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In North America, the only front seats available are the more traditional Recaro seats identical to those in the B6 and B7 S4which include lower side airbags; these were also available as a no-cost option in other markets. Lower side airbags are optional for the standard-fit Recaro rear seats. Front, and outer rear seatbelts include pyrotechnic belt pretensioners, whilst all belts include an excess load limit function. The engine of the B7 RS4 is based on the existing all-alloy 4.

The parts code and version is D and the identification code is.

The same engine base was used for the Audi R8 when Audi wanted to build their first Supercar. However, the camshaft drive system was moved to the front of the block for the mid-engine R8. The engine has increased crankcase breathing, a low-pressure fuel return system and a baffled oil sump, to prevent engine lubricant cavitation at high engine speeds and high-G cornering. It has four valves per cylinder instead of five on the earlier variant and two overhead camshafts on each cylinder bank so it is 'quad cam' and these are driven by roller chains with variable valve timing for both inlet and exhaust camshafts, along with a cast magnesium alloy fixed tract length with adjustable tumble flaps to improve low engine speed combustion.

Exhaust gas escapes through two '4-intointo-1' fan-branch alloy steel and four high-flow metallic sportsinto twin oval tail pipes with integral dynamic valves. The uses eight individualusing mapped direct ignition, with Bosch single iridium electrode or triple-electrode long-life. The engine complies with the Euro4. A six-speed parts code: The RS5 also uses a 4.

The RS5 also dropped the Getrag 6-speed manual in favour of a 7-speed. Another focus of the B7 RS 4 was on the introduction of the latest development of Audi's 'trademark' permanent system.

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Audi stressed that this would result in a more neutral response in corners, and a more dynamic driving experience. Front and rear differentials are conventional "open" types, with a final drive ratio of 4. EDL monitors the rotational speeds of the left and right wheels across an individual axle, and if one wheel should rotate faster than the other exceeding the pre-defined parametersindicating loss of traction, or "wheel spin" on one wheel, the EDL applies the brakes to that individual spinning wheel, and thus results in transferring torque across the open differential to the wheel on the other side deemed to have grip, hence traction.

The result of all these features is that under normal circumstances driving straight on dry or even wet road surfaces the car never loses traction, even when accelerating at full throttle in the first gear. In the RS4 suspension, a fluid linkage between diagonally opposing front and rear suspension dampers left front to right rear, and vice versa is used to counteract vehicle pitch and roll.

Lightweight hollow tubular are standard front and rear. Compared to standard models, the RS4 features a 30 millimetres 1. An optional "Sports Suspension Plus" lowers the car by a further 10 millimetres 0. Speed sensitive "" variable-assistance electro-hydraulic PAS is controlled from a compact flat-bottomedfinished in perforated leather with mock-aluminium trim. The steering rack ratio is The standard brakes on the RS4 are of two-piece construction.

The cast iron discs are cross-drilled and radially ventilated and float on aluminium alloy disc hubs. The two-piece disc construction reduces unsprung mass and also reduces the transmission of heat generated by the brakes to the wheel bearings. The front discs are millimetres These and the transmission are supplied with a cooling airflow directed from located in the engine front undertray. The rear brakes are drilled, vented Casino bonus ingen indskud floating millimetres The discs have a much greater tolerance to thermal differences, virtually eliminatingand have a duration of five times greater than conventional iron discs.

This ESP system has three user-selectable settings: This removes water from the disc and pad surfaces, and helps to maintain the braking performance of dry weather.

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This operation is undetectable by the driver. This 19" wheel and tyre package was an option for the North American, and some European markets. Factory supplied tyres included SportContact 3, Pilot Sport PS2, or P-Zero Rosso — although many owners have questioned the load-carrying abilities of the Pirellis from unexplained sidewall failures and dubious dynamic stabilityopting for the more durable Michelins at replacement time.

A direct-acting TPMS is standard fitment. This system monitors the pressure in all four tyres every three seconds, and when any loss in pressure is detected, audible and visual warnings are given to alert the driver via the Driver Information System DIS in a timely manner.

Other notable features to be found as standard equipment on cars for non-North American markets are the smaller, flat bottomed complete with "Sport" button again selected from the VAG parts bin from the Lamborghini Gallardo like the brakes,however a standard 'multifunction' steering wheel was a no cost option, body-hugging shell-type race bucket seats complete with electrically inflatable upper and lower side bolsters.

It beat illustrious rivals, including its larger sibling, thethe,and. The new Audi RS4 Avant quattro was launched at the It is based on the B8 Audi A4 Avant. No versions of the B8 RS4 were built. Amongst the options available for the B8 RS4, areallowing the car to perform heavy braking without having brake fade. A total of ca. Audi RS4 quattro driver won the and championships.

The Audi A2 internally designated Typ 8Z is a -styledwith a five- body style and four or fiveproduced by the German manufacturer from November to August Based on the Audi Al2 first shown at the inthe A2 was notable for being constructed fromwhich in combination with its efficient engines, made it an extremely on fuel. Packages available in included 'Advance', 'Style', 'High Tech', and later 'S line'; whereas in thethe A2 was available in various trim levels, including: The A2 was produced at Audi's "aluminium" plant in on a special line purpose-built for it.

It was the first five- vehicle on sale in with an average less than 3 litres per kilometres Due to its construction, the average A2 weighs less than 1, 2, The last A2s to be produced were built in August The A2 was a surprise when it debuted only two years after the original Al2 study. Many initial reviews, including those from and in the UK commented on the design. The styling did not, however, win favour with some potential customers. Audi was reported to be disappointed with the level of sales.

The A2 is built with a considerable amount of andmaking it weigh significantly less than cars of similar size. Under certain circumstances, consumption for the 1. This version of the Audi A2 won the "Nordic Eco Run" fuel economy race inwith a consumption of 2.

The A2 was also notable for being the first Audi model since the s type 86 and type 43 not to be offered with its 'trademark' four-wheel drive option. The A2 has a of between 0. The A2 still uses a contemporary construction, with significant elements of principles, and it is tagged by Audi as an 'Audi Space Frame' design.

The outer of the body have little or no structural function - similarities exist with the original - and the space frame bears the forces working on the car. The frame uses casts and extrusions which are laser together to make the space frame. Improvements in shell stability, durability and stiffness, lower weight, and more interior space are results of its construction.

Unfortunately, the cost of working with aluminium, particularly with small production runs, meant that the A2 was more expensive than other cars in its sector, competing with the A-class and losing.

Much of the high production cost was due to so many parts not being "off the shelf" and being specifically optimized for the A2. From Autobild in The same article quotes the sales figures for as being 20, in Germany against 80, for the A-Class and Online casino spil danske spil eurojackpot Audi was the first manufacturer to try to incorporate lightweight building concepts using aluminium and associated alloys into a "" vehicle.

The A2 can thus be considered a trailblazer for various newer aluminium-based vehicles, such as Casino bonus uden indbetaling ratepension skateboards for beginners second generationtheand Jaguar's recent X and Parts of the A2 which are still made of steel include the bulkhead behind the front bumper the "slam panel"the wiper arm, standard A2 suspension components the 3l ones are frequently of aluminium alloythe rear brake drums and the exhaust system.

The A2 has a large interior space for the exterior dimensions, including a with litres This is significantly larger than the luggage space of the next model in Audi's range, the. Due to the "sandwich"-typesimilar again to that of the Renault Espace or the Mercedes A-Class, the has an upper and a lower portion.

The space in the middle is used to house various components, such as the and the engine's electronics.

The rear passengers also benefit, as their foot space reaches into this sandwich space, creating a comfortable seating position even for tall rear passengers. This is in direct contrast to the comfort available on the rear bench of an A-Class.

To improve the weight distribution of the vehicle, its is located inside the boot, under the floor. The A2's interior was very upmarket in comparison with other. Sport models received sport seats with electrically adjustable support as standard in jacquard satin cloth.

Seat materials were available in a choice of red, blue, beige "jive" or "twist", code 4QCpale grey "platinum", code EC3dark grey "swing", 24S or black "soul", 6PS.

Individual options were also available such as vivid yellow, red or blue seats, steering wheels, gear lever, handbrake lever and door armrests. Soft touch materials are used on the doors and contact areas in the centre console, though they have a tendency to wear over time, especially on the climate control keys.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the number of "Individual" painted cars is extremely small; among the several thousand German A2 owners represented in the A2-freun. A set of 10 A2s is said to have been created in Almond beige with orange color.

It is impossible to document the existence of these vehicles, not least due to the lack of co-operation from the German authorities in terms of freely available, reliable, colour information, and that used-car websites are not archived. The A2 had many innovative ideas, such as the space floor storage system which was a box that slotted in the rear passenger foot well, a rear cup holder which unclipped, and a double false floor boot where items could be hidden from thieves or where the space saver spare wheel could be stored.

The warning triangle and first aid kit are stowed directly to the left of the boot opening. The toolkit was stored, depending on equipment, next to the battery. The headrests also do not need to be removed from the rear seats when they are folded, and a four-seater can have the rear seats removed in a matter of seconds.

The rear seat belts have a clip in the upper section of the c-pillar, so that when the seats are folded and returned to their normal position, the belts do not get tangled.

More examples of energy saving can be found in the glovebox light that only turns on when the lights are on and the freewheel pulley on the alternator belt, Casino bonus uden indbetaling ratepension skateboards for beginners that the alternator is only used when necessary.

The climate compressor is also turned off when the ambient temperature drops below 5 degrees C. The ECON function of the climate control where fitted also turns off the auxiliary heating or the compressor, depending on temperature.

This functionality is unaffected by the presence of fuel-powered or electrical auxiliary heating.

The front of the car included an unusual design feature called the "Serviceklappe" in German — this translates to "service hatch" or "service panel".

On early cars, this was a glossy black panel at the lower edge of the hoodwhere the radiator would normally be sited. Behind it are the filling points for and and the. Thanks to these features, the bonnet does not need to be raised often. The bonnet was widely rumoured to be sealed — wrote: Actually, the bonnet is easily removed, being held in place by two twist-lock catches. Due to the service hatch, the bonnet does not need to be removed frequently for access to the engine.

The service hatch is the most obvious indicator of the age of any particular A2. It was changed to matte black for the "color. However it can be changed easily, so it should not be taken as a reliable age indicator. Very little else was changed externally during the life of the car. Colours and designs were changed mildly during the production run. The only other external indicator of Spil casino kortspil online age of the car is the.

Very early models have a traditional blade, but starting in model yearnewer cars have a "flex" version "Aerotwin" from Bosch, model Audi also has a version of the A2 in its Neckarsulm plant which has been converted into a by trainees — the "A2 Caddy".

This was on public show for the first time at the A2-Club of Germany's annual meeting inGermany, in August Pictures of the event are available on the German A2-freun. Additionally, the interior roof lining, the dashboard and carpets were black, the instrument faces titanium-coloured and an S-line badge was added to the rear doors. The driver information system and illuminated vanity mirrors for driver and passenger completed the package.

In the UK, the last Audi A2s from early to June were badged as special edition models featuring a reduced price tag, digital climate control and a 'Concert II' radio with CD player as standard.

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