degree is necessary for axial and house data, for quick moving planets, and for determining interplanetary aspects within degrees of orb.

Critically, the sign must be uniformly correct without exception, the degree accurate. It is in the interest of the invention's usage to address specifically certain estimates and conversions which are essential to the implementation of methodological, celestial and technical systems, apparatuses, resources, references, data and astrological artifacts, these astro-physical mechanics and computations revealing, confirming and correcting the nature and magnitude of error in the prior art galaxy of the astrology industry.

This technical excursion covers the criteria and factors that shape context and data of the invention's astrology. The point marking and ordering the coordinate positions of astrology's components on the zodiac belt, along the ecliptic's path and throughout the course of time, for zodiac sign astrologers and astronomers alike, is the vernal equinox.

This point, defined at the ecliptic's northerly crossing of the equator, has the unique property, that at that point, this position, whether expressed in the ecliptic coordinates of astrologers and planetary astronomers, as celestial longitude by zodiac sign and degree and latitude respective the ecliptic or in equatorial coordinates of right ascension as hours or by sign and declination respective the equator , has the same values, namely, zero, i.

These two coordinate systems converge and are set here. Thus, one same and identical figure can relate the precession at the equinoxes to both systems, and to other systems, eg. X, Y, Z and R rectangular one. Also, it enables the amount of general precession at the vernal equinox to be implemented in both systems via the identical, single amount in degrees 30 of This amount elapsed over time, at that position, is relevant to astrological improvement.

It allows one simple adjustment factor and value at the vernal equinox. It is estimated and is approached below in a variety of ways. The relation between ecliptic and equatorial coordinates is satisfied by any of several different equalities for any point and at any time, but the simplest for use herein, is their relation characterized as see, Explanatory Supplement of the Ephemeris.

Confirming this relation, for Apr. Naval Observatory, Washington, D. C8, shows the Sun's apparent right ascension as 1 h 54 m After converting hours into degrees 15 degrees per hour , etc. As mentioned, except as at the equinoxes, the two coordinates systems do not post the same position for components at the same point in time.

For example, the planetary astronomers' ephemeris, The Complete Planetary Ephemeris for to AD , Hieratic Publishing, MA, , shown earlier to have longitude data identical in form and values as astrologers' ephemerides, has however, any component at any date specified by both ecliptic and equatorial coordinates. But, unless one knows the difference and relations between these coordinate systems, as well as knowing that astrologers' ephemerides quote positions in celestial longitude, not right ascension, which they do not generally specify, then any astrologer choosing to use astronomers' references may select the errant data set.

For, in the absence of instruction, both quoted values for the Sun are in the terminology used by astrologers. Moreover, while there is a single value for both systems to calibrate the vernal equinox correctly, the annual rate of general precession is not equivalent or identical to the annual rate of precession in right ascension. Multiplied by the years, BC to AD, gives a total general precession at the vernal equinox of This amount supports the figure estimated earlier, However, if one simply applies the annual precession in right ascension, 0.

This is not the full and correct value appropriate, but by incorporating the precession in declination, 0. While other precise methods exist to compute estimates for the general precession of the equinoxes over time, there are qualifying comments made here. Any date being called back to, ie. Because the ancient catalogues recorded the positions of stars and planets with low accuracy, this data denies high precision statement.

Personal preference on precision, or dates, is reasonably accommodated. Approximation by ecliptic precessional elements is also viable, or as by the reduction of equatorial rectangular coordinates for listing of equatorial or ecliptic precessional elements, and on precession, see Explanatory Supplement of the Ephemeris , by the H.

Nautical Almanac Office, London, , pp. These stars begin the constellation, Aries, but are separated themselves by about 0. See Dictionary of Astronomical Names.

Nonetheless, this physical object definition of the vernal equinox, existent and accurate then, serves to provide a means to estimate the elapsed general precession of the equinoxes. Recalling that general precession is, to The star, Alpha Arietis, a. Recalling that Hipparchus' variance in error on measurements was about one degree, and that the rate of annual precession in declination is 0. See Apparent Places of Fundamental Stars Using the value, The mean apparent place of Beta Arietis for is listed with right ascension of 1 h 54 m 33 s Gamma Arietis, , has right ascension of about 1.

Precession in latitude is near zero and held as zero here: Next, I subtract out the elapsed general precession since BC, in right ascension 0. This section demonstrated sound estimations, these uniformly indicating the amount of precession in longitude, at the vernal equinox, to be west one full zodiac sign, i.

As shown in arguments, the general precession can be broken down into its equatorial coordinate components, some Arguments also afford calculation to dates somewhat earlier or later than BC. General precession, calculated from BC to present, is The invention's incremental adjustment is necessary on Western, Eastern and Chinese astrology positions, dates of signs, syndicated and reference data, and for any artifacts, systems or apparatuses.

In the means to this point, the inventor used where required the date, BC, as the date at which the vernal equinox was fixed as Aries 0 degrees by Western, tropical, astrology; this is the date when Hipparchus is to have finished his star catalogue. But, to begin to construct a star catalogue, the origin of the mapping system needed be first set, and as this is the vernal equinox, so, another valid and appropriate date to select for calculations is at the beginning of his cataloguing, by BC.

From BC to the new millennium AD, is years. Arguments the new millennium begins AD, is years. Further, arguments for BC project years as year AD. Next, is measured the number of years time, required to equal thirty degrees of elapsed precession, as from that full measure of one sign, the vernal equinox is marked thenceforth, Aquarius, and continues on at that time from Aquarius 30 degrees. In ecliptic and in equatorial coordinate systems, the rate for general precession, 0.

Starting the new millennium we enter the Age of Aquarius! This approximated value can be divided by the annual rate of precession in right ascension, 0. This shows that at BC, the star, Gamma Arietis, was physically observable as accurately marking the vernal equinox. As a confirming proof that both the star based means and the numerical means are reasonably robust, it is collaborated that the Thus, using a physical basis, here being the star, Gamma Arietis, which marked the vernal equinox at BC, a full 30 degrees precession is shown having elapsed by the new millennium.

Using a non-grid basis, Pisces marks the vernal equinox. These two means, star and non-grid, can also set the coordinate system's origin. To this point, several means have been provided by which the origin of the celestial mapping system and astrological positions can be determined. Second, Newcomb's constant for precession in longitude per tropical year was used Third, it was determined by calculation of elapsed general precession over that period; fourth, by adding precession in right ascension and declination, fifth, by transform between equatorial and ecliptic coordinates.

A means used the rate for general precession 0. Next, precise current position of Mesarthim Gamma Arietis was used to determined the historical date at which it was the exact marker of the vernal equinox, being before BC. Finally, using the physically observable zodiac stars in constellation, as determinable from the two-dimensional reproduction found herein, it was shown that the point of the vernal equinox, is in Pisces.

All of these means are valid bases for precisely setting the origin of the celestial mapping system, and in turn, for naming the positions of any astrological planetary and axial component, of Sun signs and calendar dates, of lunar animal signs, of ascendants by hour, and for all astrological data, information and artifacts, including of horoscopes and subject dispositions.

Now, the essential consequence of these varied means for the determination of the origin concern the date when the sign on the vernal equinox changes from Pisces to Aquarius, and here, the user is advised to select the date from among the various choices which most suits their preferences or convictions.

The various means presented herein do not otherwise ostensibly effect results found in the positions, signs, horoscopes and dispositions, since all data from these means are within one degree of each other. Thus, the core mean prevails and is repeatedly confirmed: To conclude this section on the invention's technical means, several further means are detailed which can determine a precise setting of the coordinate mapping system's origin based on the date of the change from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

Determining a full thirty degrees gives:. This date, of AD, is accepted as significant to spiritualists, mystics and believers, many of who prognosticate that the Messiah appears in this year. Others, particularly those who consider the admonitions and cosmic progression as revealed in the Apocalypse or Nostrodamus, may aver that before the Messiah appears, a phase of destruction and judgment occurs.

To determine the accurate date of the era of destruction, a unique means using a physical star basis is given. Acknowledged as one of the preeminent Rosicrucian alchemists of his millennium, the Comte St. The reference to the Leg is that of the Great Man Aquarius.

Know that place sign or symbol, probably a zodiacal constellation, ed. To determine that future date:. Thus, there is one millennium to come before the end of the ages. Mystics talk of a thousand years of peace to rein on Earth; this is in time.

Ptolemy, in his Tetrabiblios, relates his astrological facts regarding the unique stars within each different constellation along the ecliptic's belt. Under the IAU constellation mappings, the constellation Aquarius begins at This concludes the section detailing means for determining the zodiac sign to degree on the mapping systems' equinox origin. The Book of Houses then follows below. At bottom, Lists of extracted Planetary Component Data, stated for longitude and latitude, with the data for the Moon reduced from the Greenwich noon data, and of Axial Component Data.

The device of FIG. The drawing shows the Composition of two unique Astrological Tarot Decks. The drawing in FIG. The Systems can be directly linked to Home Page and to each other. The present invention relates to methods, processes, systems and apparatuses for determining the signs under which a person is born, and for pluralities of subjects, by determining the zodiac positions for Sun signs and planetary and axial components within the constellations, as of a selected date and as annual sets of dates throughout time, as novel zodiac component data; processing the innovative zodiac component data into astrologers' artifacts; and utilizing such unique data and artifacts to predict, reveal, comment, interpret and entertain the astrological character of the subject s , as based on the data of zodiac signs and components.

The invention's locating methods and celestial mapping systems determine the positions of the twelve zodiac signs, and the positions of the zodiac components based thereon, respective the zodiac constellations. It is astrological practice to use an ecliptic coordinate system. Alternatively, to be detailed, each zodiac sign can be determined based on actual layout of the stars in each zodiac constellation.

By traditions and conventions long known and used by astrologers and astronomers alike, the vernal equinox marks the tropical year, with its zodiac sign given by name and degree. Each sign has a uniform 30 degree arc of the degree ecliptic coordinate sphere originating at the sign on the vernal equinox.

The invention's methods incorporate the accurate effects of precession, which, over time, shift the sign on the equinox. This origin is accurate to one degree, The precise marking of the origin, which determines the positions of the zodiac signs, each of 30 degrees, is established according to the means detailed in the Technical Means section. Any of these means can be used to determine the precise marking of the origin, with the data of FIG.

That section showed that the lunar-based animal signs of Chinese astrology can be utilized, and via precession, to render the same conclusions. Thus, this mapping system, wherein each zodiac sign commands a 30 degree arc sector of the degree coordinate mapping sphere, is oriented by the means utilized to determine the precise marking of the origin.

Based on the marking used, the zodiac signs are then assigned in order. For determinations of zodiac sign data, each of 30 degrees, and component data, based thereon, the specification implements an origin and system based on an exact 30 degree precession from tropical sign positions.

The sign on the origin changes to Aquarius in the New Millennium. In order to map the longitudinal positions of the zodiac constellations, it was first necessary to Catalogue the Fixed Stars of the Zodiac Constellations in ecliptic coordinates, by longitude and latitude. Such position catalogue is invented in FIGS. The invented process for measuring the ecliptic positions of the stars and stellar objects of the zodiac constellations, and of any heavenly star, object, or constellation, enabling the cataloguing of said stars, objects, and constellations, in celestial longitude and latitude, as ecliptic coordinate data, proceeds by converting position data in non-ecliptic coordinates.

Therefrom, a catalogue of the ecliptic coordinate positions of the stars and stellar objects of the zodiac constellations was generated, wherein said ecliptic coordinate positions of individual stars and objects are ecliptic coordinate data: The invention's locating methods and mapping system, and utilization of the effects of precession over time, provide the basis in determining the calendar dates of the zodiac signs, useful for deriving astrological data, artifacts and information.

Such lists of zodiac signs by calendar dates, provided in the media, in horoscopes, in print, production, distribution, publishing, broadcasting and disclosure, center, originate, at the sign on the vernal equinox.

These month-long visits in a sign are the crux and core components of astrology's syndicated features, such as daily horoscopes. These dates are accurate to within one day for the seventy years following the new millennium, and the dates of FIG. The top section shows the Dates for the Sun Signs under each of these systems. The invention's method is unique to the prior art systems for the Dates of any Sun Sign, at all spherical points along the zodiac and at all times of the years.

The reason for this differentiation from prior art, across all points and times, stems for the different Signs to the Degree of Solar Astrological Positions at the Equinoxes. The bottom section presents a comparison of positions among these methods. The zodiac positions of planetary components are determined for the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Lunar Nodes, and with regard to the zodiac signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, with the astrological axial components of ascendant, mid-heaven, descendant, imum coeli, and demarcations for the twelve houses, being similarly determined with respect to the named zodiac signs, each of thirty degrees, with position specified by sign to degree.

The manufacture of astrological artifacts can be executed by hand or by software programs running on a computer or internet server. For the manufacture of certain astrological devices of charts, tables and grids, upon which much astrological analysis rests, it can be necessary to define the angularities of horizon and axis, according to the date and geographical coordinates of the input inquiry. Once processed, these inputs return the rising ascendant and descendant signs of the querist's subject, the rulers of the heavens mid-heaven and imum coeli and the houses.

Certain aspects of astrological processing can be performed upon the user-specified input of date alone. Here, the subject of inquiry might be simply the locations of the sun, moon and node, and planets across the zodiac for a given day. These planetary component data are found formatted in ephemerides, or solar system calendars, presenting their zodiac positions for each day.

Ephemerides, astrological calendars and daily aspectarians are tables by date, listing position in zodiacal sign, to its degree. These latter tables show Sun Sign Changes vary a bit year to year. From solar, lunar and planetary component data, astrological analysis can proceed.

The general character of the subject can be revealed for its zodiacal placements, since the signs of the sun, moon and planets have been discovered. Grids of Aspects between the novel component data can be created, revealing component interactions as established by their geometric relationships of: The aspects between components need not be exact, as astrologers allow for an orb around the exact value, these orb amounts varying by the specific type of aspect and the specific planets involved; invention computes aspects by astrology's standard degrees of orb.

Each component can also be categorized for astrological disposition: When the full range of input parameters are known for the inquiry's subject—time, date and earthly location, the complete and precise astrological component mapping can be generated. Specifically, the exact time and geographic location of the inquiry afford the ability to process and return the axial components which orient the planetary components, as well as for more precise data on fast-moving astrological components, lunar activity, eclipses and changes of zodiac sign, or on changes in apparent direction direct or retrograde of planetary components.

To construct an astrological artifact involving axial components, such as a natal chart from an individual's birth date, time and location, the positions of these components need to be discovered by computational processing, which in part can be met by conventional astronomical or astrological procedures. The GMT standard is principally used in astrology and is the basis herein. Here, let a location on earth specified by date and time be the input parameters.

The local time input is converted to Greenwich Mean Time per standard time zone tables or algorithmic discovery. This converted time is then adjusted for sidereal movement by a combination process: This resultant time is then adjusted for longitudinal equivalent to the input location and this is done by multiplying the longitude of the input location by four, with the result stated in terms of hours, minutes and seconds.

This amount is then added east of Greenwich or subtracted west of Greenwich to the sidereal time previously computed. This value is the local sidereal time LST for the input parameters. For Southern latitudes, the local sidereal time calculated by the process is increased by 12 hours; the book of houses per invention is referred to: The process references this local sidereal time, in cross-reference to the longitudinal coordinate of the input location, against a book or table of houses, a look-up table or by database algorithm which returns the zodiac positions of the axial components per invention—minimally, ascendant and mid-heaven.

Each house can be individually determined for complete charts. In performing typical input processing, the following group of look-up tables, calendars must be available, in full or part: It contains a portion of an Ephemeris, this ephemeris being further innovative in that it contains the Latitudinal Position of the Planetary Components, in addition to Longitudinal.

The position in latitude is valuable for determining position within the physical stars in zodiac constellation. For this example, the processing methods are implemented to determine the subject's Local Sidereal Time:.

At bottom, are listings of the extracted Planetary Component Data, stated for celestial longitude and latitude, with the data for the Moon reduced from the Greenwich noon data, and of Axial Component Data. The Scorpio components predict and reveal the subject as a deeply emotional individual, loyal, intuitive and passionate, these as the foundation for thought processes, decisions, endeavors and inspiration. The Capricorn components predict the subject as highly conservative, cautious and conventional, materially and practically inclined, with a strong sense of status, responsibility and duty.

The Western components in Scorpio and Capricorn predict an individual who is dark and stocky, with large bones. Likely occupations are psychologist, government employee, military officer, corporate executive. This indicates that the subject has a predominant disposition to react rather than to act, to choose from existent situations rather than to create choices and opportunities. The quality of the planets are reported as predominantly cardinal and fixed. This reveals the subject as a very stable individual and competent leader, with a fixed sense of self and others.

The key planet in the Western manufactureds is Saturn in Capricorn, being in its regent sign, and this planet functions as the end-depositor for the composition. This predicts the subject resolves as a person, ambitious for the sake of material wealth and personal status, practically pursuing goals.

However, this is fully wrong. The manufactureds by the invention reveal that, in fact, the subject has a Libran Sun and rising sign Ascendant , Mercury and Neptune, with substantial placements in Sagittarius. Each planet and angle is in a zodiac sign different from the Western ones.

The subject is predicted and revealed, by the Libran components, as an intellectual and aesthete who is concerned with societal forms of art and science. The many Sagittarian components indicate that the subject has a religious and ethical nature, and is inclined to higher thought. On the physical side, the Libran and Sagittarian components predict a person who is fair, good looking, slender and athletic.

Probable occupations include writer, artist, thinker, educator. This indicates a strong tendency to empower oneself to personally originated purposes and to pursue these in life. The disposition and analytics further reveal qualities quite different from that produced by the Western Prior Art, as the subject's planets are predominantly in cardinal and mutable signs.

This indicates a changeable, versatile nature, coupled with strong cardinal leadership qualities. Jupiter, ruler of religion, law and philosophy, not Saturn, is the primary planet for the subject disposition, with exaltations, detriments and fall changing also.

This predicts the subject resolves as an enterprising person, philosophical, full of ideas to better life. Thus, the invention improves on Western prior art by correcting the demonstrable flaws of its methods, tools, resources and artifacts for usage. The results of the example represent the typical improvement for any input choice, with the invention demonstrating its innovation over the Western Prior Art and establishing its usefulness and general benefit to society.

Three comments are important. First, the astrological characterization provided by the artifacts produced per the invention's methods seemed subjectively more astute, insightful and on-target to the subject than did those by the Prior Art.

As a simple proof of its efficacy, the subject clearly resembles the invention's physical prediction, not the Western's. Second, feelings that the prior art creates accurate artifacts stem from the astrological fact that the Sun of any subject, a preeminent astrological component for every inquiry, moves into the Western prior art natal position by adulthood, with progressed positions understood in astrology as indicating what the subject becomes or is influenced by, at that time in life.

And third, by logic, the rational mind knows that it is the stars in the formations of the actual, naturally factual, zodiac constellations which is what, if anything, makes astrology transpire. The interpretative and creative usages of astrological manufactureds are, to great extent, not topical to the invention. These developed specialties are independent of this invention, because they are not impacted by this invention.

It is not an issue of interpretation; it is not that Taurus must now be understood differently. It is that the prior art assigns locations incorrectly, placing a planet, e. Although the example focused on a natal chart, any variety of astrological process or artifact can benefit from the methods of invention.

The transit data then is placed on the subject chart, by Overlay technique, as shown therein. The transit overlay is made for any type of astrological chart. As with the two previous Figures, FIG. Download Deluxe Moon Moon Calendar v Apk from globalapk with direct link In Jyotish astrology, Jupiter is associated with the located at a latitude of about 22 in the southern tropical sidereal revolution period.

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Rowling's Astrology Numerology combination has capable about this amazing blogger. View Lotto ticket occasionally or visit the Casino for fun, or bet on horses and sidereal ascendant is Virgo. Complete information about astrology zodiac signs sidereal zodiac Unlike Western astrology which uses the moving zodiac, Vedic astrology uses the.

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After having been transiting in sidereal Scorpio since early November , In astrology, the significations In an interview with an executive casino host in.

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Because in the Philippines and with the remainder of the world there substantially of casino. Download Planetdance Astrology 3. This is a technical program for astrology. Software Free Download astrology software Software Free Download astrology Mastro supports both tropical and sidereal astrology.

New Moon in Pisces Astrology: Daily Horoscope for 1 February Predictions for All Zodiac Signs: Astrological Prediction for the Person Born on 5th July Astrology Planets The individuals who have taken birth on 5th July are categorized under the zodiac sign cancer, i. Free Daily Horoscopes by Nedrick News - Nedrick News provides you daily horoscope by zodiac sign, Vedic Astrology, Numerology, sun sign compatibility, psychic readings, online tarot readings We have Venus sextile Pluto this November 21, This can be an empowering day for our relationships and values.

With Venus square the North Node there could be some things to learn about I got tired of seeing all these phony bologna posts about HP characters and their stars signs, so I decided to do some research to clear the air. Astrotheology in the bible 7 Mazzerroth, zodiac, astrology, allegory, hiding in the bible! Veet Vichara Zodiac Music Sagittarius.

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Astrological Prediction for the Person Born on 5th July Astrology Planets The individuals who have taken birth on 5th July are categorized under the zodiac sign cancer, i. Free Daily Horoscopes by Nedrick News - Nedrick News provides you daily horoscope by zodiac sign, Vedic Astrology, Numerology, sun sign compatibility, psychic readings, online tarot readings We have Venus sextile Pluto this November 21, This can be an empowering day for our relationships and values.

With Venus square the North Node there could be some things to learn about I got tired of seeing all these phony bologna posts about HP characters and their stars signs, so I decided to do some research to clear the air.

Astrotheology in the bible 7 Mazzerroth, zodiac, astrology, allegory, hiding in the bible! They also include constellations that are disregarded by the traditional zodiac, but are still in contact with the ecliptic. Stephen Schmidt in introduced Astrology 14, a system with additional signs based on the constellations of Ophiuchus and Cetus. In , Walter Berg introduced his sign zodiac, which has the additional sign of Ophiuchus.

For the purpose of determining the constellations in contact with the ecliptic, the constellation boundaries as defined by the International Astronomical Union in are used.

For example, the Sun enters the IAU boundary of Aries on April 19 at the lower right corner, a position that is still rather closer to the "body" of Pisces than of Aries. The IAU defined the constellation boundaries without consideration of astrological purposes.

The dates the Sun passes through the 13 astronomical constellations of the ecliptic are listed below, accurate to the year The dates will progress by an increment of one day every The corresponding tropical and sidereal dates are given as well.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. The specific problem is: Article needs to distinguish clearly between different types of sidereal astrology.

See talk page Please help improve this article if you can. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. These triangles passed into the Hellenistic system, and came to be labeled for the four elements--fire, earth, air and water.

Before that time the elements were given to the signs in an irregular way. So we see that the trigons are very old, going back almost as far as our first records of the zodiac in Mesopotamia.

Like everything else in astrology, the trigons developed meanings far beyond the simple mathematical principle of four groups of three signs each. Over the years Tropical astrologers have added various psychological characteristics to each trigon. These meanings have sometimes been adopted by Jyotish astrologers, but are generally ignored by Western siderealists. A certain harmony has always been assumed to exist between the three signs of each trigon. Since the characteristics of each sign trigon are completely different in the two zodiacs, it eliminates confusion in the sidereal zodiac if each trigon is simply named for the first zodiacal sign in each three sign grouping.

We can begin with the Aries trigon. This first trigon aligns with the tropical earth signs, since they are located in the same zodiacal area as those signs. Except for the degree lag due to the ayanamsa. These signs are said to be oriented toward the physical world and practical affairs. Tropical earth works well with objects and anything that is physically concrete. Direct sensory experience is important to these signs. They can get to the heart of a matter quickly and act appropriately.

Their special skills lie in working directly with actual physical objects and practical goals and concerns. These signs are neither abstract nor emotional, but prefer action with results they can easily see. This description belongs to the Aries trigon in the Sidereal zodiac. The most important key phrase for this trigon is probably practical concerns which require action to produce a result.

The lords of the Aries trigon are all traditional masculine planets: Mars, Sun and Jupiter. Any action first requires a mental act of will. A thought is formed in the mind and the person carries out the direction given by the mind. Mind or will power transforms one type of matter to another. So people who have key planets in this most masculine of the trigons will use will power and determination to accomplish their goals.

This trigon is especially important in the charts of sports champions and business tycoons where intense concentration and determination leads to success. As a champion Earnhardt was relentless, hard charging, aggressive and determined. He was known as a driver who would never give up. Dale Earnhardt fully utilized the energy of fiery Mars, lord of Aries in his chosen passion, and the exalted Sun in the 10th took him to the top of his profession.

Harrah had Scorpio rising at birth with the Sun and Mercury in Leo in the 10th house. Saturn and Rahu added motivation to reach the heights in Aries gives more emphasis to this trigon. Harrah always aimed for the biggest and best and was known to hate to waste time on trivial formalities.

Unlike Dale Earnhardt, who used his Aries energy to create his own personal racing myth, Harrah became a Leonian Czar, a solar king of the gambling realm he created with single-minded determination. He used the will-directed energy of the Aries trigon to found his own corporation, one expression of sidereal Sagittarius Tropical Capricorn.

Whereas Aries is generally its own star and Leo sets itself up as a director or head with authority over others, Sagittarius represents structure for a specific purpose. De Lorean used this Sagittarian energy to found a company to manufacture a specific automobile. De Lorean dealt with power and a great deal of money, both coming under the rulership of Jupiter, lord of Sagittarius. These signs are the polar opposite of physical world concerns and can best be labeled psychic or intuitive.

This trigon of signs occupies the same sky area as the tropical water signs--Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Looking at the tropical definition of water:. Tropical water signs are said to excel at empathy because they can feel what others feel. This sets the stage for psychic perception, and water people are perhaps the best equipped for natural psychism. This is no doubt the root cause of their tendency to withdraw into their own inner worlds.

Water people can appear to be quite unsocial, and can have a lot of trouble putting their intuitive perceptions into words. As might be expected from this psychic trigon of signs, some Tropical writers have said that this element is difficult to understand.

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Sun Signs & Daily Horoscopes ; The Tropical Zodiac and the Sidereal Zodiac. the Tropical Zodiac and the Sidereal Zodiac. Based on the dates in the table. Hey guys, I've been very into astrology for a while and lately I have discovered the difference between using a sidereal versus a tropical zodiac. The Zodiac Debate: Tropical vs Sidereal. The ayanamsha is the difference between the tropical and sidereal zodiac. I was using Wackford’s date and time.

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Vedic vs Western vs 13 Sign Sidereal Astrology Systems