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Members of the Auto Unit are experts in the field of vehicle identification, document fraud and the investigation of organized criminal groups involved in such activity.

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Unit members lecture at various police academies throughout the state to educate local, county, state, and federal law enforcement officers in the latest auto theft and document fraud methods and current detection techniques. Members are often called upon to provide technical information to auto theft detectives in the field and other agencies requesting assistance with vehicle theft investigations.

Detectives investigate organized criminal groups responsible for the theft of trucks, construction equipment, marine vessels and private automobiles for profit. Members are considered experts in the field of vehicle identification and the detection of vehicles with altered identification numbers. They must be skilled in the use of heat or acid restoration to expose obliterated vehicle identification numbers.

Detectives also pursue organized insurance fraud conspiracies, whereby, vehicle owners defraud their insurance carriers by fraudulently reporting their vehicles stolen to collect total loss theft claims. Members are often called upon to provide assistance to federal, state, and local agencies in all vehicle theft investigations, and liaison with international, national, and state auto theft members involved in complex investigations.

Mmembers are considered experts in the field of document authentication and the detection of counterfeit documents. One of their primary goals is to ensure the integrity of MVC issued identification documents with an emphasis on organized driver's license brokerage rings. These rings employ a variety of illegal measures, including bribing MVC employees, to obtain authentic New Jersey driver's licenses for individuals not legally entitled to receive them.

Many customers of the brokerage rings obtain licenses in fictitious identities, which in turn can foster other criminal activity, such as terrorism and identity theft.

The Auto Unit does not conduct identity theft investigations. The Auto Unit is responsible for document fraud investigations. If you are a victim of identity theft, contact your local police department. Obtain a report number from the police department, so you can begin contacting credit bureaus, financial institutions, or affected agencies.

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You can obtain detailed identity theft information from the following site: Contact your local police department as soon as possible and make a report. When reporting the vehicle as stolen, you will need to supply the vehicle identification number, sometimes referred to as the VIN.

After you have made the police report, contact your insurance company. They can be contacted at:. There are three MVC sites and they are:. You need six 6 points of identification. The appropriate identifications and the values can be obtained from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission website. State of NJ Web site. Auto Theft and Identification: Ensure your vehicle is always locked.

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  • MVC Inspection Services Headquarters maintains a unit in Trenton that can be contacted, provided you Company check payable to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (no cash or Money orders expired NJ registration, a NJ online registration renewal receipt, the vehicle should be inspected and an advisory.
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Never leave a window open. Ensure all valuables are kept out of sight.

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Never leave your vehicle running. Never leave your keys in your vehicle. When parking, turn the tires toward the curb.

This will make it difficult to tow. Always use your emergency brake. Park your vehicle in a well-lighted area. Try to park your vehicle in attended lots. When parking your vehicle in an attended lot, always use your valet key.

Never Leave the title or registration in your vehicle when it is unattended. A thief will use these documents to assist in selling your vehicle. Disable your vehicle when leaving for extended periods of time, i. Use locking screws on your license plate. Whenever possible, use all available ant-theft devices to include: Steering wheel locks Window etching Vehicle tracking devices, i. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Always verify the vehicle identification number on the title matches the vehicle identification number on the vehicle.

Ensure the vehicle identification number in the window has original rivets, is free from scratches, has not been recently painted, and the numbers all appear consistent. Ensure the federal safety inspection sticker is secure and appears undisturbed.

Check the ignition for any type of tampering.

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Question a new paint job. Be suspicious if the seller does not provide any factory manufactured keys. If purchasing a vehicle from a private citizen, always verify the name and address on the title match the name and address of the seller. Be cautious of anyone that does not provide an address or contact information. Ask the seller for references. Purchase a vehicle history report from a private vendor in order to obtain the vehicle history and mileage comparisons.

Often, these reports come with a money back guarantee. What can I do if I am the victim of identity theft? What should I do if my vehicle is stolen?

What should I do if I have a title or registration question? They can be contacted at: How can I obtain a vehicle identification number VIN verification? There are three MVC sites and they are:

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