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  • You can't keep a good goat down, and a Capricorn man is known, for good reason, as the overachieving workaholic of the zodiac. Ambitious, determined, and practical – these traits sum up the Capricorn personality. He is happy to tread along a brow-beaten path, climbing steep hills and weathering nasty storms, as long as.
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Despite being independent, Libras want to make other people happy because they value other people more than they value themselves.

That does not mean that they yield themselves totally against their principles; they can then be like a rock, unyielding. They will not allow themselves to become embroiled with things or people which are distasteful, because they have an enormous sense of elegance and morality. They treat their employees and servants as equals with lots of respect and see their fellow man with dignity and values. They are very civilized with elegance, good taste and charm and mostly good looking. However, once they make up their minds they stick to their opinions.

They are artistic, well balanced, with good perception and observational facilities. They are good at resolving conflicts by compromising, sometimes settling at their own disadvantage. They are romantics, to the extent of indulging in promiscuity.

A Little About Capricorn

In marriage, however, they are successful because they look for a union of the minds. The Gemini or mithuna Father in this relationship would be a loving and caring father who would appear like a friend to his children and won't let any generation gap come in between for being The Gemini mother would be very much soft hearted and attached to her children and won't be Lucky About Gemini or Mithuna.

Here is a description of lucky things of Gemini zodiac.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Facts. Positive Natural charm Quick learners Highly adaptable. Negative Lack Persistence Lack reliability could turn selfish. Panel of Astrologers Get the detailed reports, readings, solutions and remedies provided by our celebrity astrologers after careful analysis of your chart. Gemini-Aries Aries and Gemini both have many common traits. Both of them hates. Gemini-Taurus There will be some completely opposite qualities in this couple.

Gemini-Gemini This relationship of a Gemini with another Gemini will be a perfect. Gemini-Cancer Gemini's flirtatious nature will bring some problems in front of emotional. Gemini-Leo Gemini as well as Leo are fun-loving people. They both are out-going and.

Gemini-Virgo Many common qualities will be found in between these two zodiacs. Gemini-Libra Good level of compatibility is found between these two zodiacs. Gemini-Scorpio Scorpio believes in strong and long relation -ships. Paddock was known to be verbally abusive to his girlfriend, and was often blatantly demanding and rude to others in public, according to multiple reports given by those who knew him.

This line-up points to a severely mentally and emotionally imbalanced criminal mind, deceptive, and loaded with blind ambition. Paddock had no peace, living atop a powder keg of rage and hatred. He himself told someone recently that his life was miserable.

This Moon-Pluto-nodal alignment was directly triggered during the August 7, lunar eclipse, and this resonated for a few months before and after the eclipse, as well. On the night of his rampage, it was again triggered by his monthly lunar return, with the Moon returning to its natal place.

A few other triggers include:. Using the day year calculation, he was in the Vimshottari dasha cycle of Mercury-Mars-Rahu. Uranus in transit ignited his fifth lord Venus which rules the mind. Venus is also the twelfth lord karmic events. Uranus transiting back and forth across his natal Venus since Deltin royale casino goa contact number summer would make him unstable, delusional, and agitated, but also meant that he was fantasizing about and seeking some great Casino spil paa nettetal kaldenkirchen hotel trivago florida of power and a release.

Secondary Progressed Saturn was conjoined his secondary progressed Neptune triggering natal Casino sidereal astrology capricorn traits for men and the aforementioned Yod. This would suggest that he had been feeling hopeless and nihilistic but that once he made his decision to slaughter innocent people, he felt wide awake and believed he was finally seeing clearly.

Secondary Progressed Mercury and Moon were in close conjunction with natal Uranus in the first house. This would indicate a belief, albeit distorted one, that there was a greater plan he had to carry out. Transit Pluto stationed direct on September 28, The station of Pluto is in effect for about ten days so it was still in effect on October 1, making it very strong. The ruler of the eleventh house Mars would indicate affiliated groups like ISIS or the CIA or any other number of organizations named in conspiracy theories as his co-conspirators.

So this makes me feel that he acted alone. He was known to be an outsider, with no known political or ideological affiliation. This is called a septile not the same as sextile which is a degree aspect in Western Astrology, relating to the seventh harmonic and other-worldliness, alienation, and secrecy.

The septile refers to a powerful compulsion that must be acted upon. Remember, in the day year calculation of Vimshottari dashaPaddock was in the Mercury-Mars dashaso this triggered the septile dynamic between Mars and Mercury. Mars as eleventh house ruler would also relate to his dreams and goals, and the septile with Mercury reflects his distorted sense of a unique destiny that could only unfold and free his soul through one final breakthrough solution.

In the end, his name says it all: Paddock, which means a corral or enclosure for taming wild or unruly animals. In this case, for whatever sick reasons, the unruly one broke out of his paddock and laid waste to many innocent lives in this inconceivable tragedy.

Pluto will remain in direct forward motion for about seven months and then will retrograde again next year, on April 23, His retrograde cycle lasts for about five months every year. I also use the sidereal zodiac exclusively. So what is a retrograde planet? It is a planet that appears to be moving backward in relation to our perspective from the Earth.

Pluto is the Roman name of Hades, the Greek god of death and the underworld. Thus in astrology, Pluto is symbolic of death and renewal, regeneration, and transformation, and further represents what is in the unconscious, which must be made conscious.

Pluto is also a higher octave of Mars, and in its more evolved expression, represents divine will and the power Casino sidereal astrology capricorn traits for men transformation. Its lower manifestation reflects a more negative side of Mars—which can be extremely willful, controlling, and explosive. Retrograde planets often bring delays in the areas they influence.

It has been retrograde in the 1st house of the U. Kelleher chart as well, which is the house that represents the U.

Pluto correlates directly with nuclear energy and nuclear weapons, and during the retrograde cycle, it may appear that there has been little progress in the North Korean international nuclear crisis, and in fact, the crisis seems to be getting worse over time as the U. Once Pluto stations direct, we may finally begin to see some new forward momentum in this nuclear crisis.

Pluto will station direct exactly opposite the Sun in the 7th house of the U. Kelleher chart which can be indicative of the strength of the American leadership to help to successfully resolve this conflict with North Korea. The fear many astrologers have is that the opposition stand-off between the U. Sun and the stationary-direct Pluto could indicate some exposure to grave danger as this conflict could be met through a superior show of force. The weeks and days around a Pluto station are often associated with violence, accidents, and explosive events.

Another possible manifestation of Pluto stationing opposite the U. Sun is that we will be hearing more about the nefarious attempts of the Deep Casino sidereal astrology capricorn traits for men to thwart the current U.

This is because the Deep State is symbolized by Pluto, planet of plutocracies, crime syndicates, hidden agendas, and secret organizations, and the Sun represents the current leadership. The opposition of Pluto and Sun can point to a battle between these two powers, and the coming to light of some very dark secrets. On the personal level, the retrograde motion of a planet intensifies its strength but turns its energy more inward and more intensely. During the past five months of Pluto retrograde, you may have been going through a deep process of inner examination relative to what Pluto is influencing through its transit to your natal chart.

For an example, if you are Scorpio Rising with Venus in the 2nd house of Sagittarius, then the Pluto transit could have been affecting issues related to money, and such matters could have come under deep review and healing in the past five months. The Pluto station is occurring with the transiting Moon the Goddess conjunct Pluto and in sidereal Sagittarius in Purva Ashadha nakshatrawhich is ruled by an ancient Vedic and Puranic goddess named Apah who among other things represents the karmic churning purification we all must undergo in life.

Pluto stations in the auspicious pushkara navamsa of this nakshatrawhich emphasizes a cleansing that leads to the reaping of good fruits. Additionally, the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu true node calculation are moving into the Cancer-Capricorn axis on September 8,and this transit will last until March If we use the mean node calculation, this ingress already occurred in mid-August Either way, we are in the midst of a sea change. I will start by discussing the Jupiter Libra ingress.

Jupiter as the karaka of akash ether represents the concept of divine grace and the principle of expansion. As the symbol of our grandest vision, Jupiter is the planet signifying spiritual protection; wisdom; faith; confidence; and all kinds of progress.

Libra, ruled by Venus, symbolizes the arts, theater, and music; the judiciary of a nation; warfare and peace; air travel; windstorms; idealism; peacekeeping; cooperation; justice; harmony; and the need to strike balance, as for example, in interpersonal relationships. The Moon is waxing fast, and here we are again seeking more light.

The last full Moon of our summer season northern hemisphere will culminate in the sidereal sign of Aquarius on Wednesday, September 6, at 3: The full Moon occurs in the fourth moksha pada of Pisces navamsa in Shatabisha nakshatra.

This asterism is ruled by VarunaLord of the Cosmic Waters who carries the vessel of soma, an elixir which sustains all life processes throughout eternity. Among all 27 lunar mansions nakshatrasShatabisha is the main one for healing on all levels. It is connected to the s ahasrara chakrathe thousand-petaled lotus at the crown of the head seventh crown chakra which is a portal to higher vibrations of Source Energy. The full Moon occurring in this alignment provides excellent conditions for easy opening of the crown chakra to receive vast downloads of these cosmic vibrations.

Casino spil paa nettetal lobberich nwea admin full Moon is closely conjoined Neptune, which some sources believe to also be connected to Varuna.

This is a combination that is imaginative, poetic, artistic, musical, euphoric, intuitive, spiritual, emotionally sensitive and otherworldly. However, when afflicted as it is by the opposition to Mars and being in the nodal axis, the Moon with Neptune can suggest a tendency for instability, paranoia, and mental suffering.

On the mundane level, I have seen past major earthquakes and terror attacks occur in the days before or after a similar Moon-Venus quincunx. The full Moon is always one of the most optimal times of the month for healing and meditation, but as mentioned, this one is extra-special.

Anytime during this lunar day will be the best time to meditate and align with the healing lunar vibrations to help you feel lighter, connected to Spirit, and thus more at ease.

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Here below I describe a simple way to work with the full Moon energy: Sit quietly outside under the full Moon preferably and close your eyes. Soften them and gaze gently up toward your inner brow, and imagine you are a beautiful tree with roots reaching down and branches reaching up. Connect your roots as you feel them extending down from your sit bones into the ground beneath and deep on down into the center of the Earth.

Take several deep breaths while running your energy up and down from your sit bones through your roots.

Now is a good time to make a sankalpa, an intention affirmation for the practice. A good one for the full Moon will usually include an expression of rejoicing and gratitude, such as: Now as you continue deep full body breaths, soften and begin to feel your whole being expanding and becoming lighter, freer and bigger.

Gently bring your awareness to the branches and leaves of your tree and notice how majestically you rise up to meet the light flowing from the heavens above. After a few more deep body breaths, begin to draw your attention to the top of your tree at the crown of your Casinoer paa nettetal niemcy informacje dnia, and imagine it as a vortex of energy that is whirling clockwise.

Continue to breathe deeply and feel yourself expanding out through your crown and this vortex in all directions. When you are ready, envision the full Moon above your crown like a gigantic pearly orb overflowing with white and violet nectar which is being fed by the Water of Life streaming down from the Water Bearer.

Notice that this Source of nectar is unlimited, and when you are aligned with it, you need ask for nothing else because everything is coming to you already. Continue to experience the nectar streaming down from this Casino sidereal astrology capricorn traits for men Source into the full Moon and then into your crown chakra.

Send the nectar down your spinal channel and out through all other channels into your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies until you are overflowing with it. I wish you all happiness, prosperity, peace, love and light! In Part IV of my Great American Eclipse series, I share some of my research into past eclipses and prognosticate about some possible current and future trends related to the eclipses of August Please refer to my previous eclipse installments for more information about the eclipses: Parts OneTwo, and Three.

O thou that seest from afar, what wilt thou be devising? O star supreme, reft from us in the daytime! Why has thou perplexed the power of man and the way of wisdom by rushing forth on a darksome track?

Art thou bringing a sign of some war, or wasting of produce, or an unspeakably violent snow-storm, or fatal faction, or again, some overflowing of the sea on the plain, or frost to bind the earth, or heat of the south wind streaming with raging rain?

Or wilt thou, by deluging the land, cause the race of men to begin anew? In this installment, I explain something about how astrology analyzes eclipses in general.

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CAPRICORN THE BOSS JAN FEB 15 Capricorn registers so high on materialistic traits. Hard Driving Capricorn Men and Women. Ancient Triplicities: Key to the Sidereal western sidereal astrology. Fagan claimed that tropical astrologers were simply observing sidereal sign traits. Feb 03,  · Sidereal, Sagittarius, Cancer, Capricorns, Relationships, – Sidereal astrology relies on the whole sign Why dont Cancer men say what they feel.

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Capricorn Personality Traits (Capricorn Traits and Characteristics)