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SuperMoons occur a few times a year when the Full or New Moon is closer to the Earth than normal perigee. This SuperMoon on January 1 is the largest one of ! The Full Moon falls in Gemini constellation, Ardra nakshatra conjunct the fixed star Alzirr which is considered to be a star of affliction and illness, especially for travelers.

The higher evolutionary nature of Ardra Moon will shine potently through ardent feelings and deep perception, but the less favorable expression can be revealed through potential for literal or figurative stormy conditions and arduous events in the coming days. On January 2 at 9: This event along with the concurrent SuperMoon could possibly foretell of a seismic event or some Casino sidereal astrology interpretation reports icon weather patterns ahead, including strong windstorms, heavy precipitation snow, ice, and rainor flooding, in the coming days or weeks.

Uranus as a higher octave of Mercury can actually act like Mercury when it retrogrades or stations, and the effects may be experienced as technological and transportation and travel snafus and a sense of restlessness and unease.

We can feel the Uranus station for up to 10 days before and several days after the actual time of station. Some of us may feel a bit erratic or aggravated. On the positive side, this energy can reflect a big release, an awakening, and rebellious or revolutionary acts such as what is happening in the Iran protests as we speak. When a planet stations, it appears to halt and then move in the direction opposite to what it was before, which triggers and stimulates the planet and also the area of the zodiac where it is located.

For some, depending on how this aligns with our natal chart placements, we can expect some big change and probably some forward momentum in the areas of the natal chart that are being activated. Kelleher chart has Mars at the zero degree of Gemini, so this station could possibly be a trigger for a terrorist event or some kind of accident or violent situation in the U.

Full Moons are like spiritual and emotional check-points when we are meant to stop, take stock, and deeply appreciate and celebrate life. Healing and spiritual energies are at their strongest on Full Moons, so December 31 and January 1 are great days for healing and contemplative practices and spiritual rituals. Starting the New Year with a Full Moon is an auspicious sign in Vedic astrology, and represents a fortunate opportunity to begin anew Casino spiele kostenlose spiele zum positive energy and new commitments to ourselves and others.

Making these commitments on a Full Moon gives them an added boost for success. Even amidst the intense turmoil, changes, and losses that are always occurring in our earthly realm, we must remember we are eternal and that all is happening as it must.

We are divine and there is nothing to fear! Considering numerology, we can also glean some important information for the year ahead. The old Year which we are fast leaving behind has been a 1 Year, which means a year of many new Warrior casino scene banker. The number 11 is a Master Number, which means this can be a year of tremendous adventure, learning, growth, and development for many of us.

The 11 Year is related to Aquarius and Rahu, thus indicating exciting scientific, technological, and humanitarian innovation and discoveries ahead. The 2 year is a Yin Year connected to the Moon, who teaches us to flow with change, listen within, and to honor our deepest cycles of nurturing and creativity.

She is calling us! The time before that when we had an 11 Year was when the first public radio broadcast took place. Happy New Year, with love and light to all! Mundane astrology employs several different horoscopes to track the unfolding of karma of our collective reality.

One of these horoscopes is cast for the exact moment of summer or winter solstice. Solstices mark the northerly or southerly excursion of the Sun relative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere.

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In the northern hemisphere, the northern point is summer solstice, and the southern one is winter solstice. In the southern hemisphere, the northern point is winter solstice, and the southern is summer solstice. The solstices are powerful turning points that separate the solar year into two halves, and so, whatever is happening astrologically in a solstice chart reveals something about how the stage is set for the six months to follow.

In Vedic astrology, the solstices are known as ayanas. This is the half of the year which is best for beginning all important new ventures. All of this is reversed in the southern hemisphere which just celebrated summer solstice and the beginning of dakshinayana on December A rare conjunction of Saturn and the Sun occurred on the December 21, solstice, and this is BIG news for the coming six months.

According to Vedic tradition, the Galactic Center is known as the source all the creative intelligence that infuses our world. The Galactic Center lies in early Sagittarius somewhere in the vicinity of two Thunder valley casino sacramento california six degrees of sidereal longitude.

Corresponding with the root center known as Mula nakshatra, the Galactic Center emanates a stream of higher consciousness that blasts us with evolutionary energies. Mula and the Galactic Center carry a strong influence of technological innovation; spiritual inspiration; and awakening to the possibility of multiple realms, dimensions, and viewpoints in all aspects of life.

In mundane astrology, Mula nakshatra emphasizes big ventures; large corporations; international trade matters; intergovernmental organizations like the U.

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All these areas are potentially highlighted by the December 21, solstice horoscope. As mentioned, the conjunction of Saturn with the Sun on the December solstice is quite rare.

It happens annually but rarely on the solstice. In a conjunction like this, planets become aligned conjoined in celestial or zodiacal longitude, so that their energies merge. This particular conjunction is not always an easy marriage as Saturn and the Sun are enemies and opposites, wherein Saturn is the shadow of the Sun.

Their tension as enemies revolves around problems with authority and ego conflict. Many astrologers speak of the Sun-Saturn conjunction as an aspect calling for service to the common good sevaand though this is a valid interpretation, in my opinion it is too much on the surface. I say this because the One we need to serve is the Divine power within. This is true Karma Yoga, which is first and foremost an inside job of self-mastery.

This conjunction may serve as a reminder that those in power are there because they match the collective karma of a nation. They mirror the majority shadow consciousness, and it is best to find a way to work together. The highest spiritual teachers always remind us to pray for our leaders, no matter what.

The Saturn-Sun conjunction points to the possibility for some much-needed moral and spiritual development among all of us, and this seems particularly true in the U. Lucky Venus in the solstice chart widely joins the Sun and Saturn also.

In the Kelleher chart, the conjunction of Sun and Saturn form dhana yogaa combination for wealth as Saturn is lord of the 2 nd dhana house, and the Sun rules the 9 th dhana house.

Why I Prefer "Sidereal" Astrology vs "Tropical" Astrology

When two dhana lords combine near the ascendant of the Kelleher chart, this is a strong synergistic influence which may indicate some expansion of the U. The fact that the conjunction occurs in Mula nakshatra, with the natural significator of government and business Sun merging with the natural significator of the economy and laboring classes Saturn seems a positive omen for the first half of The stock market and public speculation, big business ventures, GDP, personal income as well as international trade should continue to expand and thrive in record numbers.

How can this possibly be a positive sign? For Saturn, combustion is a difficult matter which can point to low vitality and physical health issues; mental health issues including low self-esteem, deep pessimism, and a perpetual negative frame of mind; lack of self-authority; poor personal accountability; bitter life conditions; victimization; lack of self-discipline; resentments galore; and well, just any kind of heavy burden that one can imagine.

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That said, there are a few other less auspicious indications in the solstice chart for Best western plus casino royale promo code, D. The bill was signed into law by President Trump on the day after solstice on Friday, December 22,at This was during the three-day post-solstice standstill. Advocates say these corporate tax cuts will boost financial markets, as well as jobs, wages, and benefits for workers.

Confusion and dissatisfaction among detractors of the tax bill are apparent from the placement of Neptune in the ascendant. On the other hand, Neptune per mundane astrology symbolizes large corporations and vast-scale business enterprises which the bill seems to support. The trine with Neptune and the Casino sidereal astrology interpretation reports icon from Jupiter in the auspicious 9 th house gives some hope that there will be an overall positive effect, in time.

Many astrologers taking a personal stand against the bill are suggesting that because Jupiter is squaring the nodes in the signing chart, and because they say Mercury is retrograde, the bill is going to be little more than a transfer of wealth and power to the very rich, and in effect, that it will be a disaster for the masses many of whom have grown to depend on social welfare.

Perhaps Jupiter squaring the lunar nodes points to the U. The same idea is also indicated by the current transit of Saturn in the 1st house of the Kelleher chart. Mercury is also stationary in the solstice chart. A stationary planet is auspicious because it is bright and strong. This placement of Mercury signifies that a significant change made by the government will have a powerful and long-lasting influence on the world of business, politics, economics, and social issues.

But because Mercury is squaring Neptune, I fear there will be enduring political controversy over it. Nonetheless, I will venture to say that the Saturn-Sun cazimi conjunction on the December solstice signifies an overriding theme for the next six months, and that it is auspicious for economic and social progress in the world, and especially for the U. After having been transiting in sidereal Scorpio since early Novemberwith a brief transit into sidereal Sagittarius from January 26 — June 20,Saturn will re-enter Sagittarius on October 26 at 5: On the other hand, Saturn and Jupiter the lord of Sagittarius are more neutral to each other.

Saturn transits in a sign for about three years and takes almost 30 years to traverse the whole zodiac, so the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius before was from You might want to look back and see if there were any themes playing out in your own life at that time if you were alive thenwhich might then repeat themselves to a certain extent in this new cycle.

I looked back to all the times Saturn was in Sagittarius going back in thirty-year intervals for several hundred years, and unfortunately found only one constant theme, which was war for America. Here, Saturn transits in the first house and squares the tenth house of karma, which is doubly important as Saturn himself represents weighty karmic events.

Will there be another war again this time? Possibly, and especially when Pluto Casino borders clip art Saturn conjoin in On a brighter note, Saturn in Sagittarius is usually pretty good for commerce and the economy, and is especially strong for major banking developments Saturn relates to business and development, and the lord of Sagittarius, Jupiter, symbolizes banks and banking. Many major banking developments occurred during this transit in times past.

Regarding the Great Depression, yes it did fall during the Saturn in Sagittarius transit, but other Casino sidereal astrology interpretation reports icon economic downturns in our history did not occur in this transit. There were of course many other astrological factors at play beyond simply the Saturn in Sagittarius transit during the Great Depression.

Saturn represents transformation; traditions, boundaries, and restrictions; accountability; reality checks; and discipline.

He seeks to impose limits and make corrections in the areas he influences. This means there will be many powerful tensions to resolve in areas related to the domain of Sagittarius, including banking, as mentioned already; and also military matters, foreign policy, and the law; publishing and media; the travel industry; higher education; commerce, tariffs and international trade; culture; immigration; religion and shared ideologies; and perhaps most importantly, justice and liberty.

Saturn will be negatively impacted by his aspect with malefics in various country and individual horoscopes as mentioned, for example, in the U. At the same time, this struggle may open the doors for various reforms. Steven explained it as follows: Just a few months prior to that, the first Anglican Episcopal Church was founded on April 29, …Roger Williams, who was banished from the American colonies, founded the new colony of Rhode Island as a haven for those seeking freedom from religious persecution in when Saturn was again in Sagittarius.

Harvard University was founded on Sept 9, by Massachusetts Puritans for the original purpose of training ministers. Saturn was also in Sagittarius at that time. Saturn in Sagittarius serves to test and strengthen our spiritual faith, the capacity to let go and trust in a higher plan.

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