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  • Little River, South Carolina, is known in the South as a historic fishing village. Situated along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, it's just 20 miles north of the bustling Atlantic Coast city of Myrtle Beach. Little River is the only city in South Carolina that offers Vegas-style gambling aboard two large casino ships. Each boat.
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  • 2 days ago CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — A year-old woman is recovering after having to be evacuated from a cruise ship, Tuesday morning. The woman reportedly suffered a stroke, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. “Coast Guard Sector Charleston watchstanders received notification at p.m. Monday and.
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  1. CHOOSE A SHIP TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT. Ship I · Ship II. ​. Enjoy the sites, party in style, and win BIG MONEY aboard South Carolina's only gambling cruises!​. ​. Little River is just minutes from Myrtle Beach. A quick day trip from Columbia or Charleston, SC or Charlotte, NC. Both of our casino boats sail year round. ​.:
    18 Apr In a panic, he and his wife and 7-year-old daughter ran to a reception area and found passengers from flooded cabins, bunched together and wearing life preservers About other passengers — many from the affected cabins — decided to leave the ship early in Charleston, S.C., and drive or fly home. 18 Apr NEW YORK, April 17 -- Passengers on an ill-fated cruise ship slammed by a foot wave awoke with water rushing into their cabins, furniture crashing and The wounded ship abandoned its journey to New York -- it had been scheduled to arrive Sunday -- and instead retired to the port of Charleston, S.C. M. E. S. Travel & Junkets represents some of the finest casinos worldwide. Our staff will provide a level of service and efficiency not found with anyone else.
  2. 9 May The iconic casinos in Tunica, Mississippi remained submerged in floodwaters Monday and show no signs of receding.:
    13 Sep CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) -. The owners of Charleston's California Dreaming restaurant say repairs need to be completed before the restaurant can reopen. High water levels at the Charleston Harbor restaurant caused a flood in the lower level of the building Monday afternoon. Restaurant owners said. 12 Sep Flood waters reached downtown Charleston as Hurricane Irma moved through. Before telling you of OUR experience on the Carnival ship Ecstasy, let me say this: 1. All the people complaining While on the cruise they decided not to go to Grand Turk but would leave Casino open. Keep in mind we could see . took a 5 day cruise. Left Charleston SC Tue 24 and 2 port calls (Freeport/Princess Cays) .
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Shame on you Carnival. All the people complaining about not getting refunds for various situations. When you book a cruise months in advance, you are basically assuming nothing will go wrong that will necessitate a refund, which you won't get anyway. Carnival does NOT care what your situation is. They do NOT have a heart. They will NOT refund your money. They WILL lie to you. And no matter who you talk to, they won't honor what someone else told you. You have to go into it knowing that if anything goes wrong, you WILL lose your money, even if it's not your fault.

It's the risk you take when booking a cruise. Why would anyone book a cruise during hurricane season? Seriously, you have to know that there's a few months where anything can happen due to hurricanes.

Your cruise can be cancelled, the trip can be re-scheduled at an extra cost to you, and they can change the itinerary without prior notice. They won't refund your money. Our cruise began December 26, on Carnival's Ecstasy.

I spent 12 years telling my husband about the fantastic cruises I've been on in the late 80's and early 90's, both Carnival cruises were on the Carnivale. So, we decided that our first vacation together would be a cruise.

We were to leave out of Charleston, which is a 4 hour drive from us, and go on a 5-day cruise to Nassau, Bahamas. Imagine going to a huge Super Walmart store, complete with all the types of folks you typically see there. Imagine lots of children in every size and age, including infants. Now send that store out into the Atlantic Ocean for 5 days to the Bahamas. THAT is what our cruise was like. It's as if they figured that since Walmart people were going to take those cruises, they were going to cut back on all the luxury and special things.

It was all a big floating cafeteria. Our room itself was fantastic We want to get AWAY from fake news, brainwashing, and all the hate. We had no other news source except for local news from Florida. Well played, liberal agenda, well played. And cruise ships are known for their bars. All those people couldn't wait to belly up to the bar, even in the mornings, and drink constantly. Happy Hour begins at sunrise, apparently.

My husband and I don't drink, and we stayed away from all that. Also, imagine this 'floating Walmart' with a poorly-run daycare, and no one is in charge. Those families allowed their children to run all over the place, including screaming at the top of their lungs, and they didn't care They could tune it all out. The rest of us could not.

It was nothing but jumping, stomping, screaming, chasing each other, and running into people. The children also took over the hot tub even before leaving Charleston. The adults couldn't enjoy the hot tub during the entire trip.

The 'easy access foods' were like eating in a cafeteria. At least not the Carnival Cruise Ships. No more famous Midnight Buffet, either. I have pictures of the legendary feast from long ago. We did eat a formal dinner one night My steak was cooked to perfection. But the rest of the foods that were available all day and night sucked A few things were tolerable.

Guy Burgers are outstanding. I highly recommend them. The pizza was more like a burnt flour tortilla with a spoonful of tomato soup and less cheese than you'd put in a mouse-trap. And I swear you could see right thru the pepperoni. From the first hour we boarded the ship we were praying for it all to end. We wanted to go home. Also, the ship rocked the entire time. The waters were incredibly choppy. It didn't bother my husband and I. We didn't get sea-sick at all.

They were green in the gills, let me tell you. We felt bad for the drinkers, though. But seriously, those waters were rough. All the other times we were really rocking. If you easily get seasick, please be aware that this can happen.

We decided not to leave the ship when we were in Nassau. We just wanted to get away from the loud kids and rude people. It was our only peaceful time, except for the parents who also didn't leave the ship Thanks, over-indulgent, negligent parents. And I wasn't the only one to feel this way. Have you ever actually watched paint dry?

This will be your experience if you need to use the internet cafe for any reason. It took 34 minutes for a 2-sentence email to load. This ship should have been called 'Cruises With Cell Phones'.

Everyone else did nothing but tinker on their cell phone. Everyone spent their time looking down at their phones, even the children. Apparently you could get phone service for a fee and everyone signed up for it. You mostly found them in the bar area. Cokes were even harder to find. I had two during the entire trip. Make sure it's whiny, nasally, and annoyingly high pitched. Now, let HIM do all the talking in a very loud microphone for all the Bingo games, trivia games My husband and I made it a point to be as far away from him as possible OMG, she's worse than the Bingo caller.

She's hyper, super excited, chipper, perky, and the most positive, optimistic person on the ship and she wants everyone to know it. She also possesses a voice that is a full 6 decibels higher than a teenager at a Beatles concert in the 60's.

She, too, did all her talking and sonic-screeching thru a VERY loud microphone. We wanted to put forks in our temples. Needless to say, we stayed far, far away from her. As I told you, it was bad, unless you were in the formal dining room at your scheduled time.

You could also order room service. We were coming down the hallway one evening and not only did the occupants of the room across from ours set their food tray out in the hall, but they literally puked on the floor right next to it. It was there for a few hours. Overall, the ship wasn't clean. It's very old and shows its age. The mattresses sagged like hammocks. The pillows and sheets and blanket were okay.

But those mattresses were horrific. I can remember on the Carnivale all those years ago, every night the cabin steward would not only turn down your bed, but also place a mint on your pillow and turn on your night light. It was so nice. They really used to spoil the passengers.

On the Ecstasy we only saw our cabin steward about 3 times, in passing. He was a nice guy, but aging and we really didn't want to bother him. He looked like he could use a nap. The lights were on, but no one was home.

Also, our room was next to a 'crew area only' room. It was like sleeping next to the coal furnaces of the Titanic. If you've seen that movie, you know what I mean. It was as loud as a jet engine, constantly. And the ship was rocking so much in the choppy waters that we could hear glass bottles banging into one another in that 'crew room'. Woke us from a dead sleep. Also, the crew went into that room off and on all night clanging carts and whatever else they needed.

They gave no regard to anyone sleeping. One night it sounded like someone was banging a metal pipe against another metal pipe. It was actually almost cool But again, it woke us from our sleep.

There were times the crew were so loud in that room I began to think they were all riding electric floor buffers for sport. Think of the worst singer you've heard.

Give him a guitar and a job on a cruise ship. Now, put that bad voice and guitar playing thru a loud microphone. And let him sing Michael Jackson and Prince songs Everything is geared towards drinkers, gamblers, and kids.

If you don't fall into those categories there's not much else to do. The ship I've sailed on before, the Carnivale, at least had movie theaters and other activities for those of us who didn't want to see 'hairy chest' contests, or hear bad voices thru microphones All those years I've told my husband about how great these Carnival Cruises were It's today's rude society.

It's all the changes on the ships. The cruises are scaled down and now it's like a big 'come as you are' party. There's nothing special about it anymore People no longer talk and meet others and make lifelong friends who meet and take cruises every year They are all on their cell phones. Yes, we tried talking to others. People just wanted to get back to their cell phones. Also, the closer you get to the end of your cruise, the more the photographers set up MANY backdrops, lights, and cameras all over the place to lure you in for lots of pictures.

They really, really push for people to get their pictures taken. We opted out and didn't let anyone take our pictures. I bought postcards on the ship They only had postcards for the Grand Turks. So, yeah, typical over-priced items, except for the postcards. Not a lot of things to choose from in the gift shop. We actually had to go to Walmart for a few things that I can only buy there. It felt as though we should nod and say 'hi' to everyone, as if we just saw them on the ship the day before.

And to all of you families who want to bring your kids on the ship, even the ones that are way too young to ever remember it, try to think of how OTHER passengers feel.

Not everyone thinks your kids are amazing and cute. Not everyone wants to be interrupted with your children screaming, running, and taking over the hot tubs, which prevents OTHER paying passengers from enjoying them. We paid for our tickets, too Lots of parents are busy drinking and doing their own thing while their kids are bothering other people. It's not what we paid for or signed up for. But, it IS a lot like being in Walmart THOSE parents allow their children to be obnoxious, too.

And yes, we cruised on the day after Christmas The kids were off from school. But good Lord, if you HAVE to bring them, stop allowing them to annoy and ruin other people's cruising experience. Just try to think outside of yourself and put yourself in the shoes of the other passengers.

Try to imagine someone's romantic moment or a proposal being interrupted by YOUR kids. Try to imagine all the videos being made that had YOUR kid's big mouth screaming on them. People didn't pay good money to go on a cruise and deal with YOUR kids. My husband and I will never take a cruise with Carnival again. My friend, my son and I took a cruise in April on the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship.

We were supposed to go to Cozumel but the ship had a problem. Customer service was awful. As for the ship itself it was horribly outdated, the pool was too small and the food not very good. We will never go on another Carnival cruise!!! I was able to make it but the customer helpline staff in Carnival make it impossible. My flight is And the crew told me that the plane can fly at that time. However, when it is 12, they told me that they needed more time to do the repair. Finally, at 1 pm they told me that they need everyone to get out of this plane.

My check in time for cruise in Long Beach is 4: So I checked all the ticket desk only to find one ticket that is departs at 2: The Long Beach airport to Long Beach port is 17 minutes ride. So I asked the customer helpline staff if I can have some extension about my boarding time.

The staff told me that he cannot guarantee anything. So I asked if I can speak with someone like people in the cruise who knows about the boarding. The helpline staff said impossible and he said he could write an email to the cruise, but he is not sure if they will reply me. So I waited in the terminal and watched the tickets. No one called me when I can purchase the ticket to get there. However, when I got home. A call form Long Beach ask me if I can get onboard before pm.

I am really angry about this communication because if I can contact the staff earlier or the staff can contact me earlier, I can get on that cruise and enjoy my holiday. My mom was angry too and because of the language barrier, she cannot do a thing except using Chinese to say she is angry about me.

I just want to turn the refund of dollars to credit for another Carnival Cruise so I can invite my mom next time to cruise with me. Thanks and Merry Christmas. I got sick due to their food and had to get off the boat, Liberty Cruise, before I could get off guest service had already given my room away. Didn't ask did I need medical attention or any kind of help, Staff is very rude, food tastes awful, drinking cups is old, eating area dirty, bathroom smell like urine.

Do not waste your money or time. Carnival hate to give refunds and get very rude when you ask for a refund.

We all need to do a class action lawsuit. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. However there was a problem with the flight. My sister in law called Carnival to report we were going to be a little late, Doris is the lady she spoke with and Doris said she would call back to get update, once we arrived we were about 20 in late, the boat was still roped sitting there.

No one would come out until the boat started to move, I feel with all the calling and communication you would of given us those few moments.

My family was already on the ship waiting for us to have fun for our 60th birthdays. I have been sailing with you guys for years! We even called to see if we could sail on another ship since all this was paid for!!! Talking about hurt was be a understatement and feel the boat could of waited on the 20 people that was on flight with us to just be turned away!

Then again you make millions and maybe our funds was just a drop in the bucket. I would always talk about the wonderful times I had sailing with you guys. I have been on others but really like how you all made us feel, but maybe I was wrong!!

Was delayed for technical reasons. Stood in line until almost 8pm. Then was boarded and sent to deck 5 for a 5 min safety meeting which was over a hour. Was tired of standing. Sat on the floor and then was put in what felt like a timeout chair in front of everyone. Finally got to our room and it was nasty.

Motel 6 is better. Blood on the bed and crap all over the walls. I told our steward I hated it here and was having a horrible experience. I wanted to go home. He said he would clean the room and I should go to customer service tomorrow.

He did clean my room the next day but left the bloody stained blanket. I was suppose to have Kosher meals. No one knew about this. By the next day I was starving. Finally went to customer service the next day where I was in tears. Told them everything and how I wanted to go home. They tried to get me to stop crying but I just couldn't. I was never given the option to go home but instead I felt like I had to deal with it. They had the chef come and meet me who apologized and promised me food in 45 minutes.

I couldn't bring myself to eat it. Finally I decided I would eat non-Kosher but stay away from pork and seafood. All day and early morning we heard saws and pounding from our room. Last day was awful where we were in a storm and I was awfully sick from it. We paid for a 5 day trip and got 4 days. I called customer service the moment I got off board and was told the percent guarantee is not a guarantee unless you say something within 24 hours which I did.

All in tears both times and was never offered to get off the boat or arrangements to be made for me to go home. I was pretty much told to suck it up nicely. The only time we had fun was on excursions which had nothing to do with carnival.

Their guarantee was not upheld and I am so unhappy about the whole ordeal. I have done cruising with Carnival many times.

And for the most part, it has been a positive experience. On the 8 day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. I picked a suite this time, and though the room was great, I had a king, and one mattress was about an inch higher than the other mattress. On the Lido deck, they didn't wash the tables down, lucky with a quick swipe somewhere on the table. In Grand Turk, the flies were very happy with this deck. The worst part, was that I pre-purchased my transportation from the port to the airport Miami.

I never received a ticket, and on the last full-day on the ship I went to the Excursion desk. They pretty much blew me off. Told me that if I didn't get a ticket, don't worry about it, just tell them when I get on the shuttle.

During Disembarking, I again asked one of the employees where do I go, because I have never used this before. Told me to go outside to the left.

So, I go outside, turned left, asked one of the people out there, and told her that I prepaid my trip. To be fair it was chaotic outside. I finally get the shuttle. I called Carnival, for an hour and a half. I was passed around from one person to another. One told me that instead of a refund, that I will get an onboard credit for future cruising.

Carnival, you let me down this time! Haven't even taken my cruise yet. It's not until Dec 17th. And pissed at Carnival already. I went to buy my beverage package and just because my fiance wants the booze package they said I have to buy it too. I don't even drink!!! Went on Royal Caribbean last year and I could just buy the pop package for myself.

I will not go on Carnival again. Carnival Conquest - My husband and I are both in our late 50's and decided to take a cruise for our honeymoon, since this had been a lifetime dream we had never been able to fulfill.

This was the honeymoon from Hades. The port that we had most looked forward to was cancelled and we spent an extra day at sea, instead of routing us to another destination. The food was absolutely horrible! We are both from the south and can eat about anything, but we lived off of french fries, fruit, eggs and bacon. Sure, we could get as many steaks as we wanted, but they were flat steaks and tasted like leather.

The buffets were not very appealing and most food had no taste whatsoever. If you could find something to eat, we were required to search in other parts of the ship to eat because most of the tables were dirty and no one seemed to take an interest in cleaning them.

I am a big "sweets" person, and did not find anything during the 6 days that was satisfactory. Most desserts were made with some type of jello additive and had no taste whatsoever.

Our Nassau port was wonderful; however, we were able to sit on the free beach beside of Atlantis and almost reach out and touch the ones who paid approx. Upon arriving on the Conquest, we unpacked and went straight to the casino. Neither of us are gamblers, so this was a new experience for us. There was a lady behind me writing down the machine information and stated it should be reset as I won too easy. Throughout the cruise, we occasionally tried our luck again, but was not successful.

Half Moon Cay was the most enjoyable day of the cruise. Just not enough time. Dom Republic was a joke. We were herded off of the ship and an announcement was made to be advised that the crime level was on the rise, so take extra precautions. So, we headed back to the ship. As a new cruiser, we took out the insurance, thinking we would be covered for any emergencies that might arise. This would not include prescriptions. Fortunately, Dom Republic sold antibiotics and painkillers over the counter.

We are both dancers, so we decided to go out for the night. The music was from the 50's and 60's, which is not what we expected. We also visited several of the shows and were very disappointed in the entertainment.

Needless to say, our honeymoon was extremely disappointing. I don't think we'll ever try another cruise, especially with Carnival. Complete chaos upon disembarkation. Families with crying babies in handmade stand in stairwells for hours. All elevators are shut off, employees threatening with security guards.

Over an hour of absolutely no announcements as to what is happening, people shoving themselves back and forth like rats trying to flee a sinking ship. This is our 5th cruise and by FAR the most disappointing. Day one steam room not working, day two the sauna room joins the fun. The only positive surprise was a Mexican eatery, however they found how to screw it up as well as it would close at 3pm everyday and never reopen. No food other than burnt pizza between pm.

When asked to make a certain type of pizza on their menu, the cook proceeded to go in the back, scrape all ingredients off an already cooked pizza and applied new ingredients, unbelievable. One of the only two public hot tubs had hot water, about 15 children were in it at all times. We requested early dining as we have a young child, still given late dining at 8: Shows were horrible, our local diner has a guitarist who has a better voice than all them combined.

Comedy show was the same material both days it was open. Room attendant kept knocking in the afternoon when we took a nap! Could not take 5 steps without the 1, photographers employed by the ship asking to take a picture. We paid for the window room, great, it had a window Facebook app took several minutes to just load, forget about actually browsing. We took a 5-day cruise from New Orleans that stopped in Cozumel and Progresso.

It was one of the worst experiences I've had for so many reasons. The food is disgusting - not bad, not so-so. I lost weight on the cruise. The dining rooms are ridiculous - you have to sit with a large table of strangers for the WHOLE cruise if you want to eat in the dining room instead of the buffet. Even if they have open tables for 2, you can't have one. The food in the "restaurant" is the same as the buffet, anyway, so there's no difference, really. They charge for absolutely everything.

You have to buy water, anything to drink aside from lemonade or iced tea. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. The woman reportedly suffered a stroke, according to the U. The woman and a nurse were hoisted and taken to Roper St. Francis Hospital at 8: The woman was reported to be in stable condition. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

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